My little monster

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Chapter 1

One day there was a shelter that made inventions, but not ordinary inventions, because these inventions were based on changing the human DNA, and the person responsible for these inventions was the head of the shelter, Mr. William.
Sir William was trying hard to get a person to carry all the genes that would make him invincible
Unfortunately, Mr. William succeeded and tried it on a child named Jane
Jane was an extraordinary child to Mr. William
Because Mr. William saw that Jane is an introverted child who does not like to mix with others. He did not have feelings even though he was a child under the age of ten, so Jane was the best choice for Mr. William.
One day, Mr. William summoned Jin to meet him and told him that he wanted to take him for a picnic. Farah Jin Ali did not come back and agreed
the next day
MR. WILLIAM: Good morning Jane
Mr. William Okay, let's take a walk
Mr. William got in and while the car, but Mr. William had not yet considered his plan to get Jin to agree to go with him without even noticing where he was going.
Then Mr. William got an idea to take a while and feed him
And he puts an anesthetic in his food to make the gene lose consciousness
Then Mr. William went to a fast food restaurant and he and Jin entered
MR. WILLIAM: Go on this table and sit down
Mr. William ordered the food and gave the waiter a bottle of medicine and told him to put it in the food
Waiter: Why ....
MR. WILLIAM: Jane doesn't like to take medicine, so I put it in the food so he doesn't notice it
Waiter: Alright
Sir William took the food and went to Jane and sat feeding him
Minutes, Jin fell asleep and never felt a thing
Mr. William picked him up and took him to the laboratory ..
Mr. William arrived at the laboratory with a gene in his arms
Jin was asleep like an innocent angel
Then came Mr. Weaves's assistant, Mr. William
When Mr. Wiggs entered and saw the child, he was surprised because he did not expect that he would choose Jane from among all the children
Mr. Wigs: For water, I chose this kid
MR. WILLIAM: And will you teach me my work and control who chooses and who exploits?
Mr. Wigs: You know you can't touch this baby
MR. WILLIAM: hands off do not interfere
Mr. Wigs: Do whatever you want
You are tired of your stupid behavior that will lead to your perdition
MR. William: Do you want to be fired after all these years?
Mr. Wiggs: I'm sorry, sir
Come on, start with the supplies, I don't want to be late for my appointment
Mr. Wigs: You will not be able to finish before your appointment. Go to your appointment first
MR. WILLIAM: We were well prepared until I came back

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