My little monster

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Chapter 4

Rukan was searching for Mr. Wigs to take Jane from him
Now is the time to reveal the true reason why everyone wants to have a gene
a year ago
Rukan was inoculated with a vaccine that analyzes the DNA of a sample, after which Mr. William discovered that the experiment was successful.

But until now everyone thinks that Jin is the one who represents change, but Jin is nothing but a means to help the real wealth, not only because Jin did not take only half of the transferred traits, and the one that she was carrying in her womb is carrying the other half of acid
Also, due to complications that occurred during childbirth, a split occurred in the cell, and this woman became a god to give birth to many cysts from non-human persons .

present time
Rokan gets a phone call from the president
Rukan: Hello ...
The President: Where is Jin?
Rukan: I am looking for it
The President: I want him immediately
Rukan: Give me some time
The President: You have 7 days no more to attend or die in Yelam with. your family
Rukan: ...
Rukan tries to find Jane because her life is on the line.

Next chapter we will learn about the big surprise, the whole story changes
The next chapter is the final chapter

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