My little monster

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Chapter 2

Mr. Wigs tried to make Jin wake up, but he did not wake up because the drug was too strong
However, Mr. Wiggs did not give up and carried Jane and was looking for a way out. He was surprised when he went to boil outside. When he opened the door, he found a lot of moneylender that reflected his image, and he had to find the way out from among all these mirrors, but he is not a genius person, and like any human being he was stressed and stressed and not waking Jin made him more anxious because more than 20 hours had passed
Mr. Wiggs sat thinking of his way out of this dilemma
Then. I stumbled upon the project Mr. William was preparing and remembered that there was an emergency cache
Mr. Wiggs went and sat looking for a hideout, but unfortunately the escape plan did not survive, because something made him stop.Rukan: What's the matter? Why are you surprised?
Mr.Wigs: When did you come back from ... k ... k?
Rukan; Correa lol .... Mm you are a great idiot, Mr.
Mr. Wigs: Nothing
Rukan: What are you doing, Mr. Welles? Well we'll see this with Mr. William

Rukan: Sir, you know that you cannot take this security and run away because William did not allow you to do so
Mr. Wigs: How did you know
Rukan: I don't want Jin to be hurt. I know who he is
Mr. Wigs: Why are you doing this? Why are you arresting me ... Why
Rukan: There is no trick in hand ... Run away
Mr. Wigs: What ...
Rokan: Go from this direction in front of you, an hour until William arrives
Mr. Wiggs: Thank you

Mr. Wigs went to the director
And he managed to escape, but will Rukan remain silent?
By the way, Rokan is the first experience that achieves success, meaning that it is the first live result
Mr. Wigs asserts that her loyalty will remain with Mr. William

We will learn in the next chapter
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