My little monster

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Th final chapter

Rukan started searching for Jin after the president threatened her
While searching, I discovered that the slave William was keeping recordings of every experiment he was doing, and among these recordings I found a recording of Jane’s birth, and everything related to Jane and the woman who gave birth to him
As she watched the recording, she was surprised by the identity of the woman and discovered that she knew her well while watching her
She found herself dying at the hand of Mr. Wiggs and Jane standing next to him, but it wasn't that little boy Jin became a young man between the ages of 19-20 .

Interpretation of shock
The truth is that the boss who was talking to Rokan was killed and Jane imitated his voice and chatted with Rokan on the phone and while he was talking to her, Mr. Wiggs was tracking her phone to find out where she was.
The surprising reason that made Jin grow 10 years in one day is that he is affected by the waves issued by the negative energy resulting from the gathering of the moon, and that is due to the DNA of some treachers that change in the phenomenon of the full moon
The woman who was born when she was Rokan and Rokan did not recognize herself in the recordings because Mr. William made changes to her after the experience.
In short, Mr. Wigs succeeded in taking revenge .

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