The Nanotale Collection

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A nanotale—acrostic but not a poem. Flash fiction but more. This book will feature all of them, tiny stories inspired by songs. Each one is unique and I hope you enjoy them.

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Hearts, Hectic, Heavy

Hearts are racing—thrumming to the rhythmic beat around them. Hectic chases in pursuit of tonight's conquest occur. Strangers' heavy thoughts being revealed within the confines of a single carnal exchange. Dark desires to fill the void are all laid bare before each other.


Yield, Yearn, You

Do I yield to this? Something I secretly yearn for but haven't ever been able to own up to. A heady encounter with you that I don't think I can refuse.


Passion, Pain, Party

Passion and pain meld together so seamlessly that I begin to melt for you. I never expected such a rough, yet sweet ride to find me...not here at this party, at least. Was I really looking for an escape this entire time?


Night, Nothing, Numb

The night passes in a blur for me. Nothing could faze me right now. You've got every part of me numb simply from your touch, but somehow I crave more.


Out, Obstacles, Okay

I guess I needed an out—a way to ignore all the obstacles staring me down. What you've given me surpasses anything I've ever felt before. Is that okay, though?


Talk, Tell, Talent

Talk to me. Tell me what I want to hear. Do to me what I want to feel. Don't push me away now that you've already used your talent on me.


Ideal, Intense, Irks

I know this isn't ideal, but you can't deny that it's intense. You've got me on my knees, practically begging. I'd do anything for another taste of your love and that irks the shit out of me. Why would you tease me like this?


Zoo, Zombie, Zapped

I'm suddenly fed up with you and this place that has turned into a zoo. People's animalistic qualities are on full display while I stumble around the living room like a zombie. I should go...get a ride home, Kannika. In the search for an exit, I see you flirting with someone else and my resolve to leave is quickly zapped.


Ear, Ecstasy, Enough

Seductive whispers in my ear pull me in once again. You're pure ecstasy. My body is on fire, but I still can't get enough of you. Unfortunately, the shocking euphoria that ripples through me is short-lived.


Deafening, Drowning, Deal

Everything crashes into me all at once. Sights and sounds become a deafening roar of sensation. I'm drowning in this flood of stimulation and there's not a thing I can do about it. Lying here helpless on the floor, I'm vaguely aware of your mocking glare. What's your fucking deal, little pill?


Author's Note

First off, I want to say thank you for reading this. I needed to try something different and merged a few different types of writing formats that I've used before. I'm calling it a nanotale and if it ends up fitting any other bits of inspiration that fall short of a full-fledged one shot—yay me.

Secondly, I've also borrowed a character of mine from a group collaboration project that is posted on both the Chapters App & Wattpad. CTWU2020 is the profile name and Survival of the Fittest is the story. If you read on either of those Apps, be sure to check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Lastly, I wanted to mention the topic that this nanotale covers. I flipped back and forth about whether to include a trigger warning because my references are very subtle. Am I talking about a man she has an encounter with or a handful of pills? The story can be interpreted either way, so that decision I leave to you.

Just know that addiction of any kind is not something I take lightly, nor am I trying to romanticize it. As someone who has had a dependency on prescription drugs in order to simply feel "normal", I know the struggle all too well (Lupus is a right bitch). If that struggle ever becomes more than you can handle, please seek help.


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