Cody's Chance - Atoned Souls Book 4

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Cody Phillips is son of Tank and Farrah, with Tank being an Enforcer for the club and Farrah being the daughter of the VP. Cody has lived through some things, which haven't left him being the kindest man to deal with. Janna Kellogg is new in town, and is hoping that she picked a good spot to lay low for a bit.. Running is all she knows how to do, and she has no plans of stopping now. All she has to do is work hard and save up for a couple of months, then she can move on to the next town.

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Opening Note

Please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction. There are some not-so-positive reviews, and that is okay with me. Just remember, this isn’t something that is 100% fact-based. It is just fiction. The stories may be fast-moving, or they may be slow-building at times, but at the end of the day, they are still just works of fiction and my own need to express myself.

Also remember, that not all ages or timelines meet up where other stories have ended or begun. Some stories may pick up somewhere in the middle.

I appreciate the feedback, and I am very thankful for the followers. Keep track of my writings, and always let me know what you think.

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