Secrets We Once Knew

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Did you know from the moment you can recall your earliest thoughts, that you were different? You think in a way you can't explain. You see the big picture but can't teach anyone else to see it. You feel little emotion about the things that should carry great weight because you somehow know human skin is temporary but it is the lessons, the love, the pain that teaches us. These are the things we're meant to know. You're waiting for something even if you have no idea what it is. Maybe you sere things you don't want anyone to know about because they might think you're crazy? Maybe you hear things when no one is there? Maybe when you were young you couldn't sleep sometimes because you felt like you were being suffocated? You wanted answers to these things but couldn't ever find them in one place. Perhaps pieces here and there but never everything. Well if you're slightly different than the normal Joe or Sue, and a bit intrigued by the things you don't yet know, come along with me and I'll tell you a little bit about the things that some of us aren't yet ready to.

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Who Are You?

I've known since I was perhaps twelve years old, that the only way to truly here is in the complete absence of sound.

There's so many people searching for something they can't define. Something beyond what normal people can give us.

You want wisdom and understanding of soul. Things which can't be taught or explained to someone who doesn't have the ears to hear or eyes to see.

I know there are more of us out there than anyone realizes.

Have you ever looked at someone and known they are having intestinal problems and if they were to drink more water they'd be just fine? Perhaps you have the urge to tell someone to eat carrots, they'd be good for them. Even though there's none around and you hardly know the person.

What if in some way we're all connected but we can choose to tap into that wiring or leave it alone?

There have been many studies on autistic children which do not behave as normal autistic children. From the child that knows his mother is looking for her grocery list and gets up to retrieve it for her without she or he communicating a single word.

The autistic children that can collaborate on building or projects without ever making a sound.

Our world sees that there may be something different about them because they're broken. They don't operate as the rest of us do.

But what if they simply don't have to?

There are countless planes of consciousness as has been determined during numerous sleep studies, meditators, and hypnosis. There are monks that swear that they can consciously fall into a state of meditation which allows them to project their spirit to check on those they love without every being seen or heard.

I have a friend who practices such things. Who greatly struggles with the constraints of society and dictates of the general populus because his spirit is eager to soar.
He speaks often about wanting to leave this consciousness.
Is he suicidal? Not in the least. He's never considered harming himself. He's just eager to explore the plains he can't yet access.
Does that ring a bell of truth for you?

Chakras are the beams of energy we can emulate from our own bodies to attempt to connect with others or to channel into fragments of someone else. For instance when my third eye is open (a bit of highly tuned energy in one's forehead) I become highly susceptible to absorbing the feelings for others.
Which caused me great confusing growing up because I'm a very coldly logical person. Understanding that most things humanity fears or hungers for on this plane are temporary. Yet when I was in crowds I would often leave them feeling either highly charged and hyper or leaving feeling very agitated and not wanting touched.
It took me many years to realize those were not my emotions or sensations but that of others that I had absorbed and thought to be my own.
People walk through their daily lives doing these things all the time with no idea what is really happening.
Have you ever had that girlfriend or boyfriend that every time you left the mall, theatre or some form of conference they were quiet and when they did speak they were very short and snippy? Though you'd done nothing to illicit their animosity?
What if it wasn't you? What if they were doing such a thing but had no idea what it was. No one had ever told them?

How different could the world be if we knew that every child's imaginary friend is not imaginary at all. But a ghost or a guide from a different plane. And instead of teaching the child not to see them, we taught the child how to see them?
And how to turn off this ability when they didn't want to?
What if we knew that every schizophrenic really was hearing voices that most other people couldn't? That they really were seeing messages that others couldn't? But instead of trying to convince them they were crazy we taught them how to turn this ability off? And how to filter through what could be evil messages and what could truly be someone trying to guide them?
What if we listened to them now and again to hear what they were really saying? What if they're some of the most open channels to the spirit plane? Terrified, confused and withering under the disbelief and negative energies generated by others.
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