Conceptions of Wisdom

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Torrents of emotions snatch our days from us and take from us the moments we know not yet to cherish.

Yet, without emotions, we are hollow shells. Functioning only for the pleasure of others.

What insufficient existences we may punish ourselves with.

So many choose to endure anger or harbor loneliness over feeling nothing, holding onto pain for fear of becoming hollow.

When in reality the only way one can be hollow is by choosing that they will be so.

The world can be anything we make of it.

When God gave us choice, he gifted us the ability to create all things beautiful or painful around us.

The ability to let go...Or to hang onto what pains us.

Should you awaken fearing the day, it will be all you feared it would be.

Should you awaken on another pillow, vowing to make the day radiant...It will have no choice but to be so...

All is your perception of your own reality.

Take from it, rather than letting it steal from you

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