Conceptions of Wisdom

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Be ever wary of false pretenses.

Being drawn to someone for their smiles and quick laughter is to never appreciate the true person they are.

You will learn to need them, to love them, and to rely on them.

Yet you will never truly know anything of the character of their soul.

It is the people that smile the widest that have something to hide.

The quick laughter is a mask for pain that has more depth than your joy can fathom.

They will attempt to mask their pain with yours. Listening to your woes will distract them from their own damages awhile.

Yet inevitably, they will resent you all the more for not seeing what they think must be so apparent.

After all, it's clearly written on their soul.

The most broken person is surrounded by people that say they are the most together. Because they've been shattered so long they've become an expert at shrouding it in fake happiness.

It is these people that need your understanding and desire the most. For you to accept them without judgement.

It is these people that desperately need you to point out their flaws in a kind way. Because to notice them, means you've looked hard enough to see past the shadows of their joy to unmask their pain.

You've torn away the facades and revealed the weakness beneath.

And that is the moment that shattered person will see your for your great beauty more truly then anyone else ever could.

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