Conceptions of Wisdom

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Passion is a fire burning within the body, a yearning for a touch more potent then any other addiction.

It courses through your body with all the burn of boiling oil.

When mouth go dry as cotton, palms warmer than a stove, lips on skin leaving a sensation like satin trailing over sensitized flesh.

There's a subtle difference between passion and lust, in that lust is merely a hunger for the body of another...

Not necessarily for any one individual at all.

Passion rages based on an emotion. Love, acceptance, even laughter.

The personality of another casting a lure that draws the other in, perhaps imperceptibly at first.

It's not the warmth of flesh on flesh but the heat of an attraction running deeper than a semblance of lust could fathom understanding.

When passion is based on true love for another, an acceptance for their flaws and forgiveness for their lies, it becomes a living, breathing thing.

When sincerely reciprocated, it can only be denied by both parties for a limited amount of time, or at an irrevocable cost to the strong willed.

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