Conceptions of Wisdom

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A single lie is like a black butterfly. Flying across the world of your conscience.

As undamaging as it may seem, soon there will be another to keep it company. Perhaps this one will come to be, to cover the wake of the first.

And the second butterfly will leave a ripple of it's own. And that one in turn may require the following of a manifestation of yet another lie.

Thus begins a heedless cycle of unspeakable pain.

It will darken the faith others had in you long before you recognize the pain you've caused yourself.

What reasons do we have to lie but to veil the fears of our own lack of value?

To have others view us as more precious than we value ourselves.

But in reality, all that happens is a loss of trust and disappointment in more things than we can imagine.

Every lie thrown into our lives comes back to haunt us with a ferocity we can't deny and repercussions we may not always return from.

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