Conceptions of Wisdom

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Secrets move through your life like a plague of sadness. They weigh on any joy and impede all bliss.

Can someone truly know you, without your relinquishing of secrets you may find you're unwilling to say aloud?

Failure to share them however, will inevitably lead to feeling that you are never to be deeply accepted as you are.

But to share a secret, carries its own consequence.

It chances more than one person knowing.

And you cannot blame someone who betrays your secret, for you cannot deny that you betrayed it first by giving it to them.

The exposing of a secret is not always bad. Though initially there's terror and pain, with that comes an immense sense of relief.

For no longer, do you have to hide who you are.

Both are options and consequences.

What one must realize is that everyone carries secrets and you cannot judge someone else for keeping theirs from you.

Instead, appreciate the fact that they shared it with you when they did, risking your judgement or that you might yet betray it.

This decision places a great amount of power in your hands.

Be wise and considerate what you do with it...Even at your angriest moment.

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