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dear mother.

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the things i find is easier to say with my mind than my mouth.

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Day 1

Hey mom.
i want to tell you these things now, as i may not get another chance...
The awe i carry for you is rather inexplicable. You see, i know i always say i love you; but how often do i show it? As a daughter, i’ve always known my place, is to be snuggled tight under your wing. Like a shield from reality. Or the cruel world we abide. The utter warmth and comfort i feel with you is something i know i shall cherish for all my life. And beyond. You don’t realise how much you mean to me. I don’t know what i would do with myself without you. Terribly cliche i know, but it is true. I can honestly tell you from the bottom of my heart, that life without you, would be like having an umbrella in a land that never rained; pointless.
The typical mother daughter bind is something to never take for granted. But what it amazing is how we go from being the ordinary, to being one another. In perspective, you understand me when i feel as though nobody can even hear me. It’s quite wonderful how our minds work. So different, yet so similar. A true connection isn’t all about how similar you are though. It’s about how different you can be. Either with hobbies or general everyday obstacles. Whether you lash out under pressure or remain calm. Denial is sweet, but acceptance is so much greater. People think and work in difference ways; the outcome could be the same. Or, completely opposite. Like us really. We can say things, but then have different interpretations on either half. So this is my way of helping you to understand my point of view. From your angle.

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