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Sydney the woodpigeon.

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Sydney the wood pigeon.

Mike gazed out of the window, the tears had stopped now, he thought there were no more tears left in his body, but the ache in his heart wouldn’t go away.He asked himself, “why? Why would they do that?.Had he been naughty and angered them?.” He didn’t think so.

He saw the big black car arrive, all his feathered friends were sitting on the fence, observing.Quickly he found a piece of paper and an envelope, he scribbled a few lines as best he could for his age, he was only five , he put it in an envelope.He put the envelope in the top drawer of a chest of drawers, hoping the right person would find it.He picked up the key to the door and shoved it in his pocket, he wanted to keep it as a souvenir to remember when times had been good.

The man called up from the bottom of the stairs, “Come on Mikey, time to go my lad.” He picked up his little suitcase and walked to the stairs……...

It was almost dark by the time Mary reached the remote village on the south east coast of England. She saw the welcoming sign of a bed and breakfast and decided to book in for the night. She would move into the cottage the next day.

She parked in the private car park belonging to the B&B and carefully locked the vehicle. Her entire worldly belongings were inside. She went into the building and walked over to reception . She was tired and her body ached, she needed to take her medication.

There was an elderly gentleman sitting behind the desk. “ Good evening Madam may I be of assistance?” he said looking at Mary. He must have been about the same age as Mary, in his seventies, his hair was silvery grey and he had grey eyes, he was quite tall, about 5 feet 11inches. Mary thought he must have been very handsome in his younger days. “ Yes, I would like a room for the night please.” she answered. “ I have a nice room with a balcony facing the sea .” he said, “yes, that would be perfect. Do you have a restaurant?” She asked. The gentleman explained that the kitchen was now closed but he could rustle up a sandwich and a pot of tea if she liked. “Oh, thank you so much, I will just have a freshen up in my room and come back, please could you make it a vegetarian sandwich ?” “Of course Madam, cheese and salad ?” “yes, that will be fine.” He picked up her overnight case and told her to follow him.

They walked down a long corridor with thick pink carpets and gold and pink wallpaper.Everything was spotlessly clean and shining. He stopped in front of room number 29 and passed the card key through the slot. “ I hope you enjoy your stay.” He opened the door for her and then went off to make her sandwich.

She walked into the room and was met with the smell of the sea breeze.She took a deep breath and filled her lungs with the fresh air. Quickly she showered and changed. She felt much better and refreshed after the long drive.She looked at herself in the mirror and was satisfied with what she saw.She smiled at herself and said, “ not bad for an old lady, Mary, so now the new life begins.” She raised her arm as if with an imaginary glass and proposed a toast to herself, “ To you Mary, good luck.”

She took her medication and then went to find the restaurant.

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