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Alex Lyon and Son has a large inventory of heavy equipment for sale. We provide the facility for purchasing used & new equipment. You will find genuine and top quality equipment content spec, their images, budget savvy price, accurate brands of construction & heavy equipment. We have listed with numerous types of construction equipment such as road construction equipment, construction equipment available for sale, earth moving equipment, and much more. We also offer various innovative facilities to make sure that users get excellent experience of the equipment before visiting for the actual inspection. For more info, call us at 3156332872.

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Inventory of heavy equipment for sale

Tips for selling heavy equipment

You have heavy equipment or trucks to sell, and you want top dollar, just like most equipment sellers. Who wouldn’t, given that most heavy equipment requires a significant initial financial investment and ongoing maintenance? So it only makes sense to want to recoup a reasonable portion of your investment when the time comes to sell.

We understand the equipment, equipment buyers, and what it takes to get the best deal. Please take a look at our list of heavy equipment for sale tips.

1. Determine the value of your equipment.

Do your homework and look into comparable equipment pricing and industry trends. Establish a price range for your equipment using the most up-to-date information you can find. With a price range in hand, you can confidently negotiate and set realistic price of heavy equipment for sale.

2. Do some research on selling techniques?

There is the best-selling method for your equipment and situation, regardless of your situation, the type of equipment you are selling, its condition, or how quickly you need to complete the sale. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of common equipment selling methods, such as unreserved auctions, silent auctions, private sales, equipment dealers, and equipment brokers, to determine which method is best for you.

3. Consult a professional

As tempting as it may be to go it alone, consider how much time and effort will be required in the selling process, as well as the number of potential buyers you will be able to reach without the assistance of a sales and marketing expert. A full-service solution can save you a lot of time and money, especially at the time of heavy machinery for sale, don’t have a dedicated asset manager, or work in a region where used equipment is high supply and low demand. Consult an experienced salesperson about developing a sales strategy that will maximize your return on investment.

4. Demonstrate the worth of your equipment

The appearance of your equipment can either deter or attract higher offers. Consider refurbishing heavy equipment before selling it. Cleaning, glasswork, upholstery repair, painting, decal replacement, and other refurbishing services are available. Refurbishing is typically a low-cost investment with high returns.

The appearance of your equipment can either deter or attract higher offers. Consider refurbishing heavy equipment before heavy machinery for sale. Cleaning, glasswork, upholstery repair, painting, decal replacement, and other refurbishing services are available.

5. Choose your buyers carefully.

Try to reach out to as many equipment buyers as possible, but don’t skimp on quality. Work with an equipment seller who not only actively markets to a large population of equipment buyers but also targets its marketing efforts based on the industry and region where your equipment is most in demand.

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