Hidden feelings

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A group of feelings that cannot be disclosed for fear for those close to us, and concealing and concealing these feelings makes us lose our identity.

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Feelings are a strange thing that makes us feel lonely, sometimes we feel joy, sometimes we feel sad, sometimes we feel satisfaction, sometimes we feel, and sometimes we feel the desire to die, and sometimes we feel a sense of distress.
Emotions are volatile, no one can control his feelings, only we can hide them from others
But sometimes, hiding our feelings hurts and hurts us
When any person enters into a relationship
Any form of it feels helpful and then this happiness begins to diminish in stages
The first stage we do not notice our sadness and because it is rosy and is closer to complete happiness, so you do not notice the percentage of sadness
In the second stage, it is reduced to half, so the person starts from both parties to justify the reason for the disappearance of happiness and its lack of complete existence. Therefore, problems start from this stage and the two try hard to cope with the sadness that has increased its percentage, and each of them when confronted with the blame on one of the other for that in this case the two decide. Preserve their relationship after the deep thinking that both of them thought of, so we cannot say now that they overcame sadness. No, they did not, because the third phase begins in this case.
Where the problems and obstacles start to appear againWhere the two stand up when confronting each other again, neither of them hears the other, they begin to talk about their attempt to maintain this relationship and continue, so this confrontation fails, and the two decide to separate in order to live a better life
Most of the relationships made of boxes are as follows, but we cannot say that all of them work this way
Because there are relationships that succeed because the two parties are in agreement, that there are problems and challenges that will make them search for happiness, so they know that there are reasons that make life difficult for both parties, so this type of relationship lives because it is based on harmony and mutual respect on both sides.

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