What she didn’t do

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A girl who grew up in an abusive family learns to keep her younger brother safe and happy well she goes through a rough patch. She learns that just because you can smile doesn’t mean you’re always happy. She goes on a long trip to find a safe place away from her parents and in doing so she ruins her thought on what life really is while her younger brother is enjoying life only knowing that he grew up with the girl who raised him. As they got older the girl told her brother that she was his mother to keep him safe from all the drama from when they were children. In doing so she lost her brothers trust once he found out the horrible truth. In the end the tragedy of life caught up with the girl and the boy lost his sister.

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Chapter 1

She did it again! Yelled Kaylie’s mother down the stairs. She ran down the stairs in anger to go tell her husband that their 10 year old daughter had ran away for the fourth time this week.
Jacob go find your sister. Exclaimed the father who was getting frustrated with his daughter.
-Why can’t you go find her she’s your daughter!
-Jacob shut your fucking mouth before I shut it for you and go find your god damn sister! Yelled the father throwing his third beer at his son.
Jacob got his winter coat and boots on and ran outside to find his sister sitting down the block shivering with tears running down her face.
Kaylie what’s wrong? Asked Jacob with a worried crack in his voice. Nothing little brother your too young to understand. Kaylie replied while whipping the tears off her face.

They entered the house and their parents were standing in the door way. “Jacob go to your room” yelled the mother. No I want to stay with Kaylie! Yelled Jacob. Kaylie kneeled onto one knee and whispered in Jacobs ear “mother and father are furious with me, just go to your room and put headphones on. I’ll be in as soon as we’re done I promise.

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