Trials & Tribulations of Modesty Greene

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Chapter 25: Harriet Tubman

1850 – Dorchester County, Maryland, America

In my dream, I was flyin’. I soared above Maryland, happy and free as the birds around me. They were ducks, beautiful white ducks. We soared above the tops of the pine trees. Golden light shone down and I felt warm and surrounded by the Lord’s love. An angel called to me and I looked into the bright light movin’ up and up.

When I finally looked down, I saw a river. It glistened as a fish would when the sun hits it just right. It seemed to move and roll as if it were full of salmon. Framed between the rivers, there were two cabins built facin’ each other. Five children played between them. I saw a negro woman with a yellow head rag on; she was puttin’ up laundry on the line. Another woman was workin’ the little vegetable garden, two men were choppin’ wood, and there was somethin’ else, not on the property but north, somethin’ dark. Horses? I moved so I could fly lower and see.

CRACK! A noise as sharp as a musket startled me and I felt my body jump, then I started fallin’. All I could think was I hoped I fell in the river and not onto the ground.

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