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Idk man. it's 12 am and this just came to mind so yeah maybe I'm gonna forget about this later but basically this book it's just small ideas and prompts so you don't need to read since it also I think it's gonna have a bad grammar because it's not something official but yeah I guess '-'

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The Owl

So when I'm tired or stressed I take a shower. I always close my eyes and cover my ears while hearing the water fall to the ground but sounding echoing.

This image always comes to my head.

It's raining, not too hard but not too calm. It was a fair rain. I'm in the middle of a forest, surrounded by tall pine trees and only in that spot that I'm standing you can see a ray of sun. On the other sides it's kind of dark but not completely. It's like foggy with a blue atmosphere. I'm dressed like always with the same two pieces of clothes. My toes are naked touching the muddy ground and around me a green light grass I see. I feel the rain falling on me change to cold-ish and now I'm not completely wet but still feeling the water on me.

I try to look around and it really looks so unreal. I mean it doesn't look like a fantasy place to stay but it doesn't look like a scary or normal either. It just feel so at home.

At first, when I first saw this place, I just saw myself standing, in 3rd POV. But even so, I could feel something else's presence. I tried to find it, still keeping on mind that I shouldn't come up with something or else that thing I came up with would be there and it would all fail.

I tried for atleast 4 days in a row. I thought it would be harder until I realize what if I look up. And it worked. I saw an owl. It looks pretty normal. The owl looked at me with talking eyes. I don't know what it's telling me but I can hear it's voice trough it's eyes. Now I feel that it only keeps an eye on me whenever I go see that place. I know this because now I can only see it through it's eyes. Not moving until I think it's already time or when I feel like the owl says I can.

It's so weird but not scary. I want to see more of that place and the owl that I feel it's not actually one.

Sorry but I needed to take it out of my head now that I can and because I can't even say anything to anyone since they never listen and when they do it's always them ranting after.

Anyways I feel stupid but here is my thought lol
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