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Wunderhein Academy: Book 3 - Ivan

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After his strength fails to protect the people he cares about, can Ivan handle his new life as a normal citizen and uncle, or will he agree to Wunderhein's deal, leaving him a hero once more?

Zara DarkRaven
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“Stay down pretty boy trash.”

“Come on ‘Bear’, kick his ass.”

“’Bear’, ‘Bear’, ‘Bear’.”

“Ya can win this Lexie.”

Ivan smirked, hearing the lone cheer for his opponent.

He had fought with bigger kids than this one. Ones that had received their cuts like he had.

This one and his friend cheering both looked like skinny, filthy beggars. It didn’t matter how many times they had tried to clean themselves, there was some sort of dark hard desperation to survive that stayed imprinted into them.

The only thing of real interest with on the youth was his piercing blue eyes. However even that was ruined by the scar that ran down from his brow to his cheek.

The boy stood up again, spitting out blood this time. He was wobbling on his feet a little. No matter how many times Ivan knocked him down, the youth forced himself to stand up.

“Ya can do it Lexie!” His friend called out.

“Why don’t you just stay down?” Ivan growled

Ivan had heard the stories about this boy. ‘Captain’ Aleksei Cassonov, or something. Ivan huffed a laugh.

Was this really the Pretty Boy that had taken out his own Captain, replacing him before dismissing everyone on his old team? Everyone except the one that was cheering for him, that is.

Ivan glanced at the strange kid. He was horribly skinny with his thick black, un-brushed hair falling around his face. A smile peaked from under that hair, showing teeth that weren’t growing straight. The kid stood scratching at his skin the whole time.

“You think I can be beaten?” Ivan smirked at the strange creature before turning his attentions back to his opponent.

Ivan wondered what was so special about this Aleksei boy.

It wasn’t everyday a Pretty Boy could take on his own Captain.

Pretty Boys were weak things that barely ever had their names returned.

They were there just to satisfy the others in the school.

These two should have been thankful for their team name protecting them. There were many that didn’t have that luxury in this place.

“Come on ‘Bear’.” His team mate, Rhino, snorted. “Kill the miserable thing and let’s go.”

Ivan growled as he threw his punch, furious at the low creature.

That he dared stand up.

That he dared try and be better than what he was.

That for a moment he made Ivan hope there was something more to this place.

Ivan growled as he raised his fists, slamming it right into Aleksei’s stomach.

Aleksei had tried to counter the attack but had been too weak.

Instead he ended up spitting up more blood as he slipped to the ground.

Aleksei’s face scrunched in pain as he tried to stand up again.

Only to cough up more blood.

“Lexie!” Dmitri was running to his friend, ignoring the laughter around them.

“Come on. Let’s go.” He felt Rhino’s hand on his shoulder.

Instead Ivan stared at the two, watching as the skinny thing that had been cheering now tried to help his friend up. Friends. That was what they were, wasn’t it?

Around them the crowd was still laughing. No one bothered to try and help.

No one would. The two were just Meat-Bags.

Nothing in a place like this.

“Stupid Meat-Bags.”

“No one would be dumb enough to ever bet on the stupid ‘Alpha Wolf’.”

“Bet on him? No-one would be dumb enough to join his Alpha Pack.”

Ivan listened to the laughter as the crowd began leaving.

He watched Dmitri trying to help Aleksei stand up.

“Hey ‘Bear’, let’s go.” Rhino called out, the annoyance in his voice irritating Ivan. “I have better things to do than watch these two.”

Ivan glanced back a moment, before stepping forward towards the two Meat-Bags.

Immediately, Dmitri jumped forward, arms spread out to protect his captain.

“Fight’s over.” He stated, grinning. As if those teeth of his could hurt Ivan in some way.

Around them the crowd were already halting.

“’Bear’s gonna fight again.”

“Spread the word. ’Bear’s fighting the other Alpha member.”

“Good. He can put them in their place.”

He stared at the skinny thing determined to protect his friend.

“I will join you.” He stated simply.

“Ya WHAT?” The skinny creature frowned.

Surprised gasps from the crowd around them echoed Dmitri’s feelings. He brushed past his new team-mate, picking up the wounded captain to take to the Medic Ward. He had felt two ribs cracking under his knuckles during the fight. It had always been a good feeling. It was good to be strong. After all in a school like this, where you needed to survive, what else was there?

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