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Slytherdor Besties?

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Two girls. Both opposite houses...Despise each other... become best friends?

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About the Mains

Zoe is a small, black shoulder length haired girl with majestic hazel eyes. She is a kind, loving person but will happily turn evil if u say the wrong things. Zoe also moved to Hogwarts at the beginning of 3rd year due to her family moving cross country. Zoe is a half-blood Gryffindor who originally went to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic but moved when her dad got a new job at the ministry of magic, therefore transferred to Hogwarts. There she befriended Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet. Her family starts to become friends with the all known Weasley family. Zoe is closest to Fred, George and Ginny.

Stevie is a short, brown waist length haired girl with green/blue eyes that you could get lost in. She is known to be quite intimidating but when u get to know her can be quite the sweetheart. Stevie also was born into a family of pure-bloods. She grew up around the Malfoy Family and have seen them as family ever since. But little did Draco know someone had a secret little crush on him.

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