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Slytherdor Besties?

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Meeting Zoe

"Miss, I can't do flying lessons, My fainting episodes are getting worse again" Zoe says while walking towards her flying lessons with Madam Hooch. "Fine you can sit out this lesson Miss George" Madam Hooch replies while rolling her eyes. As Zoe was on her way to the hospital wing, she noticed a particular small ,brown haired Slytherin sitting on her own, reading ,on a bench by the courtyard. Anderson. The Slytherin Slut. The girl she was told to despise in her first year.


-Zoe Pov-

"Hey, Zoe!" My best friend, Angelina Johnson, shouts. Me and And Angelina have been bestfriends since i moved to Hogwarts in my third year. Angelina is a beautiful dark toned girl with black, shoulder length, silky hair. She is lovely but can be a bit of a bitch at times. "You see that girl over there?" She points over to the brown haired girl who seems to have a look of annoyance on her face, "That's Anderson, Stevie Anderson, aka the Slytherin slut. Don't go anywhere near her. Understand?" Johnson boldly states.


As I snap out of my trance I realize I have been staring. As Anderson looks up I quickly look away and speed walk to worried of what she may do.

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