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{Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and Thomas Sanders Ego/Side based story} - - - What if Marvin was trying out a new spell he learned but it completely backfired on him? What if that spell causes a weird black hole to appear and sucks them into it, the group appearing on a different world? Will they be able to get home by themselves or did they receive help from someone? Read to find out. - This is a story where Jack, Mark and Thomas along with their egos all get trapped in a different universe, not knowing where they are and having to ask for the help of five girls.

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Chapter 1

It was a normal day in the Septiceye household, everyone off doing their own things in the house, the Septics having some of Mark’s egos along with the Sanders Sides staying over for the night.

Chase, Bing and Remy were hanging out, doing whatever they do, probably talking about hanging out the next day like they usually would.

Wilford, Remus and Anti were discussing something that had all three of them grinning, the rest in the house not wanting to know the topic of whatever they were talking about.

Dark was just having a conversation with Logan, Deceit and Jameson about how they had to run around after their friends, basically being the moms of their groups.

The two doctors were talking about their next patient and what operation they needed to do when they returned to the hospital the next week.

Roman and Jackie were talking about hero stuff, Jackie going on about his last mission, which Roman was very invested in.

The others were sat around the living room, watching Marvin perform a few magic tricks, entertaining them when they had nothing to do.

“Who wants to volunteer to be cut in half?” Marvin asked with enthusiasm, pointing out to the people watching, most widening their eyes at the idea.

The magician watched as Patton, Chase, Bing and the Jim twins put up their hands, Marvin closing his eyes with his finger out, pointing at one of them randomly.

“Ah! Patton!” Marvin exclaimed once again, pointing right at the Side with a grin on his face, watching as Patton's face lit up at being chosen. “Come on up and get in the box!”

The others that hadn’t got picked pouted, Marvin raising an eyebrow at the fully grown men who were sulking like kids.

“Don’t worry you guys! You’ll get picked next time.”

Patton stepped up to Marvin and entered the box, the magician facing him and closing it when he got comfy, the Moral Sides feet and head only to be seen.

Marvin used his magic to make the box float horizontally, Patton now placed on his back facing upwards floating in mid-air, the Side giggling lightly as he glanced at everyone watching the magic trick.

“You ready Patton?” The magician asked the Moral Side, wondering if Patton could do this as he smiled down at him. “All you’ll feel is a slight tickle. Nothing else.”

Patton nodded, taking a deep breath as Marvin made the saw appear in his hands, the Septiceye placing it atop of the box, Morality looking scared as Marvin began moving the saw.

The saw started cutting into the wood of the box, Patton closing his eyes tightly as he worried more and more, thinking he would actually start bleeding.

As he braced himself for pain, Patton felt something. A tickle.

The saw then came out of the bottom of the box, Patton not having felt any pain as he opened his eyes, looking at himself.

Marvin was right, it didn’t hurt.

Patton and the others watched as Marvin separated the two parts of the box he just cut, both sides floating away, leaving Patton cut in two.

“Woah. . .,” Patton mumbled, the others in the room doing the same, Jameson watching from beside Deceit, his eyes sparkling in wonder.

“How are you meant to put him back together? Will you be able to?” Virgil questioned, staring at the magician with a raised eyebrow at the purple Side.

“I’ll put him back together now. If you had waited a moment it would have been done already,” Marvin replied, once again turning to face Patton.

Cameraman Jim and his twin, Reporter Jim, watched as the Septic Ego flicked his wrist, the two parts of the box moving together once more, a small click sound sounding around the room when both sides met.

Marvin clapped his hands three times and mumbled something in Latin, his eyes glowing purple for a split second before he looked at Patton straight in the eyes, “Patton, would you open the box and walk out, please?”

Patton nodded his head, breathing out as he used his arms to push the box open from the inside, Morality slowly walking out of the box, still perfectly intact as he shook his left leg out to check if anything would fall off.

“How!?” Roman exclaimed, a look of bewilderment placed on his face, looking towards them from beside Jackie.

The Magical Ego tapped his nose, looking at the prince before stopping the action and facing everyone else in the room with a grin.

“Alright, shows over,” Dark said, standing up from his sitting position after hearing the door knock, the male starting to walk over to it. “Pizza is here.”

Everyone cheered, quickly getting up and rushing over to the kitchen where Dark set the pizza a few minutes later, everyone starting to stuff their faces as soon as it reached the table.

After around ten minutes, most of the pizza was gone apart from five slices, no one else wanting them as they were set on the counter by Henrik.

The doorbell rang moments later, most people looking at each other confused apart from Chase, Remy and Bing who rushed to the door with excited looks.

The three that went to the door soon entered the kitchen with three new guests following behind them.

Thomas, Mark and Jack.

“Dudes! They made it!” Chase exclaimed, jumping up and down like a hyper child, grinning at everyone.

“We thought you wouldn’t show up,” Dark said grimly, glaring at the three creators, the demon not wanting them to be there, yet he didn't have a choice in the matter.

Mark rolled his eyes at his Alter Ego, smiling at everyone when he glanced around, “Hope there’s pizza left for us.”


“And now for my final trick!” Marvin exclaimed, glancing at everyone with a glint in his eyes. “I will be creating a portal to another dimension!”

“How will you do that?” Anti asked, his head perched upon his hand, a bored expression passing on his face, the demon and the others being forced to watch him do magic tricks for the sake of the Jim's, Patton, Roman, Jameson, Chase and Wilford.

“Magic, obviously,” Remus and Wilford said at the same time, the two smirking at each other.

‘Great minds think alike,’ is what they always say, the two turning back to the magician on the stage.

Dark rolled his eyes, his arms crossed as he gazed forwards, “Just watch him do the trick.”

Everyone quietened down as Marvin took a deep breath, staring at the empty wall in front of him with his wand in hand.

“Fac me ad ostium alium se orbem terrarum. Obsecro te pro meo fac hoc et propter tuam,” Marvin said under his breath, his eyes glowing purple from behind his cat mask. (It’s Google translate. Latin words. Don’t know if it’s right)

The Ego then repeated the phrase that the others could only guess was Latin, everyone having an impatient look upon their face as he said it over and over again, chanting.

Marvin stopped chanting moments later, opening his eyes only to be confused as he saw the spell didn’t work, the male dropping his left hand to his side in disappointment.

“Now that it doesn’t work, can we go do our own things now?” Bim questioned, looking like he could fall asleep at any moment. "I mean, I enjoyed the show, but I could really do with some shut-eye, right now."

Marvin sighed, disappointed that the portal doesn’t open up, his back slouched as he stared ahead at the wall, “Yea, I guess.”

Everyone then started parting ways, multiple Egos and Sides hanging out in the different Septiceye's rooms to stay for the night, seeing as there weren't enough rooms for everyone.

Jameson stayed with Marvin, telling the people he had to share a room with to go on in while he ‘spoke’ to the magician.

’It’s okay if it didn’t work. You can always try it again,′ Jameson signed once Marvin turned to face him.

"But what if I never do it right? Then it'll just be another failed magic trick,” Marvin sulked, JJ patting his back sympathetically.

Jameson smiled a little, lifting his hands up to sign, ’Practice makes perfect.

Jameson then left Marvin alone on the couch, joining Patton, the Jim's and Bim in his room to hang out with for the rest of the night.

The magician sighed as he sat there, thinking about what he could have done wrong with the spell before he finally decided to go to his room, saying goodnight to whoever was staying in there and falling asleep.


A small black hole suddenly appeared in the living room, a nice looking landscape being seen from the other side, a small breeze dragging into the portal, travelling around the room.

As time went by, the hole grew bigger, the breeze starting to get stronger the bigger it got, the portal now as big as the flat-screen TV on the wall.

The image that the black hole started to show flickered between different landscapes and universes, sometimes showing the galaxy and sometimes flickering to a forest.

The black holes image then slowed to a stop, only showing the galaxy, having a slight purple tint to it as the stars shone through.

Multiple different colours laced inside the hole that was growing by the second, the breeze starting to grow just as the black hole did.


It was the morning, the Egos and Sides all hanging out in the Septiceye's room, everyone jumping when they heard yelling from downstairs.

“Holy shit!” Jack exclaimed, holding onto the countertop in the kitchen as his feet started to slip off of the floor, getting sucked into the black hole that had appeared earlier that night.

Jack's grip began to slip from the countertop, his fingers not being able to grip anything as he began soaring towards the galaxy coloured hole.

“Jack!” Mark yelled, reaching his hand out and trying to grab onto the Irishman's hand before he was sucked into the magical place, which ultimately failed as Jack got sucked into the void, a terrified expression on his face before he completely disappeared.

“Mark!” Thomas yelled as the half-Korean suddenly fell after he tried grabbing onto something else to ground himself, the male trying to grab onto Thomas' hand, Mark just barely missing as he got sucked into the void just as Jack did.

Thomas yelped as his hand started to slip off of the couch he was holding on to, the man panicking as his body flung towards the black hole, just as his friends did, soon vanishing.


The egos and sides rushed downstairs just in time to see Thomas get sucked into the hole black hole, everyone widening their eyes at what they saw in front of them.

The Sander Sides all yelled out, most of them trying to go in after Thomas but being stopped by the others in the room.

“Guys!” Patton yelled as his feet slid across the floor, trying to reach out to Virgil who grabbed his wrist, Morality just barely getting saved.

Virgil’s breathing picked up as he, too, started to slide towards the hole of blackness, shutting his eyes as tight as he could, raising the arm he wasn't holding Patton with to shield his face from anything coming his way.

Virgil felt a tug at his jacket, opening his eyes and looking back to see the other Sides holding onto each other, trying to pull him and Patton back.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to keep them all from sliding into the black hole, the force being too strong as they all yelled out before getting enveloped by the portal.

“No!” Jackie yelled, reaching out to the forever growing hole in front of him and the others, his jaw clenched when he saw Janus and Remus follow the other five Sides into the gateway.

“Shit!” Anti cursed as his feet slipped, hovering above the ground as he got dragged towards the thing that ate their friends only seconds ago.

The glitch tried to grab at stuff, everything slipping from his grasp just as he had grabbed onto them. Anti grabbed onto the lamp, temporarily stopping himself from moving towards the black hole, the lamp then also starting to get dragged towards the portal with him.

The demon let go of the lamp, bracing himself for entering the portal, a hand then firmly gripping Anti’s, the demon looking up to see his frenemy, Dark, trying to help him, Anti scowling at him.

"Let go of me you asshole!" Anti yelled at him, the other demon looking at him like he was crazy, a snarl encasing his facial expression.

"What the hell!? No!" Dark exclaimed back, returning Anti's glare as the glitch demon's foot barely scraped the edge of the portal.

Suddenly, the hole got bigger, causing the suction to increase, resulting in the two demons getting sent into the void.

Wilford and Jameson tried to go in after them, the two being held back by Bing and Jackie, their hair flying around them as they struggled to even stay on their feet.

From behind what was left of the group, a loud thud sounded, causing them all to look behind them.

An iron was sent flying towards Jackie’s head, causing him to let go of Wilford in panic, the two joining the others in the abyss seconds later.

Marvin widened his eyes, once again chanting in Latin to try and close the black hole like he had been ever since he had gotten downstairs, all attempts failing as Bing, Chase, Jameson, the two doctors, Bim and the Jim twins started to get sucked into the hole.

Marvin panicked, sending sparks of his magic out in a frenzy, attempting to stop everything that was happening for the last time, only for the sparks to accidentally hit the rest of the group, including himself, everything going black.

- - - - - - - - -

2377 Words

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