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Creating The World Web Country

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An unsuspecting man is approached by some very powerful people. Thinking everything would go well, he soon discovers a nightmare of mental torture. His home, social, and work-life is all messed with via advanced technology manipulation. Time-travel, mind control, war, murder; this guy goes through it all. Under pressure, people can do amazing things. He goes from the bottom to the top as he thinks his way out of threatening situa-tions. The higher powers wanted to see what he was capable of. In the process, he’s created something even bigger than any of them has, which makes the fight even more intense. In the process, he loses his children, his job, and everyone he knows thinks he’s gone insane. He has gone insane from the mental torture but ironically, it doesn’t make it any less true and real. A purist unbiased view of an ideal world has come to a dark conclusion. The higher powers agree with his realization and in the process, he creates a new country that is comprised of donations from all corners of the world. He creates a bank to support it, gathers powerful allies and military force all while getting attacked from all angles. Zero privacy becomes so much worse than anyone could imagine. If you read this, you will have to either assume that he completely lost the plot or you will question reality yourself. To save yourself from insanity, you will have to conclud

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Chapter One

So far, I’ve lived a slightly unconventional life but nothing too out of the ordinary, or, so I thought. I always thought I was destined to do great things, but the older I got, the more of a pipe dream it felt like it was becoming.

To this point; I was aware of some larger groups in the world who are pulling the strings. I’ve had a curiosity in some “conspiracy theories” and take them with a pinch of salt. I’ve concluded that the only way to truly know if they are true is to see it for myself. Despite my limited knowledge; Nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen and how little I truly knew how mind-blowing the elites’ abilities truly are.

Another day in the office and work and a new girl comes in. She has a very commanding aura about her. She looks like she’s in her twenties. Very slim and petite with dark hair and piercing brown eyes... They were intently staring, and she held eye contact with anyone without any intimidation. You could see, that she was far more powerful than everyone in the office. The management team would keep their eyes low when she walked past and would bend over backward for her. Best seat in the house. Apparently, she’s just a ‘normal’ person in her first accountant job after working in a perfume shop. ‘Yeah right’ I thought to myself.

Seemed like there was far more to her than what we were told and I could tell as soon as she came in, that she was here because of me. She looked at me like she knew me, but everyone else seemed irrelevant to her.

She was introduced as the accountancy genius, and she said “Oh thank you, I’m not a genius” (eye roll) and looked at me and said quietly but with her body language and mouth movements pronounced: “You are.” I was shocked, slightly offended that she’d know, and too humble to think that I would even be worthy of that word and thought to myself, no I’m not.

I thought I was smart but knew there were many far smarter people than me. Reading Einstein’s general relativity at the time was written so well and complicated. It made me feel far less intelligent than what I’d consider a ‘genius’ level. In hindsight, the genius level is only the top 1%. So, in my school of 1200, there would be 12 geniuses in the making. So maybe not so much of a big deal in hindsight.

Anyway, I thought it was weird that she had invaded my privacy and clearly knew about me. I thought it was from my internet history first of all. But how did she look at me like she’d seen me hundreds of times before? I definitely would have recognized her; I rarely forget a face.

I was sat working and having some banter from one of the oldies who had a loudmouth. He then started being cheeky as he does. He looks up, to the back of the room behind me for about 3 or 4 seconds holding eye contact slightly like he was being hypnotized, looked again like he was thinking ‘really?’ then bulged his eyes, saying to himself ‘yes really, oops!’ then looked down at his hands meekly. Silence followed.

I laughed to myself! She stared down at the biggest loudmouth. She didn’t have to say anything, but she had rage behind her eyes when he dared to hold her gaze for as long as he did, and she was furious. Hilarious. I laughed to myself, knew she was there. Didn’t have to look, but when I looked around, she was simultaneously turning around and walked out of the room. The local facility colleagues were just gawping at her then at the old man who doesn’t get dissed by anyone.

I’d never cheated on my girlfriend, but I knew I wasn’t happy and her strength was what I was looking for. She could be my doorway into the big game. And she watched me however she did and my initial thought was that she must be obsessed with me to go to that much effort.

She wanted me to chat her up, she conveniently was working at the front desk for half the time, so any bathroom break or lunch break was the perfect opportunity to talk to her. Few chats, going well, she was very receptive.

While conversing with her, I thought it was a good opportunity to mention the fact that had children. This, assuming I was correct that she knew a lot about me, wouldn’t be news to her. But what would help is me reading her reaction as well as portraying an oblivious stance to what was happening.

Talking about my weekend, followed with “I then took my two kids out to the park.” Instead of an expected smile or look of disappointment, I instead got a correction! She shook her head while holding eye contact and in a barely audible voice, whispers “Only one is yours,” While holding up one finger.

What the fudge?! I expected her to know, but I thought she’d at least go along with the fact we’re getting to know each other. Plus the elephant in the room, what the absolute fudge! Maybe that’s why she feels it’s acceptable to get a whole load of background about me and try and steal me and create a broken home. I was too taken aback. She said it clearly enough. I froze, absorbed the information, and went to my desk.

This had never crossed my mind. Memories of my second child’s birth come back to me. The fact that Stacey looked like a deer in the headlights when the doctors told us the date we conceived her.

Then I remember the birth, how she had the same look of being caught out when the doctors all said that she didn’t look white and didn’t look like me. At the time, I trusted her 100% and that thought didn’t even cross my mind. But she did like going out partying with some of her girlfriends and had the occasional sleepover with them.

Come to think of it, some of her friends were very flirtatious and questionable characters. I still felt the same love for both my children, it didn’t change that at all. But why would G lie? She seems to know the things that people could find out about me, but also things nobody knows.

How could she know? Have they done DNA tests on them to verify? Does Stacey know and she has told someone? However it was found out, I doubt that it would be made up just to mess with me. This changes everything.

If she’s not even faithful, I can’t stay with her. How dare she do this to me? This whole time?! The hate is boiling up inside. I carry on working. Can’t wait to get out of here. I’ve got enough on my plate, and now this?!

When I get home, there is no need to approach her about it. She’s going to deny it and also question how I found out to herself. I carry on as usual and play my part.

A few days later I came to work after a late-night doing the demolition work in my renovation project. She greets me with a yawning face, which is not like her chirpy morning self. I said that I was knackered too from working on my house. She then said very quietly but with her mouth moving like she was talking with a normal volume “I know”, then put her hands over her mouth and said “oops,” and laughed to herself.

It’s like she would use her inner voice but let it slip out slightly to let me know what she’s thinking. But also, making me be able to hear it. Weird. I was a bit shocked, followed by annoyance, that she could somehow see me in a house with no cameras. She’d always know what I’ve been up to and watching me without my consent. I rarely give consent on data or location or other requests from apps etc. But she was just watching without me knowing at all. How dare she! Ahh well, if anyone was going to watch me, it may as well be her. She could just turn up or tell me how. Frustrating! But I had to go along with the charade and carry on. If she denied it, it’s my word against hers and it would sound a bit crazy. This whole situation was feeling bloody nuts. To be honest, I kind of liked it despite my frustration.

I knew she was watching me somehow, it’s more than intuition. I replayed the encounters, conversations, and reactions in my mind and was sure that I hadn’t misread by a long shot. So, I had to find out what I could. These are not normal circumstances. So I Googled her, Facebook searched, linked in, Instagram... Nothing! She conveniently and smugly was signing a cheque to a client for £3,000,000 just as I was walking past, and I asked her what’s her surname. I then asked just to make conversation, “What do you like doing for fun?” Thinking she would say a sport or hobby. Instead, she leaned over the desk a bit further while stood up, arched her back, and said “Ohhh!” Opening her mouth and giving me eyes while holding eye contact, then biting her top lip suggestively. She moves quickly!

Right, time to find out anything and everything I could about this girl. If this was any other person, it would have to be done. She’s coming over here... knowing stuff about me... making it obvious and then playing oblivious! How dare she! I didn’t agree to any of my privacy laws being breached for her amusement. So, I researched, her. Had a look on google, no newspapers, no known royal connections. She didn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. She’s off the grid, that’s a bit weird. Not surprised but a bit disappointed that I’d been duped to think that she’s a princess or something. If Google doesn’t say she is, then surely, she isn’t. I even knew that was a bit naive. But it would make things easier if I had some sort of evidence. People would doubt me if it’s based on an apparent underground unrecorded powerful person...

The next day, she’s annoyed when I see her. I look at her with my eyebrow raised. At the end of the day, if she’s annoyed, I researched her, she’s the one watching me bloody research her, so she started it. It’s a natural reaction from her, but I knew I was right. Frustrating. Bullshiz continues. If she’s not going to say anything, and she’s changed jobs to be near me. Then she can bloody chase, I’m taken anyway. She’s giving me nothing, just winding me up, loads of questions, no answers. So, I took lunch 5 minutes before 1 pm, and she hadn’t done the desk swap yet at the allocated time. I do my gym session (which I was absolutely owning at the time), then go in and blank her. Fudge it. She was getting more and more annoyed. Then one time, she comes to chat with my colleague next to me, and her body language was square to me, basically looking at me while talking to her. I look at her and roll a smirk. Haha. I’m getting to her, and it worked.

She wanted me to chase her. I wasn’t going to. I was a bit pissed off that she’d tell me one of my daughters isn’t mine, and that she’d tell me in that way. She started taking lunch at the same time as me. Waiting just outside the door, look at me and walk off. I would politely wait and walk in the other direction. This wound her up even more, but it was the right thing to do. Plus, she claimed to have a boyfriend as well. I wasn’t sure if that too was a cover, but I started not caring as much as time passed. She knew I had a family, so if she was sure we were going downhill and stepping in at the right time. Her having a boyfriend is just playing a game of cat and mouse in my opinion.

The office party is coming soon. In preparation, the owner of the company is in the office, which is rare. As I’m walking past, he stops me and says quietly to me; “They’re watching you. Be very careful.” They clearly knew way more about me than a usual person could find out. I nodded in confirmation that I would be careful. As I was about to walk away, he looked perplexed and said my internet password. Thing is, mine is a nonsensical mix of letters and numbers. “Juctesit?” It made sense to me, but he looked baffled as to why I’d choose it. It was weirder that he bloody knew! said it under his breath and the whole ‘be careful’ speech.

Freaked out, I went for my workout. He’s the owner, and he knows my bloody password and things about me. Be careful! That’s all he’s going to say to me?! This is messed up. But I thought I had her where I wanted, just needed to play the game. I hadn’t exactly been an upstanding citizen in the past so if I’m to be careful, where’s the line? I guess I’ll find out ahahaha! Carefully of course. They bloody came and sought me out, so I’m going to listen to some degree but also use my head, as I’ve always done.

Anyway, I ask the girl... Let’s call her “G” to go for a walk. On this walk, I could finally have some bloody answers. I didn’t ask intensely, just casually. No big deal. She said “Sure, next time I’m free.” but I kept missing her schedule. One time, I went on the route through the park and down the river just to clear my head. I partially thought that if she was watching me, she’d know my dry run route, and then she might come along instead of being such a pussy about it.

The weirdest thing was, I had an overwhelming feeling that she was behind me. I didn’t turn around, so she didn’t feel a fool. I walked not too quickly but fast enough to keep my pace. I knew for sure when I saw a man feeding birds, one tiny piece at a time looked at me, then looked beyond me and did the wide eye stare that she does. Like he was hypnotized by her eyes. Fumbles his bread, then drops the whole loaf of bread at his feet. Weird. Kind of cool that she can have that effect on a complete stranger just by looking at them. Plus, she’s like a 5"2 petite 24-year-old size 0 girl. Crazy. She’d normally be walking in her high heels wherever she went. But that’s not why he dropped his bread.

He was clearly locked in an eye-contact stare with her. Then like a dog to an angry master, is instantly submissive and avoids eye contact at all cost., I look at him with the look in my eye: I know, and a bit of a curl to my mouth downwards. Hahaha, the power face is contagious, and a totally natural expression that few people even come across. But instantly recognizable. You can gauge the size of power, based on the power stare. Anyway, I’m walking alongside the river which was rushing. Birds sat on the gushing rapids for the ride, most trying to steady themselves. Just one floated down staring as she stared. Like it had looked at her and was also hypnotized by the stare and looked completely blank. This just got very weird. Meh, it might have just been my overactive imagination, but I trust my 6th sense and intuition and I’d put money down that she was behind me all the way.

I felt her presence behind me, the walkway is long and open. I started to walk slower slightly, and she had nowhere to hide. Hahaha. I looked up at the building next to the stadium that was in its last phase of construction. That gave me a flashback of when I was about 15. I was in the same area, and there was the city crazy person who kept saying “everything’s a sign!” “Coming soon” which it said on the side of the un-built building. “It’s a sign, the savior is coming soon!” I remember thinking to myself, ‘well he wouldn’t be turning up with long hair, beard, robe, and sandals. He’d be one of us, it could be me!’ I had yet to finish my schooling and in my mind, anyone could become anyone. It added an extra layer of weirdness to things, especially because it had taken this many years to build this bloody building. Maybe just a coincidence, but at this point; there are far too many coincidences happening.

So, I got to the point where I could spot her, and another stranger looks at me grinning as if he knows that I know I’m being followed by this girl. I grin and nod to indicate ‘I know.’ Hahaha. Usually, it’s the other way around! He then looks at her, and does her eye stare, and relaxes his arms to the side of his body. I didn’t need to turn around, that was enough confirmation. There’s always next time, plus I didn’t want to put her off from following me, I won’t turn around, and she can do it in person. Better than some other way that I’ve yet to figure out.

Getting back to the office, and she looks at me like; she knows I know that she was behind me. Intently staring at me as if to say ‘Why didn’t you turn around?!’ I know why I didn’t. It would be weird. Things are weird enough as it is, any additional weirdness, I’ll avoid.

A few days later, I am going down the lift, and she jumps in. She waits, says to the people in the top floor lobby “anyone else coming? No?” Then under her breath “Just me then” with a cheeky grin. Diry girl. So we go down. She’s there looking at her cut on her left hand, looking at me like a hint, hint... Whatever. She’s got a lot more work than showing she’s not engaged first of all. I then say, “I’m going to the cafe in the market if you fancy coming along.” “Oh, I’d like to cum,” She says with suggestive eyes. I might have been a bit more attractive than average, but I didn’t think that she and they were here just because she fancied me. All the background checks and that, it’s not just for a lay. It was for my brain, and because she fancied me as well, I guess...

Downstairs in the lobby, I could tell her adrenaline was rushing; like she’d been waiting for this moment for so long. But she couldn’t. I know now, that she knew then, that I was planning to sit on a bench in the park and interrogate her about what the fudge is going on, who is she, and who are these people? So, instead of going for a walk, we descend to the ground floor lobby. There’s the security guard behind the desk. She looks at me and says “I shouldn’t really say... Oh, the security guard, he doesn’t matter” looking at him like he’s way below her in status.

“I can’t go for a walk, but...” She pulls me to the side and I say, “What is going on?” Quietly enough not to be overheard. Mouth sealed shut, she is clearly under instructions not to say anything, but also wants to tell me. She then says “If this office was hmmm” minimg with her fingers around a coin size. “Then you, or we, can have hmmmmm”. This time, the ‘hmmm’ was represented with a pizza-sized object with both hands. The sizes meant about London, I thought to myself, in shock as well as, arrogantly, slightly disappointed.

“Like London?” I said quietly quite amazed, but I need more answers. She then shakes her head, and bulges her eyes, and clearly mouths the word, “Bigger!” I didn’t want to over guess. I thought, she must be royalty to be handed such a large amount of power.

It was clear that she was under instructions to not tell me for whatever reason. But she wanted me to know, so I went along with the method she was using.

I responded with “If London is hmmm, is it hmmmmm” indicating a far larger area. She responds with “Maybe” while she nods and a grin growing across her face.

I then say “Like the whole world?” She looked at me shocked and angry that I’d say it out loud. Nobody has the world, and it’s not going to be given to a young lad off the bat. Even I knew that. She then calmed down, shrugged, and said “Maybe?” and quickly covered her mouth and then gestured to me to keep quiet by putting her finger over her mouth.

It was clear that it was her dream too, and she wanted to get there but wasn’t there yet. Awesome. She then asked “Excited?” Eyes wide open, nodding quickly. I could tell it was important that I answered yes, both to me and to the people she’s involved with. They must be watching, or at least she will report my response. I thought it would be a given! I guess a lot of people would rather not touch any of that with a 10ft barge pole. I said “Yes” with a large grin!

“It’s like this,” She says; While staring at her globe in her invisible globe that she held with both hands. She stared intently, with a slightly ‘mad with power’ look in her eye. Breathing heavier and heavier and motions me to breathe with her. So, I do. She gets carried away, breathing heavier and faster as her eyes continue to open with awe and her stare becomes more and more intense. She already looks mad with power. Who is she?!

Oh shiz, what is this girl going to do with the world if she gets it? She’s definitely a dangerous person to have it. She had far too much evil in her eye for my liking.

So, I slowed down the breathing, and she does too, clearly not expecting or used to being interrupted in what she’s clearly done before. She then looks at me, like ‘I could smite you’ look as I hold her eye contact. She gets more and more cross that I’m not looking away! Looking through my head intently and motioning for me to break eye contact, seemingly forcing me to with her eyes. I eventually politely slightly bow, and move my focus to just below her eye, back to her eye, then back down again. She is still far more powerful than me, and I don’t want to piss her off. I then look at her annoyed, bulge my eyes to tell her off, and she giggles and looks away. Merely out of courtesy. Mutual respect was, to some degree, established. We then proceeded to walk past the security guard who was gawping as he’d never seen anything like that conversation in his life. She then made her excuses once we were outside that she needed to meet someone. I was happy with that. Less is more after that.

That whole ordeal was one of the strangest and intense experiences. She’d clearly said more than she should have, and now I know it’s for real.

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