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Chapter Ten

To clear my head from my family and work life, I start to wonder what I’ll end up doing when the work truly begins. I start to wonder about how they all must be working together, looking for new people to join with a well-established hierarchal and orderly system. The royals are more than likely running the show and calling the shots. As I’m thinking as I used to without being conscious of them hearing my thoughts.. I get an ominous message. “It’s mayhem here. We’re at war!”

That is not what I expected to hear! Fear and dread washed over me. How can they be at war?! I mean, if they can all collectively dupe the nation of all this technology that they have access to; they must be working together to some degree! It would surely only take one warring nation to whistle-blow when in disagreement over something to cause carnage in the opposing country.

‘Unless that’s a rule all have agreed not to break? Have all the world leaders got access to time travel and mind-reading? How would a war even work if they can go to different times?! That is an absolute head fudge. But in all honesty, it’s not my problem! But if I’m joining them, and they’re telling me they’re at war.’

“We want you to get involved. Use your thinking to resolve this.”

‘Why would they do this now? I’ve got too much fudging stuff to deal with. It’s timed too perfectly. They must have wanted to break me and then spring this on me.’

I’ve got nothing to lose, I should be depressed and empty but I’m just full of indescribable amounts of emotions. It’s a combination of anger, sadness, rage, loss, violation, confusion, doubt, and like a puppet that these people are just fudging with for fun!

I’m starting to seriously question everything and everyone, not knowing where or what I’ll be doing. Self-doubt creeps in as I realize I have the biggest task I could ever have thought of. Never mind being on brink of war. There was a power struggle going on in my mind.

I need more answers. So I ask away with my mind. They respond. I continued with the back and forth, think-talking and receiving messages back to me through the radio presenter. Well, the presenter is either hypnotised, or reading from a script. But somehow intertwined with timing. It would be impossible to fit the answers in when I pose them so precisely if they didn’t combine the method with time travel. That as well as the fact that to the general listener, what he is talking about makes complete sense. There’s not even a word for this way of communication. Well, there might be from their side, but I’m not aware of one.

They want me to do something. ‘I don’t fudging know what to do!’ I think-talk to them. This is becoming intense. “We’re at war. Do something or we’ll lose.” Uhhoooh. I don’t want to lose. Wait a minute, I don’t even know who’s side they are on. Is this all just a test? Are they that fudged they’re going to ask me? Any mistake could fudge things right up and make my current issues feel minuscule in comparison.

My worst fears were confirmed at the arrival of their next message. We’re having a planetary war. Oh shiz! Well, at least we’re not going to blow each other up. But still, this means the whole planet is at risk, and by the sounds of things; we’re not working together very harmoniously at the moment.

Some other planet is trying to destroy us because we’re not doing good enough? Fudge. Okay, they’ve confirmed aliens are real. Well, I’ve seen a UFO, even if they keep it under lock and key. That’s far easier to believe than all this! If they are real, they’re not going to just sit back and observe. There’s going to be communication and this is a very real scenario. Well, we are fudging up the planet by consuming and over-populating. We’re wiping out our ecosystems at an incredible rate. We’re not friendly to our neighbors, there’s always a war going on with one country or another.

It’s some very worrying stuff- this isn’t about fudging with me anymore. This just got even more important than fulfilling my drive to get in a higher-up position.

After contemplating; I realize that peace is the only solution to preventing this war. We’re not going to win this one, despite our technology clearly being far more advanced than we I was initially led to believe. It’s not going to be as advanced as these guys if they are the ones deciding if we are doing well enough to be worth saving.

We’re the ones ruining this planet. That’s the problem in their eyes. We need to do something about it. We’re taking over everywhere: building, farming, mining, and ruining the planet. That’s the problem.

They’re asking me, but why? Maybe because I’m one of the people who can think on his feet and doesn’t possess political or financial bias? Are they that desperate that they chose someone who has no connection to them but in their eyes makes decisions that they agree with? Are they that undecisive to have come to that decision? Whatever the reason is, it needs to be sorted. And quick.

I continued to mull over options. That night the answer came to me in one of my weirdly vivid dreams. We are the problem. They’re going to wipe us out because we’re multiplying too quickly and the planet won’t be able to sustain it for much longer. There’s no equilibrium between us and our surroundings.

In this year alone, our population has increased by around 80 million people over last year. That’s more than the combined total deaths in all of world war 2. In one year. So if we had another war like WW2, we’d reset the population back just one year. We’d have to have a WW3 with 23 times more deaths than in WW2 (around 70 million) to get back to where we were 20 years ago. That’s including the holocaust, all the bombings, all the shootings, everything. More than 20 times over for just 20 years population set back! That’s fudged up! We’re never going to get to that, not unless we have a full-on nuclear war. Nobody wants that. It would eliminate all the natural ecosystems at the same time so it would go against the point of it.

We’re close to, or potentially past the point of no return. We haven’t even been trying to control our population numbers, for so many years. Why? Let our kids sort it out? It’s going to be an absolute mess by then. Why do we need to keep overpopulating? Just because that’s our right to have as large of a family as we want? Well, medical science came along and learned how to fight so many things that would naturally balance things out. We are living longer, surviving so many more diseases, and the risk of dying is constantly decreasing, while our families keep having more and more children. We know it’s not working, but nobody wants to touch this subject because Hitler was seen as an evil dictator, for having a similar line of thinking. Nobody wants to ever go down that route again. Purging is bad. We’ve all been programmed to think that. But what about the planet? Nobody thinks like that. If they do, it seems nobody’s brave enough to say or do something about it.

Well, if we’re going to get wiped out from another planet for fudging up this one, then maybe it’s time to do something about it. For fudge sake. I thought I was going to do something other than this. I get thrown into war and I have to do something! I’ve never had these views. My mother is German and very anti-Nazi. She left Germany because she hated her father who had very right-winged views. This was never an influence to me as she never spoke about him. She didn’t want me to know he was a high-level judge for the Nazi military- within the inner circle, with all those who orchestrated the killings. Ironically, my other grandfather was on the British side of the war as a Brigadier. Two leaders, I guess the combination of the two makes me have a non-biased mindset.

I’m using Hitler’s way of thinking at the moment but in a different way. We are meant to reduce the population because we have to. We don’t need to do it with racial bias. It will be global and equal. It’s not through hate; it’s for the love of planet preservation. The nazi agenda was allegedly to rid the world of Jews due to the detrimental effect of their banking cartel and media brainwashing had on European countries. He also, allegedly, wanted to purify the gene line by reducing the numbers of degenerates. They weren’t concerned about overpopulation. It wasn’t an issue in the forties. They were about cleansing the human race. This sounds similar, but it’s not.

Why am I thinking this? Why fudging me? I’m completely fudged for even thinking this. But I have to save the planet. The world is more important than my safety. I’ll risk my life in a heartbeat to save the world, totally worth it. Money doesn’t matter, it’s saving the fudging world from mass extermination! If the aliens don’t succeed or attempt it, we will cause it regardless by overpopulating, taking over what remaining space we have.

We’ve reduced the natural ecosystems by 75% in the last 50 years. At this rate, there will be hardly anything left. We will run out of space. This will increase farming production, which only go so far. Plants and crops only grow so fast. We can only genetically modify them so much. This planet is only so big, it’s finite. We’re taking over too quickly. It will end in an inevitable resource war. Nuclear war is likely. Then we’ll fudge everything up by blackening the skies for decades. Imagine the scene; 300 nuclear warheads explode and the sky will be black for 20 years, as a result of our ignorance and stupidity. It is alleged the real number of warheads in our possession equates to 10′s of 1000′s. Just 300 going off would be the equivalent of India and Pakistan having a nuclear war: That’s acid rain and all plants dead. Mass deaths of animals to follow. Next, we’ll be living off tinned food. More than likely resulting in another war over tinned food. Then we’ll all be living off scraps. I anticipate at this point, a large portion of us turn to cannibalism. It’s a bleak-looking future if we don’t turn things around. We need to strike a balance with how many natural resources we take from the Earth versus calculating how many of us there are.

This is fudged up. Why is this on me? I’m going to have to be the bad person for the good of the world. I’m going to be hated. I’m going to have so much fudging blood on my hands if I make what I’m thinking of happen. People are going to come for me. I’m going to be a target. This isn’t going to be fun. Fun and games will be a far distant memory. I’m going to be hated and vilified. Yet, I’m going to be the word’s savior. The new age messiah. People might not see it that way, but that’s my role. If the circumstances were different and over-population wasn’t an issue; I could channel my energy into something positive. It would be far better for me. But unfortunately, it’s bad timing to be the decision-maker.

If this is going to happen, surely it needs to be approved by the UN? Not just them, every governing body that is in charge of these decisions. It needs to be voted on, all the way down the chain. Not too far down, where people have a biased view on it. But enough for there to be indemnity and not just a rushed decision from one person. It’s everyone’s decision, not just mine. It’s a thought of mine, but everyone decides to listen and vote. It’s the collective decision, so I can’t be held accountable. I’m not a dictator, this has to be a democratic decision.

Enough time passed until I decided to make this idea happen. Any time I thought about the consequences, they wouldn’t look good for me. But my life is fudged anyway. If I get killed because I’m “too bad,” then fine. It answers my nagging thought that I might be making a huge mistake and am evil without knowing it. I’m going to have to do this, I just need to figure out how to make sure I’m as safe as possible. Although I don’t mind dying, I’m not planning on death due to a lack of foresight.

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