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Chapter Eleven

Surely there’s another way? If they’ve got all this technology, there must be some means of achieving one. This is the worst resolution, the last resort, plan fudging Z!! Having a 1 child policy in China did create a slowing in the numbers increase before it was abolished. Even if we adopted that system, it would stall the process but not by much. We would be delaying the inevitable. It would take decades and decades before it started to take effect. All the while, most of us would be slowly watching the people, places and the surroundings we love deteriorate and degrade, faster than our lifespan. Scary stuff.

Can we increase farming production? Only so much. If productivity is universally increased, it’s still postponing the inevitable result. There’re too many mines. We could all devolve and farm locally for ourselves and never buy anything that we can’t personally produce. That’s not going to happen. We’ve managed to break globalization. Now that it’s here, there’s no turning back.

I start to watch news stories where the content-related, however loosely, to the UN. I asked myself ‘Would they really vote in favor of a global purge?’ As I’ve finished asking, they all unanimously raise their hands while voting on something else. They put their whole hand in the air, but through slight laziness, they don’t fully raise their hands. Just past 45 degrees. Ohh shiz. They’re all doing the Nazi salute. This is not what I wanted. This wasn’t a politically or racially motivated agenda, but the similarities were eerily alike.

Oh my god. They’re going to do it. Knowing what the collective powers are like, they think about their countries first and rip apart those viewed as the weakest links. Like a hunter seeking out its prey. They are slightly racist when it comes to wars. This could very easily turn into a race war if we’re not careful. If I handed everything over to them, who knows what they would do? I don’t know them, and so far, I’ve read some pretty bad things that they’re alleged to have done and are planning to do. Finding out about this technology has made me not trust them even more. If they start killing people, it won’t be done fairly.

‘Surely there’s another way? Maybe it won’t be so bad if we do nothing. Maybe the future isn’t fudged and we will figure it out as we go along?’

“Unfortunately, we’ve checked. It always ends badly.” The screen then pans to a city with vast skyscrapers filled with miserable poor looking people.

“It’s like this everywhere. If we do nothing, it never ends well.”

I decide to step in. If they agree to do this, then they are going to do it regardless. I’m not going to convince them to not do it. They have the technology to check and if they are deceiving me, then it’s bad information in; bad information out. But all signs point to the conclusion, that we are going to over-run the planet with people very soon. It does however need to be fair.

‘To avoid world war, the only way we can do this is by doing it to ourselves. There’s too much conflict and history for countries to invade others. We need to find out the right ratio of people to earth size, account for increase and advancements in technology as well as how quickly we go through the purge process. This should be simulated and tested vigorously before anything is done. Once agreed, it will be done so with the least disruption, pain, or suffering to the unfortunately selected. The general public will be furious if they found out. So the best way was to carry out the killings under a guise. Make it look like accidents, natural disasters, a virus, or a disease. Maybe even wars with population numbers altered of true casualties.’

It felt horrible to think-talk that. In such a cold way, we’re talking about the lives of people. But, the planet is more important than preserving every single person. I had a long think of how this could be done fairly and realized some countries had achieved a perfect equilibrium with their surroundings. Surrounded by nature and free of harsh city pollution and/or modern industry to taint its exterior. So we would need a place these countries is at the bottom of the required reduction. It’s only fair. Where poverty, disease, environmental damage is rife, It’s only fair to require these to have increased purge numbers. It might be better to make the process happen over a shorter timescale. Perhaps, this way, it will be kinder in the long run, instead of a prolonged feeling of constant loss after loss. After whatever event is agreed upon, people can greave and start living a normal life thereafter.

‘Look at a map of the world. Get the results from the computer program that has calculated how many people need to be purged. Have the simulation run for years and years as well as real-time application. Bring back the results to today and we will work from the lowest workable number.’

At this point, I don’t know what the number is. To be honest, I know it’s going to be large, otherwise, this wouldn’t need to happen. The results would say; “We don’t need to do this.”

‘What is the number?’ I asked. But they didn’t want to tell me. It might be best if I didn’t know. But my curiosity is too strong to not ask.

‘Just tell me what it is, I need to know if I’m going to plan this.’

“It’s best if you didn’t know.” Was the ominous response.

I’m going to have to plan this even if I am in the dark. If I don’t, I will lose control of the situation. Is that better? I don’t think so. If I’m not in control, who knows what they will do. They seem to get sadistic pleasure from fudging with me and my life, who’s to say they won’t use the same mindset while purging? I don’t want to risk it. I’m involved now regardless. Why not see if I can contribute to reducing anguish.

I had some time to mull things over. Each aspect. Trying my best not to think-talk, just background thinking. Keeping things in my mind’s eye without think-talking out loud.

‘After some thinking, I have come up with a way to make us figure out how many people are to die and where, in the fairest way I can think of. If any alterations will make it better, please propose the idea and it can be implemented if agreed.’

’From the total number of people that the program has determined how many need to be purged. Each person will be represented by a yellow candle flame on a map of the world shown on a screen. The number of people to be purged will be represented by red flames. Each flame will represent a set number of people. We now need to distribute the flames across the world. First of all, spread them across the landmasses based on population sizes. The more people in certain areas, the more flames they need to extinguish.

Based on how environmentally friendly the country is by reducing carbon emissions, advancement in eco-friendly technology, how sustainable their ways are etcetera; they will get a certain amount of blue flames. These can be swapped out for the red flames. If a person is living in a very sustainable, non-wasteful way; their impact on the world is far lower.

As there are countries with more wealth than others; the amount of money they are willing to invest in the future will be represented by green flames. These can essentially buy the life of people. Swapping green flames for red flames. If a rich country wants to save all its people, they can pay to do so. If other countries can’t afford to, well; as harsh as it sounds; they were all in the same game of country development. If they have done worse than others, then we’re not playing the cry-baby card. They have had long enough to develop their country and funds.

Based on your collections of flames, feel free to trade the flames across countries. Buying some or selling others until you are happy with your flames.’

So the map will have the following:

Green Flames = Money

Red Flames = People to be purged

Yellow Flames = Total population in relation to landmass

Blue Flames = Eco-friendly

After a bit more thinking, I came up with a bare-bones formula that can be amended and refined:

Letters are represented by the following:

L = Total land size in Acers of said country.

P = Population

In = Current increase in population increase per year percentage-wise to the previous year. Converted into factor number. Less than 1 = very low increase per year. Higher than 1 = high increase per year.

En = Environmental factor of country. Less than 1 is highly sustainable and low carbon emissions. Higher than 1 is worse carbon emissions and not considered “Green”.

T = Total purged in the country in question.

’Once the final number is agreed upon, the country can choose who is to be killed, where, and how. There will be an agreed deadline that will be discussed and agreed by voting and analysing the timescales with the impact on the calculations using the simulator and checking the future. This at least gives them time to make an informed decision.

As some countries may want to reduce their number of purged people, they can sell their yellow flames to other countries that are willing to buy them at an agreed price. This price can be negotiated between themselves.’

This will in effect mean that countries will be paying other countries to kill their own people. I guess that’s a more effective way than paying our own military and doing the killing that way. Dark, but with a system, it is organised chaos. People may be wondering what do I get out of all this? Well, there’s inevitably going to be a management and operational fee. There is also the question of what to do with the dead ones assets. If all family ties are gone, who owns what they had? Well, the country that did the killing could take ownership. But there may be a biased of not just poor people to kill, but also the rich. So they will be getting paid to take a larger death toll and stealing the assets from the dead? There is a flaw in the system here.

’To avoid the flaw I have just discovered being taken advantage of; half of all seized assets from the dead will go to a company under my name. I’ll call it “ONE” This will, in turn, be re-invested into the world as and when I see fit. I also need as many countries and governing bodies to agree and to have it written so as not to break any laws whatsoever. All verified by a team of top-level solicitors, before any of the flams being extinguished. This is very important that I do not want anything illegal to happen. I am not intending to break any laws. Unless we can make things happen legally, then I will not be putting myself in jeopardy.

This is the only way for the corrupt countries not to take advantage of the fact that they can kill many rich people and take their assets. The richer they get, the richer I get. I’ve got some catching up to do against you lot, so this will be one of the ways. When you get this think-talk message, please go on the website that my people will create for me and vote if you are for or against the agreement.

All votes will be anonymous unless you would like to disclose who you are. Your represented power will be shown as a wealth range and a vote for or against. Suggestions of alterations can also be made and voted upon. Obviously “ONE” Will be taken up, so a combination of additional words if must be. But it will be a registered company under my name.’

I have a look online and because I kept getting messages like “You’re a star,” I called it When I search, there is no domain, so be it. I’m sure with their technology, they can make a website only to grant access to the people in the know. Plus they have time-tekkers, so they can go ahead and go back in time, make the website and apply all agreed-upon parameters, ready to launch as soon as I think of it. A payroll team can be set up for me, plenty of advertisement and exposure has already happened. Even wearing brands or eating certain foods will bring in sales. Let alone the soon-to-be large sums coming in. I’m sure I can get enough together to pay people. Even if people have to front some money first.

‘If Mercedes are selling more cars since I got mine and would like to be one of my official sponsors, that would help. Without the intent of any offense, Hitler was a proud roller of a nice-looking Merc, so let’s keep the theme going. I wouldn’t say I’m like Hitler in the purest sense, more of a Hitler / Jesus combination. As ruthless and organised as Hitler with the good intent and spirit of Jesus.’

I’m yet to know if this is for real or not; they might be sending messages but it doesn’t mean it’s real. Until I talk to someone in person, I’m just going with the flow. It might just be a test to see how I react and think on my feet. It feels real enough. And now I’m in too deep. I’ve got to do this otherwise I’m in jail or dead. Do or die. Plus, the sceptics out there who think I’m going nuts will also have to agree that I can think what I want and if nobody can hear my thoughts then I have done nothing wrong. So either I’m crazy and innocent, or it’s real and you should be afraid of me.

I smash out a load more building work, in an attempt to drown out the impending saga in my head. Brickwork wall demolished, floor leveled, all the skirting boards removed, architraves and doors are ripped off. Ceiling tiles stripped, floorboards up, joists drilled ready for the radiator pipes. It’s almost ready to get put together. Just like the plan. A very fudged up puzzle, coming together, piece by psychopathic piece.

‘I think that’s enough think-talking work for now. I’m going to let you lot cross the T’s and dot the I’s, I’m going to kick back and wait for another shiz storm to come my way and figure out how to resolve the inevitable issues.’

I decided to play a film that’s stored on my computer. Since I moved it, the screen saver has changed. It used to flick through an assortment of pictures, and a load of them were fast cars with hot girls. Whereas now, no trace of the pictures exists at all. I had a feeling it was them. Just to make me look better and more mature maybe? Maybe when I was out and about, they could have come in and changed it. I haven’t even hooked it up to the internet so they couldn’t have done it remotely. Creepy.

I guess it wouldn’t be hard for them to have a key copied, or pick the lock and do what they want. They probably fudging do. Anyway, back to the film.. I’m scrolling through and think to myself, this one? This one? When I get to a law film, I say “this one?” I hear cars beeping outside. Okay, I’ll go with it, let’s watch. It starts off slow so my mind is still elsewhere. Suddenly, the plot starts to deepen with accusations about crimes against humanity directed toward the defendant It feels quite intense, like I’m under trial and this was the one they wanted me to watch.

I start think-talking and to my utter shock, they respond. What the fudge? I thought it was just on the cartoon shows. This isn’t on the radio; this isn’t connected to the internet. How the fudge can they be here, in this form? Maybe they’ve put something in my computer to make it connected to the internet without me knowing. They’ve tinkered with it. I open it up. Nope, can’t see any additional hardware. They still could have done something. It is all very weird and baffling how they manage to get the script to change so quickly. This film has been on my hard-drive for around 7 years from a friend but I never got around to watching it. Could they have really gone back that far and left it there all this time knowing I’d watch and react? Well, come to think of it, yes they could.

Just as I am getting my head around this continuous invasion of my privacy, the people in the show start turning against me. What the fudge?! Am I the one under trial? Oh shiz, lawyers have got involved and are trying to fudge me over. If this is the case, I’m looking at life without even starting this game properly. Oh shiz. Time to get myself out of this situation and dust off my lawyer costume. Time for business.

’I’ve not murdered anyone. I don’t even know who these people are who are sending me messages, and I don’t know if they are actioning what I’m thinking. I’ve suggested some things, yes. But that’s how the minds work. Think thoughts all the time. If I was thinking about killing my enemy, ‘ooh, I wish he was dead or someone ran him over,’ would that mean if someone did it, I’d be to blame? I don’t think so. My thoughts are my own. I’m not aware of any law that says I’m not allowed to think something. So you’ve got nothing on me. You can stick that life sentence up your ass.’

I’m all shaken up now. This was not expected and it could stop me instantly. Arguments break out in the courtroom.

‘But I’m right. I know I am. I know my think-talking was quite literally the pinnacle of what is considered “bad,” but nonetheless, they were just thoughts. Because people can now hear them, it doesn’t change that.’

It sounds like I’ve won this round. Relieved messages come through and I’m applauded for my quick thinking and legal argument.

I need to check this to be sure. So I called Citizens Advice, just to cover my back and seek some reassurance that I’m doing the right thing, the thing is, I don’t want to come across as mental and get myself sectioned. So, I am careful to call from a withheld number and not give any of my personal details. I ask them; “If people could somehow read my thoughts and I thought of things that were against the law and people did what I asked based on what I thought, could I be held liable?”

After their initial taking aback and shock that it could actually be possible, they looked into it instead of dismissing it as a crackpot idea. I used my posh phone voice so I wasn’t met with instant scepticism. They looked into it, despite the obvious, bizarre nature of the request. I then got the response that I had hoped for and there is now law for thinking “bad” or illegal thoughts, as long as they remained inside my head. What a relief.

Ahhahaha! This technology being so underground is its weakness, when it comes to a legal standpoint. People can’t break the law for thinking something because it’s not a recognized means of communication. A massive loophole, but very convenient for me, to say the least. Fudge you solicitors, trying to screw me! It doesn’t stop me from getting killed if I mess up and piss off the wrong people but it does protect me legally. It still doesn’t mean that I’m always going to be safe. I’m going to have to be very careful. And at least I can show that I have done all that I can within reason to check if what I am doing is legal.

I’ve had a go at being a big player. It’s harder than I thought, but it’s what I’m born to do. So I can’t lose it now, not when my journey has just begun. I need to preempt everything and eliminate any possibility of me being screwed over. Let’s be honest, this has all happened so fast, I’ve barely had time to think of much else. Far too quick for a beginner. I didn’t intend to do this. The tricky questions were posed to me and I just thought and responded. G is in the back of my head at this point. I’m in survival mode. I’m going to have to come up with something to ensure I’m not left vulnerable.

I may not have a full understanding of who everyone is, but I know they are powerful groups. I’m aware of the Bilderbergers; one of the largest government organizations. There’s also the UN, Freemasons, Illuminati, BIS, to name a few. There are large amounts of power and money behind them.

I get messages that it was not the intention for me to speak to the top players. I’ve only just got initiated, but news travel’s fast. Plans like that are inevitably going to go as high as the hierarchy goes. In my naivety, I thought when I thought talking to the time-traveling media controllers, that I was already speaking with the top players of the world. An easy mistake I guess.

What am I going to do against all these? I’ve got nothing to contribute apart from some ideas on the fly. I know. If I want to be at the top, put myself there. These groups are spread over the world. There are groups that don’t work with others and there’s going to be people and organizations within this group that don’t want to listen to me. I know I’m a love him or hate him kind of character, and things will be the same on the other side.

We need a new group. If I don’t get to a decent position soon, G’s just going to walk all over me. There’s no way I can influence her if I’m basically a nobody in the grand scheme of things.

ONE. That’s the name of my new company. It might only have a bit of money depending on how small the purge operation is, if at all. This will also be the name of my new group. It’s global, from the start. It will serve similar to the UN and the Bilderbergers. But it will include middle eastern countries as well as China. Not just westernized and European countries. If people want to join, they can from wherever they were from. I’ve been chosen to do these decisions, and if they like the sound of me and have seen my background, they will be happy for me to be the chairman. If I’m the chairman of the group, I’m far safer. So anyone who wants to join, then great. Countries, governments, and companies welcome. The people who are against me will not be invited.

The people joining will still be able to stay in their group. But they can join with their connections. By doing this, we can make this a lot fairer for the other countries that aren’t already in these groups.

The sooner people join with more financial backing, the better their position will be as they’ve been with us from the beginning. This is not enough to guarantee my safety, but it will help. Shortly after, it seems to get a good reception, people are happy with a new group and a good way to get rid of the ones they didn’t get along with but were never able to kick them out. Just go somewhere else where they’re not invited! Haha, great.

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