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Chapter Thirteen

I keep getting messages that I’m a dead man. Too many people have died and people getting pissed off because of the fact they have been kicked out of their group. “We’re coming to get you.”

For fudge’s sake, I’m done for! Actually, if I was done for; I’d be dead by now. I wouldn’t just be having threats sent to me. It’s either a wind-up to see what I’ll do, which I doubt because I will have inevitably pissed some very influenceable people off. I’m going to go with, people want me dead, but they are struggling to get to me. Why else am I awake and walking around? I haven’t even had anyone in “real life” threaten me or say that they knew who I am.

Well, fudge that. If people are trying to kill me, it won’t be too long before they find their way to me. Send the right delivery driver, hire someone who will kill me despite being gunned down himself if his family gets paid. Someone will do it; someone will get through. I’m not going to just sit back and wait for it to happen. I have enough people on my side to not be dead. If they’re death threatening me, knowing I haven’t got access to their technology. Knowing they’ve fudged up my life and head, knowing whatever I think of during all this madness in my life that they are collectively responsible for; shouldn’t be taken into account. I’m definitely not in a good place and I’d certainly be considered medically insane if a doctor sat down and spoke to me.

So, I’m insane. I’m threatened, I’ve got nowhere to go. No safe zone. I get a magazine delivered through the door that the previous owners must have subscribed to. It’s front page has a high member of the monarchy surrounded by gold, jewels and people. I see what they are trying to portray. ‘We are far wealthier than you.’ I thought it was strange that so many of the monarchy and their wealth was on show but the pope was not. Well, he must have been the one behind it. If someone wanted to send me a death threat and show off their big swinging dick of wealth, then it would only come from the top. At the base of the article was a statement that read in bold “Those two little girls. What pleasures they will bring to us.”

‘What the fudge?! Are they threatening me by implying they are going to take my daughters into their pedophile ring?’ I thought to myself.

“Yes, that’s exactly what they intend to do with them.” The radio producer responded.

‘I wasn’t even think-talking. But that is dark! The fudging bastards!’

This just got serious. I cared less about my life than I did of my daughters’ safety. I have allowed Stacey to distance herself with the children from me for now. Partially because I know they will be safer if they are not always on show. The people on the other side are watching me, the more they are around, the more focus and attention will be on them. That is a risk in itself. So if Stacey wants to think I’m nuts, then fine. At least their chances of being safe are increased. But after receiving this message, maybe that was a naïve thought. There’s me thinking they will play a fair game and leave my family out of it. They’ve done enough damage.

This was a step too far. I should kind of expect death threats after what had recently happened, but threatening to use my kids and make pedophile references, is not acceptable. What am I supposed to do in that scenario? Just bend over and accept the fact that they can walk all over me and my family and there’s nothing I can do because they are so wealthy?

‘I think it’s the Pope behind this. The message is clear,’ I think-talked.

“It was him, we see him, and he’s laughing!” Was the response.

‘Well those who are threatening my life and my family, it is only fair for me to threaten their life back. Everyone who is in agreeance with me on this with, let’s get him!’

If he hasn’t done anything wrong, he won’t run or hide because everyone will know he is innocent. Instead, I hear the message; “He’s running and hiding!”

I’ll go straight to the top and take him out if he’s coming for me. He probably has the most wealth backing out of anyone and if I take him out, it will be the biggest enemy smitten. Winners keepers as well, that will give me a good vantage to staying alive.

Because I was a bit mental at this point, for some reason to make sure it got done; I think said “Get him, he’s a wrong one. Bringing my kids into it. Everyone who is on my side, I’m asking a favour to back me on this. Use your connections and we will all attack from every angle, starting now! It’s him or me. If we have him killed, which I think is a just decision if his threat is real, I want you to put his cooked flesh in my next meal.” It was the closest thing I could think of to actually seeing it happen. It also felt like a strong statement, to take out a powerful enemy and eating him afterward.

A few hours later I get the confirmation. “We’ve got him!” They say.

‘You’ve killed the Pope?’

“Now that it’s been freshly killed. Just POPE it into the oven for half an hour and it’s done!” I guess most people would think it was a slip of the tongue from the presenter. But I know what it meant. It felt far too easy. Maybe he had amassed too many enemies by this point. Plus, I haven’t done anything to warrant a threat from him. He must just be power-hungry.

The emotion of having my first direct kill absorbed. It felt like I had absorbed some of his power. Like I was becoming a more scary person. The fudging Pope of all people! That’s a high-level player, and it was easy. I must be stronger on the other side than I thought. Well, either that or they’re winding me up. But this doesn’t feel or sound like jokes. They would have surely mocked me for believing it soon enough if it was a joke.

Time went by and there were no mocking statements from the pope. This might have actually happened. He’s evil anyway, I could see it in his eyes.

Later that day I become hungry. I probably should have got some steak or something extravagant, but I just kept it simple and went to the kebab shop and got a donner. I drive back and get a very uncomfortable feeling. This doesn’t feel right. Meat is meat, so I’m not that concerned that it could be a person. It all felt too easy, surely one of the wealthiest people in the world wouldn’t have been that easy to kill? Maybe many people in the monarchy didn’t agree with him and wanted to turn on him?

When I sit down, I hear “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Well, I’m not going to be a pussy about it. I said I’d eat it, so I will. As I eat it, it doesn’t taste right. It’s gristly and almost sandy texture in the meat. I take 5 bites and put it aside. Fudge that, that’s enough.

“Now we’ve got him, just a matter of time.”

“He ate some big ones!”

“That’ll finish him off!”

That is not what I wanted to hear. I start panicking.

“You’ve let the bugs in.”

Maybe they’re winding me up. I mean let’s think about this for a second, ‘surely I haven’t just eaten the pope with a whole load of bugs in it, did I?’

“Yes, you did. Did you really think they wouldn’t retaliate though?”

I try to calm myself down for a bit, constant messages of high-alert are coming through. “They’re in the air. They’re all over you.”

I have a look on the internet to see if there’s any news about the Pope. I need to be sure. What?! The Pope retired quite a few years ago. I don’t remember hearing this in the news? But he’s still alive. Pope Benedict that is.

Come to think of it. Given the time travel thing they’ve got going on, it might not matter. He might have lived across different times. If he’s that powerful, time wouldn’t matter to him. They might have gone back and killed him then. Ahh well, I guess I can’t get in trouble with the law about that then. Only with these people, who are far more intimidating.

“Get out of there!” Messages kept urgently coming through.

Oh fudge. I need to be careful. I could ignore the threats, but I don’t want to call their bluff only to be fudged. It’s not worth the risk. I strip down my clothes as quick as I can, toss them in a bag, fresh clothes on, and bolt out the door. I drive, I don’t know where to go, but I need to get out of there.

‘Get this shiz out of me!’ I could feel my throat, mouth, and teeth crawling. It may have been what they said, or a combination of both. But whatever was in that kebab, it wasn’t just kebab and Pope.

“You’re going to have to get them out of you!”

“There are so many bugs in you now. It’s only a matter of time.”

Fudge! I can’t make myself sick even if it’s life or death. “They’re still on you!” I pull up to a pub, straight to the toilets. I try my fudging hardest to throw up, gagging on my fingers and retching. Nothings coming out. Just phlegm. Fudge! I don’t want it inside me, whatever it is!

I’ve done all I can, I walk out of the bathroom, big snots running down out my nose, eyes watering from retching that much. I see the look on someone’s face who sees me, and he is shocked and disgusted. I must look a right state.

Into my car, I hadn’t changed my shoes when I changed my clothes. At the time I thought it was a bit excessive.

“They’re still on you!”

“On your shoes!”

For fudge’s sake! This is going to look well nuts. I get out of the car, have a look around, nobody’s looking. I take my shoes off and kick them under my car, and casually get back in. Drive off barefoot. I couldn’t help but feel like today would be the day that I die.

I don’t know where to go now. I feel sick, the look on the public’s face when walking out through the pub made me realise how far from normality I am right now. I couldn’t face seeing any of the lads. If I explained what happened, they would think I’ve completely lost it. And I feel like I have, so I can’t see anyone right now. I drive up to the country, go to a car park and try to relax. I end up sleeping a night in my car there, waking up to some strange looks from the employees starting work. Well, at least I woke up, that comes as a pleasant surprise, considering.

I feel disgusting. I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have with a load of bugs in it. Why didn’t it kill me? Maybe they weren’t allowed to? Or maybe there’s another reason. I can’t stay in this car park all day, time to go home.

When I get back, I put a talk show on. I need to know what is going on and it’s the best means of communication. As I walk around the house I get messages through.

“Everything is as it was”

“Maybe done a little too well”

“There were so many people here!”

I go to my cupboard to get some food.

“Are you actually going to eat that?”

Fudge. They have probably been here while I was gone. They’ve got all this technology, it wouldn’t be rocket science to get in. They probably have a copy of the keys.

The living room has the kebab open on the sofa. It looks foul, so I rap it up and put it in the bin outside. I need a shower, actually a bath to soak in deep. I run the bath and a load of black gunk pours out the tap. Fudge, they’ve probably rammed all sorts of bugs in the end of the taps. I can’t avoid them if they are doing this to me. I need to eat, drink and wash.

Well, they may have but if I run the tap through, surely, they wouldn’t have been able to bug the whole mains, that would be a waste and affect too many people. So, I run the taps through for long enough, clean down the bath and get into my newly installed corner bath.

At this point, I’m used to the people who are watching also communicating with me in the bathroom. This took a while to adjust and I’m still not comfortable with it. Turning off the stereo doesn’t mean they’ve stopped watching or reading my mind, but this time I keep the stereo off and have a proper think about what I’m going to do.

I keep the bubbles covering my dick because I know they are watching and it’s still crossing boundaries I’d rather keep. I can’t even treat it like a floating duckie because the bastards who are fudging my life up are watching and commenting on everything. Took my job, took my family, my sanity, and my privacy. This is way harder than I thought it would be. And now I’ve probably got a load of bugs in me which are doing god knows what!

What kind of life is this? If it doesn’t end soon, it’s no life to live at all. Everything’s fudged. I may as well be fudging dead with this going on. Well, I’m as good as dead. I may as well go out with a bang. I’ll just make as big of a difference to the world before I get killed. At least things will be a bit better before I go. Even if it’s only slightly better for my kids and the next generation, it’s still a difference. Also, if I’ve started something off, then maybe it will snowball when I’m gone and it could be a lot better.

There’s no way they’re going to give me much if I do get through. I’m here, they’re there. They would surely collude to rob me and keep things for themselves. I’m going to have to come up with something to save my ass. Think of something.

After a while of letting my subconscious mind tuck in the background and connect dots, an idea finally came to me.

‘I’ll make a new country!’ I’m up against world leaders, country leaders. If I’m to have any chance in this, I need to be a country owner as well, or I’m dead, robbed and a nobody who in the eyes of everyone else, went nuts and died from whatever accident the powers have planned for me.

This country won’t be conventional, it will start all over the world. It will be contributed by the areas purged, but it won’t be just that. It needs to be connected... Borders!

Borders are the points of many conflicts. Neighboring countries with disagreements or conflict are right up against each other. Some countries are connected to multiple others, making it tense at borders. But they have to keep the peace because people need to travel through other countries to get to their destination.

’I propose to make a new country which is at the borders. Any country which has a dispute or has ever had issues with their neighboring country; they can donate land near their border. A suggested amount will be a mile or two from the border, or whatever seems logistical. If the neighboring country also wants to donate their mile or two areas near the border, they’re more than welcome to.

As this “Country” will basically specialize in border control; a proportional amount of military personnel and resources will also need to be donated. This is due to the obvious fact that we have no employees or man force at the moment. It’s brand new.

The benefit of this web country is that it is an impartial country who are the gatekeepers between the established countries. We will monitor trades, transportation, immigration, and visa permits.

It will operate with very simplified laws. None of these extensive rules malarkey that counties have developed. It will be based on the following: An agreement from one side matching with an agreement from the other side results in being allowed through the border. The basic formula being:

Yes (from one side) + Yes (from other side) = Approved

No (from one side) + Yes (from other side) = No access

No (from one side) + No (from other side) = No access

As we are operating under our own laws, we can and will use lethal force if we wish to do so. Due to the fact we will have a “web” country in various places, if we need to step in with military force, we can move them around from other areas. As countries will have donated and have vested interest in the country surviving, should we be in trouble; they are likely to lend reinforcements if required.

Furthermore, countries who are worried about key places that when at war, will be targeted; can donate these buildings etc. to our country. These can be buildings such as bridges, historical buildings, statues like the statue of liberty, and any other land that people don’t want to be destroyed during war.

They can still use these buildings, business as usual. Their laws will still apply to them if they’d like, but our laws will run concurrently and overrule if necessary. As a fee for entering our country, there will be a proportioned amount of land needed to be donated, non-refundable, to do with what we see fit. This is only fair because it’s all beneficial to the donator so far. They get protection and all the running costs of border management, risk, and global issues needed to be dealt with by us.

It will be a far safer place to live, as it will be protected under by their original country due to its location. It will also be protected by us. A growing global force with a lot of backing. Hard to destroy due to its geographical spread, with what will be a lot of military might once this snowballs. And it will if you think about it; it just needs to start. Then it’s a no-brainer that it will be very strong. The only sticking point is; will people donate to get it started? That’s about it.

I have to think about every angle. It’s robust, simple, spread, all-inclusive and effective. Most people have been trying to take over the world by trying to overpower other countries, invading and defending. This is just asking people to give it to me! Madness. All I need to do is make this plan bulletproof, win, win for all parties and it can work. I can’t let on that it’s a master plan that can take over the World, but it is a strong contender to do so once established. And I’ll fudging run it. That needs to be clear from the start.

They’re donating it to me and can operate and reap the rewards for joining. It sounds a bit greedy, true. Who the fudge am I to own what has a very good likelihood of becoming one of, if not; the best and strongest country in the World?! I’ll tell you who I am. I am a completely impartial, unbiased candidate. Although I was born in the UK, the Web country comes first, not the UK. Plus, I thought of it, so unlucky that nobody else did first. I’ll hire good, knowledgeable geniuses to run it, I’ll just oversee and step in if there’s a stalemate. If anyone wants to take it from me, they can feel the full shaft of my military backing. That’s robbing on a grand scale. Any theft of over a couple of million is looked upon as far worse than murder in the eyes of the law. All contracts to be checked over by impartial companies to make sure it’s bulletproof and has my name of the county all over it.

Any fraudulent documents that don’t have my name on them, the writer and organizer will be got. How and to what degree? I’ll leave that to my people. I’m not expected to get involved in everything. But reasonable force. My country will have capital punishment, but I’ll leave it to them. The less direct death threats I make, the safer I am. We have our own laws. As our country is formed by many other countries, we will have a legal system that out rank’s the UN and any high court from individual countries. I’ll put my proposal to the UN and if agreed; we’re in business. It can be combined with population control, it may be illegal in other countries, but not in this one. We welcome main roads to be a part of our country, when people drive on them they will be protected getting through counties that they need to transport goods past. There will also be an easy purge system as people will be in our country, and we can divert them to their death if required. Harsh, but the world comes first in this one. I’m not going to stand back and watch it get destroyed if I’m in the driving seat. Fudge that, I’m fudged anyway if it doesn’t work, so go hard or get killed.

I’m going for this. From the bottom to the top. So unlikely, but they came and fudged up my life, got me in the corner, I can’t trust anyone. But I trust myself. So, I came up with the best brain fart I’ve ever had. Now I just need to make this happen. Plan’s been planned. Put forward to UN, will they agree? As I asked myself that question, an eruption of car beeps and train hoots came from outside. Someone even shouted “yeah boy!” In the streets. A sea of positive adrenaline rushed through me.

Right, I can’t let this die before it’s had a chance to grow in the womb and be born. I need an incentive for people to join with as much as they can.

‘Just think and let it come to you.... Incentives.... Lower to no risk.... As many donations as quickly as possible.... If I... and then they’ll... But they might... so I’ll....’

I’m conscious at this point to think of a plan without think-talking, so I can think-talk the plan as accurately as possible in the first hit without sounding like I’m flip-flopping.

’Right. I’ve got it... New members will have more of a say in the operation of our new country. They will be with us from the very start and if they see things going as well as I do; then it will be massive and it’s best to have been there from the start. Their vote while planning new laws and policies will have an additional percentage weighting based on when they joined. As days and weeks go by since launch, the percentage bonus will decrease. So if people are interested in joining, they should join sooner rather than later.

We will make a blind bid of who is interested and how much land and finances they will be willing to put in initially and how much following that if it is successful. We will give people a bit of time to make their decision, rather more than conservative. People with less to donate will also have an angle as there will be two aspects of the donation. The overall worth as well as a percentage of overall assets held by the donator. When the blind information collection has been completed, the total will be disclosed but all contributors will be anonymous if they request anonymity. This will be a non-obligatory bid and can be withdrawn once the total is in. Should it be an unsatisfactory amount, we can cancel the whole idea. A total of how much needs to be hit to agree to donate field will be on the form. If it’s met, we’re in business. As a get-out clause, there will be a substantial fee for withdrawing and having the land back into your original country. This fee will be decided by our geniuses. No joining fee so the costs are recuperated in the exit fee. If you end up joining again after leaving, there will then be a substantial fee. As it is only beginning now, there is no fee and more rewards, set out by our geniuses. This is a limited offer and won’t be around for long. A secure website will be set to get this done with all the terms, conditions, and contracts with various options with breakdowns. We’re aiming to make this as large as possible from the beginning so the rewards will be very attractive. So join today! Spread the word, recommendations rewarded.

Blind investments start soon. If you like who I am and my ideas, and would be happy for me to run the new country, then get on board. Blind inputs starting now! You’ve got 24 hours. To get the best benefits. Let us know what you’d be happy to put in and how much others would need to have put in to feel comfortable that it is big enough to begin. Join now, you’ll be there from day one if you get your offer in!’

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