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Chapter Fifteen

The next morning as I slowly wake up, I have a brief 5 seconds of not having any worries, like it was just another day. The realization then kicks in that I am lucky to be alive. I half expected something to be different. I open the curtains and everything seems normal apart from the big black clouds that the factory has produced. This is so fudged up. Where am I going to go? What am I going to do? I’m starving and don’t trust any food. I have to eat and if I survived the night, then it’s fair to assume that I’ll be able to eat the food from the hotel.

I go downstairs and check out the food. I eat enough to keep myself going. I get some shifty looks from the people around. I look like an escaped mental patient skinhead with no eyebrows looking at everyone like ‘are you an enemy?’ The main threats are probably going to be from another country, so I may as well go back to the madhouse and get used to it.

As I drive back, I keep both eyes open, I put my glasses on because I don’t want to crash. I don’t care if they see where I’m going. They know where I live if they’re a somebody and I’m not crashing on my way back. I’ll just have to wear contacts. If it’s smaller, there’s less technology they can put in it I reckon.

I feel drained but also like I’m stepping into war. it’s just going to get worse. I’ve got a load of bombardments to come. I need to see my kids. I don’t know if I’ll get through this, so I have to see them.

As I’m driving and looking into the distance, my familiar friend appears. It’s my little squiggle in my eye. It makes an appearance once in a while and I only really notice it if it passes the exact point that I’m focusing on. If you don’t have one, it’s basically a little squiggle that when you look at it, it bounces out of view. If you look at a point for a while, it slowly slides down your eye. Anyway, it’s been there since I can remember but it doesn’t bother me.

When I notice the squiggle; the fudging radio starts talking about a squiggle in the eye! How the fudge? I didn’t even think-talk anything about it, just looked at it and noticed it. Surely they can’t see it? Maybe they can see it from my glasses. What would be the point in that? Definitely changing these regardless. If they can see that, then who knows what else they can do? Well, they’ve got to go.

I give Stacy a call. No answer. I get to hers, nobody’s home and the car’s not there. She’s probably at her mothers’. I get there and her car is outside. Finally. Stacey’s mum comes to the door, when I ask to see my kids, she looks at me uncomfortably, and then Stacy comes to the door. She looks at me worryingly. All they had in the charity shop that fitted me was some army camo trousers. Tight-fitting t-shirt, no hair on any of my head with desperation, inpatients, and worry in my eyes.

She then says “You’re not seeing them.” I call to them inside the house, there’s too much to explain that she wouldn’t believe anyway and I can’t even see them! This might be my last chance! “Daddy!” I hear in the background. Stacy looks furious. She repeats “You can’t see them right now. Just look at yourself!”

Well, she is right to a degree, but all I wanted to do was see them for what could be the last time. She then says upsettingly “Just go Oscar,” followed by slamming the door. I knock again, but nobody’s coming to the door. Fine.

I don’t know what I would have said to them but I’d have probably said something on the lines of “If Daddy doesn’t see you for a while, it’s not your fault and I love you both very much.” I have to get through it, if not for me, for my kids.

I get home and everything looks the same as what it was. It wasn’t homely before, it still felt eerie. I just know they’ve been here while I was gone. I feel that I can’t trust anything here. I don’t want to stay here, but I will. It would be unfair to put this stress on anyone else. If I go down, I don’t want to put anyone else at risk and potentially take them down with me. I might be overreacting anyway, but it surely isn’t worth the risk. I have never in my life felt the threat to my life more than I have over the past few days. Unless they’re completely full of shiz or just trying to scare me, I truly think that quite a bunch of powerful people want me dead. I’m too new to the game for people to waste valuable resources to protect anyway. My chances are feeling slim.

Fudge these glasses. I have a look for my contacts.

“You’re not going to wear them, are you?”

“There’re loads in there”.

“I wouldn’t!”

These aren’t filling me with confidence. But I don’t want to wear the glasses either. I’ll go and get some new glasses and contacts soon. Until then, I’ll not wear anything on my face. When I get them, I need them to be bug-free I thought to myself.

‘If I’ve got people protecting me, make sure I get glasses that aren’t riddled with bugs if you could.’

All I can do is ask. My life is important, but if they get into me through bugs, that too is important so every aspect needs looking at.

Shiz, the timer’s coming up of 24 hours. I check my calendar where I’ve saved the exact time, it’s very soon.

‘Right people, I’m not dead so that’s a good sign. Anyone who hasn’t put in, let’s see some investments! Anyone has but has been conservative; let’s get a good start on the first push. Early members will go on the log for the first 24-hour entry, we’re making history here! Fudge it, we’ve had a sneak peek earlier, so let’s do it again before the countdown ends!’

“Awwh, again?!”

“Wow, that’s loads!”

’Haha, this is great! ‘Look, guys, we need this to work, for the good of the world. It will unite us and whether or on this is going to save us from an alien invasion; well you lot can see; I can’t. If it is true, then all the more reason to get in. If not, it works and is going to be great regardless. It’s literally going to make world peace! That’s our main goal. Sure, there might be a few inevitable wars early doors, but the end goal is world peace. Other models of us versus them have wars but unless they dominate the world and ruin it in the process, world peace is not an achievable target with so many opposing powers. We’re going to take over, but it’s going to be racism-free. So put in to get more of a standing. Sure, you might question if I should be the one to own this country. Well, fair thought. But the thing is, I do and I will run this new country. That’s not up for debate here, I came up with it and it’s mine to join. They are the terms. You shouldn’t be worried about that. I’ll have plenty of educated and highly qualified advisers and managers to make sure everything is run as effectively as possible.’

’Join now because it’s happening, there’s not any other movement happening and it’s going to be better to join before it gets huge. Grow with it. If you decide against it because you’re not sure if it will work or not sure about me, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t because of doubt. I’ve given up my life for this. I have to succeed or I’m dead, so I’m going to give it my all.

I start getting wound up and worried just thinking about the possibility of having my best creation taken from me.’

‘Inevitably, people will want the country to happen but suggest amongst themselves to take the concept and not give it to me and give it to someone else. If you do this, they will represent another country or power, not all of them. Also, it will be stolen so nobody should be allowed to have it, if they do it will be robbed off them soon enough because the person would not have really deserved it because it’s a stolen idea and movement. People who are suggesting this should be named and shamed. Fudge them. Close the door to them. We can do it without them. If they’re suggesting thieving a country, that’s a lot of theft. We have military power for that exact reason. This is a warning, continue, or we’re going to have to attack. Any solicitor changing contracts, any politician or business owner, anyone fudging about; make sure everyone knows who they are. Try and steal from me?!’

‘We will come after you and take all of what you own and make it ours. Tit for tat, we’ll do what you’re trying to do to me back. That’s fair in the book of Karma. Trying to kill me? Well, we will do the same back.’

‘I think that’s a fair thought. Is that even legal? Well before we do anything, make sure my hired best of the best solicitors check that I’m not doing anything unlawful. I’m not getting fudged over, over some legal shiz. So, if it’s a new country, and I am putting my house in the new country, and they’re no laws against thoughts; then if it’s legal; get it done. We can’t fail, and we have the military and the police. If the queen of the UK can’t be held against any laws because she’s the queen, then I’ll have the same immunity in my country. Also, to cover my back; UK, We obviously need to work together on this one, it’s going to be beneficial if you have my back on this. Seeing as I’m also in the UK. If you have my back, then I’ll remember that and make you even more wealthy and powerful. If you turn against me, unfortunately; we’re going to have to attack you too. It’s a small country, and if I go down then fine. Ideally not, but if it comes to it. I’m not getting robbed by anyone, even from my home country. Sorry for the threat but it has to be said.’

“We’re with you, don’t worry”

“We’ve got a fortress around you all around the seas.”

That’s reassuring to hear I thought to myself. I need to keep the UK sweet and not piss them off but also not get taken over by them. This is a balancing act that I’ll have to finesse.

‘Timer’s almost up guys!’ I feel like such a salesperson right now.

‘5, 4, 3, Get in now before you hear the bonuses, they’re not going to be as good as the next set! 2, come on, bump it up if you’re in. Our geniuses should have let you know what you’ll get. If you bump up, they’ll now let you know what extra you’ll get. I’ll give you a little more time to read it and put more in. Getting close now. I’ll start from 5 again so you get a bit of time to get it done. Five, four, threee, twoooo, onnneeeeee. Done!’

An eruption of noise from outside and applause on the radio show while fireworks went off outside, it’s not even dark! I kind of expected a good response this time, but it still feels satisfying. Performance complete, probably made quite a bit extra from that pitch haha!

Lines closed now guys. Hope you got in what you wanted. How we are going to show what the outcome is? I’ve not decided yet. We’ll do it anonymously, for security. We can’t let the people who aren’t in the know who’s on-side and where and by how much.

The more they know, the more risk there is. We’ll do it visually, because numbers are hard to transfer into overall land in comparison to the size of the world. What we’ll do is show lights, if every country who has, and is willing to show their location, we’ll light up the areas they are happy to display, placed randomly in their country. So nobody will know where it is for definite. They’ll just know how many countries are backing and by how much as a rough area. So, we’ll show the globe, have a spin, and show lights.

“Ooooh, there’s so much.” Is the response. Haha, good. I should do this more often. That will do for now. I won’t do too many new things at the moment, it will detract from the main objective, land donations, I thought to myself.

‘Right, now that you’ve all seen how big it’s grown in just 24 hours, you’ll hopefully be reassured that this is going to work and is going to grow as quickly as I thought. Seeing is believing, and if you don’t believe it, speak to the country leaders and ask them if it is a true representation. We’re not here to deceive.’

‘If you held back due to skepticism, you haven’t missed your chance. Sure, you didn’t get in on the first-day push, but we’re going to keep accepting donations and members. We’re not done yet; we’ve just got started.’

‘The structure is going to be as follows: Donations earlier will get more bonuses, set out by the geniuses. I’m sure they’ll be creative enough to come up with what they can offer. Each day will go down slightly, for the next month. After that, we might close our doors. Once we’ve got enough, we don’t want to overdo it. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get in let alone get any bonuses after a month. It might actually cost you if we do let people in then, it all depends on where we are. So, if you’re considering it, you may as well get in early rather than later. Earlier the better for you. So, if you need to talk to people to commit, get it done as soon as possible. Delay is money so get on it, this is not something you want to be dilly-dallying over. Donations of all property of any type are welcome. . Sky’s, seas, and land. Also, mountain ranges between borders. Rivers as well, if it serves multiple countries, it’s in the interest of the downstream countries to agree so that the water will always stay clean and un-tampered. If some are in international spaces, the UN may agree to allow these into our control for the good of the world, as these will be key borders that would benefit from an internationally formed country.’

‘In the meantime, I need a whole load of workers. So, I’ll need a large admin team, marketing team, country running team, area running, and everything else. If you’re good at your job and think you’re worthy, we’ll have a good progression system and are looking for the best of the best. Every industry, if you want to apply, get on our website that my team will set up, and we’ll get you on board.’

That’s enough thinking. That will keep everyone busy for a while. I can kick back and chill. Or can I?

‘Last thing. You can see how much I’ve just raised; you saw it on the globe. I can’t back myself just yet. If I’m going to get through this, I need to not get killed. I do trust the UK, but I can’t trust anyone 100% at the moment. No offense your majesty, I’ve just got to do it like this. So, I need security. If you’ve invested, then I need protection or it will all go to shiz if I’m dead. Send your troops, get organized, we’ll employ top military people to protect me. All in separate teams, checking on each other. Any team that turns against me for whatever reason, they need to be taken out. All need to check on each other so that at least 5 teams are checking on one. Anonymously. So, there can’t be any turning and planning to turn. Each team will be from different countries. Any additional systems that need to go in for security, apply them if every country agrees it is beneficial. Get it done, keep me alive and I’ll put in my all. If there’s a lot of attack from one place, make sure you dominate them, we need offense as well as defense. But we’re not looking for attacks, our main mission is to protect and grow at the moment.’

I may have previously thought, why did I make it 24 hours? But that wasn’t the issue. It was staring it in the first place. Once it’s started, I may as well add fuel to the fire. The blind bidding adds urgency and makes a bit of competition. It also takes a lot longer than 24 hours to make a big decision so it makes sense to give them a month. It might be risky for me, but it’s less risky than closing the doors straight away. The more, the safer and the better for the country. I think I’m more likely to stay alive than over the first 24 hours.

‘Well done today, it’s been historical. Now please go about your business, I’m going to step back now and unwind. And thank you all for your generous donations, I’ll keep a list and find out when I’m done with this, and always appreciate that you were there from the start.’

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