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Chapter Sixteen

The next morning, I wake up in a pool of sweat. This never usually happens, but whatever. It’s good to wake up alive! That was a very vivid dream to wake up to mind. A woman was holding a baby stood on a pillar around 5 stores high. I was stood on the top of a skyscraper and had to jump off to save her. I jumped off and had bat wings and horns, I looked more daemonic than angelic. I didn’t know if my wings would work, but they did just in time. I picked her up and brought her to safety to the applause of spectators.

If I were to analyze that dream, I guess it would mean: I may look daemonic on the exterior but I’m still doing things that few that would consider themselves good people would do. Anyway, I woke up once I brought them to safety. I turn the radio on to wake up properly.

“That was an intense dream,” They say.

“Why did he look like a devil though?”

What the absolute fudge?! They saw that? I didn’t even think-talk anything after I woke up! Just when I thought I’d found the extent of their abilities. How is that even possible?! They are images in my mind’s eye, all jumbled up in a dream! Surely not. Well, come to think of it, they would try and crack that too. Once they can do everything else with mind-reading, they’d want to crack dreams just to put the cherry on the cake.

“That was close a few times last night!”

“We’re surprised you’re still alive.”

For fudge’s sake. I thought the worst was over. Now that the first 24 hours are over and I’ve got some protection, I thought I’d be able to sleep a little easier. Clearly not.

“We couldn’t have done it without help from them.”

‘Help from who?’ I think-talked.

After a bunch of back and forth, I ask to confirm a few times to make sure I’ve understood correctly; I’ve basically been told that people went hard on my inhalation last night. So much so from so many sides that it was near impossible to stop them. The only reason that I survived is that beings from higher dimensions came to help. They need me to stay alive for what I am going to do.

The people who began telling me this were surprised at their presence; according to them,

they never usually interfere with anything going on in this dimension. And these were far higher than usual, dimensions between 8 and 12 made an appearance, which is basically unheard of. Completely unheard of to me, I’ve only been hearing about the 5th dimension until now and that is only what I have heard through this weird way of communication. On a bunch of the songs I’ve been listening to, I’d hear “We’re from the fifth.” From various artists. Do they know about this? Are celebrities in on this? They could be referring to the 5th dimension come to think of it.

I asked them, ‘how many dimensions are there?’

“It depends on how you look at it; but there are around 80”.

“That’s different to time-line dimensions bear in mind.” Well, that’s a lot to take in. I don’t even know where to start with that information. That’s assuming it is real. But without smoke, there’s no fire. It might be, I’ll just store that in my memory and I’m sure it will come in useful at some point. If it isn’t true, I’m sure they won’t be able to contain themselves at laughing that I believed it when I think of something that involves other dimensions.

Why did they come here though? What am I going to do? I surely can’t do much more than what I’ve already done. To get through this to the other side and complete what I’m thinking will be enough of an achievement in itself. Surely that’s more than a lifetime of work I’ve just set myself.

I feel somewhat self-doubtful that I can do anything more than what I already have. It was a lucky thought mixed with good timing. For that to happen again for something different is very unlikely. Maybe it was just this, and I develop it. If it was though, why were they so surprised to see the higher dimensions? Is it really that hard to get the higher dimensions to make an appearance? What am I going to end up doing? Who am I going to be? I’ve just been winging it so far. Soon enough they’ll realize I’m not that smart. Just on the spot thinking and resourceful. That will only get me so far mind. Well, if they were there, they were here for a reason. I’ll just keep on carrying on and see what happens. I’m quite intrigued as to what I’m going to do. Go on future self! Whatever it is, it’s going to be good!

I’ve not even gotten out of bed yet and I’ve already done way too much thinking. Wide awake. I stare at my closed window and relax my mind. My mind can’t keep racing this fast all day, I need to slow it down. I feel constantly bombarded. Instead of making me tired, it’s just making me constantly wired. As I’m staring at the curtains, the squiggle in my eye makes an appearance. This time I’m not wearing my contacts or my glasses.

“Well hello again!”

Surely not I thought to myself without think-talking.

“Yes, we see it,” They say.

‘See what?’ I think-talk.

“There’s the squiggle.” For fudge’s sake. How the fudge?!

“We see what you see.” Well, that’s just great isn’t it. Not only they’ve invaded my mind, but they’ve also invaded my fudging eyes.

‘So, you can see through my eyes?’

“It’s like a television screen for us.” Well as frustrating it is that they can take even more privacy than I thought was possible, but it is quite cool. They must have either got brain technology to a very advanced level or they’ve put something in my eyes. Maybe when I ate that kebab. Maybe they put something in my contact lenses that have infiltrated my eyes. However, they have done it, it’s pretty cool. I’m not going to just accept this blindly. I can test this and need to so that I’m sure.

As I look at the gap of the curtains, the sun is rising over the horizon. It gets to three-quarters of the way up the gap. The sun radiates, enough to make me squint. As I continue to look at it, it drowns out the room and all I can see is a clear crucifix of light.

‘Do you see that?’ I asked.

“We see it!”

“It’s a sign!”

“You’re doing god’s work.” The messages I’ve been receiving for long enough now to not just think its coincidence after coincidence every day. I mean, that would be so unlikely it would be near impossible to have that many timed coincidences. But the cross, that wasn’t a manufactured ‘coincidence’. That was a coincidence, but the day after I created the new web country that can create world peace. That is one of those coincidences that’s quite moving and motivating. It is an un-doctored sign. I get the overwhelming feeling that saving the world from themselves is resting on my shoulders. No time for jokes or worry, just responsibility, and obligation. Quite moving really. A rush of sadness hits me. Jesus gave up his adult life to push the movement, only to be killed by colluding moneyed people.

Am I going to have the same path? Even with protection and rapid growth, it’s still a monumental task that will more than likely end in me being murdered. The only people who will know what I have done are people who I have told who don’t believe me and the people on the other side. I’ll die unknown and will only become a somebody many years later when people look back at the history books. I’ll start it, and hopefully, it won’t become corrupted and make the world a worse place.

If I do succeed, then the only way it seems to save the people from themselves will be to implement population reduction. That thought is even sadder to be honest. Both options aren’t good, but at least if I die then fewer others will. So maybe that’s for the best. The only way I’ll change my views on the planets’ population to consumption equilibrium is if I am convinced that there is another way. So far, I have not heard any viable alternatives. This is plan Z after A, B, C, D, and all other plans have been exhausted. All other plans thinkable by all thinkers in the world should be implemented before going to Z. But to exhaust all others and not do Z would be even worse. Even though at the face of it would not seem as bad because they wouldn’t have to see the death toll rise. It will be an ‘ignorance is bliss’ mentality. But the reality will come about soon enough if we carry on how we are, when the issue is so large there’s no avoiding it. At least then, people will war or starve and that won’t be the fault of any individuals, it just is. It will be everyone’s problem then, but nobody’s fault. The future society would wonder why did the former generation let us carry on to this inevitable point. But the reason is because of everyone’s moral issue with mass genocide. Well, I’ll be the villain, even if I’m walking into death. I’ll do it for the future generation, even with only a sliver of success chances. It’s not for fame, money or power, it’s just that I feel it in my bones. It feels so wrong, but the logic overrules my human instinct.

“Who’s fault is it that all these people are dead?” People will ask, and probably find out. That’s when they can crucify me as the ring leader. I’ll take whatever punishment and torture, just as Jesus did. It will probably be my fate. But I accept it.

Should I stop for my own safety? My life is not worth as much as the future of the world. At least by the time my kids are grandparents, if we get this mess sorted out, their grandkids won’t have a terrible life.

The worst thing about me failing and dying isn’t the fact that I’ll be dead. I should care, but I deserve that fate considering. It’s the fact that when I’m killed as revenge, it will be even more of a reason that nobody else will step up and try to do it again. So when we keep duplicating and the planet remains the same size, people will know the issue and look back at history and see that anyone who suggests what I did, they won’t dare put themselves forward because they have seen what happened to me and that will inevitably happen to them. It will be even more of an untouchable issue that solidifies our path to self-destruction.

To think we can just destroy this earth and travel to other planets because this isn’t big enough just pushes the problem out there. We’ll become like a plague race that takes over planets, overpopulates, over consumes, and moves on to the next one. We have a perfectly good one right here, we don’t have to destroy it, we don’t need to move home. But this is an option we can put forward. I don’t know what the people on the other side know, but I’d have thought that moving billions of people to another planet is going to be a very difficult to near-impossible task. That’s assuming it has the same living conditions and isn’t already occupied by other species.

What a burden. I would never have thought I’d have this much to deal with when I was initially approached. It seemed exciting at the time. How naive I was.

By this point, I was deep in thought and hardly listening to the messages. I had been wondering how they can see my dreams. It was too much of a task to figure it out as there are so many options with no definitive answers. “We see what you see” they say. I get that. Still, not 100% in belief, they could have tiny cameras above my bed that has the same angle or something, but it might be that they can see through my eyes.

“We see your images too.” They butt into my thought train with.

What does that mean? How advanced is their mind-reading capabilities? Such a messed-up technology. I looked to future technology as great stuff, but the mind technology is horrible and intrusive. Maybe they can see my dreams from images through brain patterns creating images for them as I see them? That’s a whole load of levels above just hearing my inner voice. Maybe they can. If they can, they’re just showing off what they can do, making me feel even smaller. Maybe they’re just telling me before I go. If I’m dead then I can’t tell anyone the secrets of the world anyway.

So, I test it. Given what I dreamt and the cross, the first thought I had was wings. I didn’t say anything with my inner voice. I just visualized myself sat up in bed with large wings growing out of my back, taking up the entire back wall. It took a bit of concentration to add detail to the image, but it was clear enough in my mind.


“We see.”

“They’re beautiful!” They say.

‘What are?’ I ask, keeping my cards close to my chest.

“Your wings, they’re so detailed.”

“That’s a great image.” Well to be honest, that’s enough confirmation for me to believe that they’re not bluffing. If they can, that means whenever I think of an image or when my mind wonders when planning something and can see images in my mind’s eye, they can see. To be honest, that would make sense as to how they can see my dreams. It does mean there’s nothing I can hide from them. I can hardly think anything without either think-talking it or imagining the image in my mind’s eye. If I am to plan something without them knowing, it’s going to be very hard. I’ll have to think it in an instant and not plan it further than the initial thought. I will know the thought, but if I don’t dwell on it, they won’t know when I come to a realization about something. But other than that, I won’t be able to hide anything.

I guess if they have the technology, they’re going to use it. Also, it adds full transparency when choosing someone. What someone says to what their agendas or what they think can be totally different. So as long as I keep true to everything, I won’t have anything to hide. To some degree, it makes it easier. to make people believe that I’m not deceiving, because they can see and hear everything.

At this point, I am still sat up in my newly built bed with a new mattress. The mattress is still damp from the night, at first thought I assumed it was just sweat, but considering everything, there might be something in the mattress that is attacking me on a microscopic level. Whatever it was, I still got through the night. But if I carry on being attached from large to small scale, I’m not going to get through this.

As I think about getting out of bed, the image in my mind is of me stepping out of bed and planning what to wear. The radio then says;

“Be careful, there are ground troops all over.”

“Air troops have made their way in as well.”

An image came to mind of small robots on the floor and in the sky, either microscopic or invisible, or a combination of the two. Whatever they are, if they are there, I don’t want them here. It makes sense that they can, I mean; for god’s sake, if they can do all this other stuff, of course, they can do things like this as well. It’s a publicly known fact that we are developing microscopic robotics so a few decades down the line, who knows how far they will get.

I quickly get out of bed and put some trainers on. Almost run the bathroom and start my morning routine. As I’m wiping my ass after taking a dump, I feel self-conscious that they can see through my eyes, I don’t even want to look to see if the wiping job is done because I’m conscious that they see whatever I see. Sure, it’s normal, but this isn’t normal to know that I’m effectively a walking camera. How can I continue living my life like this knowing what I know? I run the shower for long enough to flush out anything that could have gotten into my pipes. I’ll just carry on, assume they haven’t infiltrated the pipework and are going to get me like that. I can’t keep thinking of which way they’re going to get me. There are too many ways. I need to eat, breathe, drink, bathe and go about my day. However they do it, they will. When I get direct messages through does make me think I should be as vigilant as I possibly can be. However, part of me would rather not know to be honest. But it is what it is.

I feel massively overwhelmed. This is a whole other level of fudged up. It’s clear that they’re not going to leave me alone. I don’t have to plan what I’m going to deal with, they keep bombarding me with anything and everything constantly. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. The more I think of things to get me out of this messed-up show, the more I’m punished and targeted. I’m either going to have to live like this until I’m killed, taken or I can take matters into my own hands.

If I’m actually going to be a somebody, then they’ll want to keep me alive. So far they have just about by the sounds of things, but they can’t stop me from myself. I don’t feel proud of what I’ve thought, I wish I never even realized what I did. If I hadn’t thought about it, then this would have never happened. Why did I even think about purging and world domination? Fudging brain, got to think about everything. Why couldn’t I have realized what the result would have been and not gone down that path? Even for me, that would have been impressive to have realized all the consequences before thinking about the problem. But I could have if I took my time a bit and wasn’t pushed into a corner. That’s totally fudged everything for me.

Fudge it. I’ve been thinking quietly all the way, and I know that the end is not good in so many directions. They’re just dragging out the inevitable. They’re going to kill me, it’s just a matter of when. Part of me doesn’t even want to have anything to do with the new country if I’m going to be hated. I won’t even get that far anyway so there’s no point in thinking about it.

Do you know what, fudge it. If they want me dead and I keep getting repeated messages “You’re dead”, I’ll just fudging do it myself. I don’t want to give the glory to someone else and give them the satisfaction of being the one who ended me. It’s going to happen, so it may as well be by my hand. In the back of my mind, an idea pinged into my head. Instead of think talking anything about it to make them aware, I kept it to myself. If I come close to killing myself and they are doing their best to keep me alive, they’re going to have to come and save me, physically. And I’ll see them, and know for sure it’s all real. As well as come close to actually getting to the next stage of this thing.

I go up to the attic with my climbing rope. I put my climbing stuff up there as well so it can look like an accident. Electrical screwdriver in hand, tinkering with the light above the hatch. I wrap the climbing bag with a rope around one of the rafters and the end rope around my neck.

I’m waiting for people to storm the house to stop me. They wouldn’t let me go through with this if they really are there to protect me.

I make sure the rope is around my neck properly. It won’t undo, but could have worked itself around my neck.

‘It won’t be clear if it was an accident or a suicide. At least my kids won’t think I’ve abandoned them when they find out.’ I think-talk to them in preparation. I felt it was a little too convincing. I think it was because if there was a point in my life where I have been the closest to wanting to do this, it is now.

Why the fudge is nobody coming in yet? I hear movement outside. Fudge it, I stand over the hatch. The length of rope looks about right for me not to hit the stairs below.

‘One…. Two…… Three!’ I then jump down surprised nothing has happened. They must want me to do it if they’re not going to stop me. As I jump, I grab the edge of the hatch and lock my arms. My head is just above the hatch and I’m filled with a rush of adrenaline.

Fudge that. I’m not going out like that. I’m dead anyway, fine. But I’m going to carry on until I’m stopped dead. I’m a dead man walking. I’ve got nothing to lose. I’m fudged but I’ve come this far. I may as well keep going as hard as I can. As much as I can. If the biggest risk is from myself, I feel like I’m more of a threat than them. They’ve taken all my privacy and fudged my life, so I’m going to do as much carnage as I can towards them. Fudging twats.

It feels a bit too overwhelming how much they’ve intruded. Then to tell me they see all the images in my mind as well?! How am I supposed to just accept that I’m broadcasting absolutely everything at all times? Do I want to keep living like this without knowing if they will actually come?

I’d have never thought to even contemplate this until they came along. If they’ve been doing things they’d consider ‘wrong’, then why the fudge are they listening to me and doing it? I haven’t killed anyone or done anything illegal. If they’re saying it’s all me, they’re the ones doing things. Why are they listening to someone who’s going through a breakdown with everything that could go wrong in someone’s life happening at the same time, and more? That’s fudged up. Make someone mental and then listen to what they say with their mind that they invaded without permission. Fudge this, I’m well pissed off. How fudging dare they drive me to this and not come to save me? Shows how much actual backing I’ve got aye. Unless they knew all along. Checked the future. Well, they’ve got me there!

“Some versions of you actually did it.”

‘Really?’ That’s fudged up. Well at least some of them were brave enough to do it, I respect that to some degree. Multiple timelines are starting to make a bit of sense. I guess I’m one of the alive ones because they wanted me to be alive? But what happened to the other ones? If I split into multiple timelines at that point, is it just pot luck that I’m now living the alive version?

I climb down, open up a camping chair and sit down to compose myself. Fudge it. Now I’ve got to smash it. I’m not fudging killing myself, that means they win. They’d probably be pissing themselves that they freaked me out that much to do that. They’ve probably done it to plenty of other people, and I’ll just be another one of them. Naahh, I’m not failing like that. As hard as it is, I’m just going to have to accept that they’re not going to fudge off and get used to having people in my head 24 fudging 7. If I can handle it long enough and think up enough things to make sure I get through, I might just get through this anyway.

How fudging naive was I to think this was my big break? To think life was going to get easier. When I level up and not have to worry about money and only think about work when I’m at work? Nothing’s as usual career progression is. I hate it, but I’ve got to just accept it and use it to my advantage. My head, thoughts, and eyes have always been my own. Now that liberty has completely gone. But I shouldn’t be so quick to quit. I can do this, and if I can’t, it’s worth trying, this could be the best thing ever.

Thinking it through, I haven’t even had time to come up with a name for the new country. I keep calling it the Webb country because it will look like a web. I contemplate a few ideas and want to call it the World Web. It sounds like the internet. That’s WWW. I kind of want to call it something other than WW. That sounds like a World War acronym. How about it World Win Web. Because we’ll win. It sounds a bit childish I know. But the intention is to have Win in the name until we win, and then we can drop the win because we’ve already won. So we can then call it a more mature name of World Web. There will be no more world wars by then so it won’t matter if it sounds like world war acronym. Nahh., last change. I just think it will be too immature so; One World Web it is. Incorporating the One group that I’m making as global as possible.

“Knock, knock, knock”. Who could that be? Nobody’s phoned or text to say they’re coming over. Here we fudging go. I grab my spike on a handle from the side and put it in my pocket. While holding it, I open the door to see who’s there.

Phew, it’s my buddy, Ben.

“What’s happening O, you alright?”

“Yeah I’m good, you good?” That was very far from the truth, but way too much to even start. I mean, where would I begin? It’s just my word and anyone I’ve told is full of doubt. Now there’s even more madness that is extremely difficult to believe. He’d have to hear all the messages before he could believe me, seeing is believing on this one, definitely.

“I literally almost died man!” He says to me which I thought was weird.

“Come in man,” I said, realizing his face is drained from color, and he’s dripping in sweat. Something seems odd about his timing of arrival. He would never usually come to my house without arranging first, and seems strange it’s just after my close call. How weird that he’d say that he almost died too.

He walks strangely to the front room and sits down. Is that even him? I thought to myself. He doesn’t seem himself, he’s pale, sweating, and talking about things that he shouldn’t know about me.

He then explains that he was on his bike and had a close call on the downhill track and then rode straight here to see if I was in. Is he being controlled? Is he a clone from the other side who has come to reason with me? My head is fudged and can’t be dealing with people right now. I need to do this without anyone else, they wouldn’t understand and can’t help me on this one.

As he’s talking, he then says something about seeing a tree-shaped as a crucifix. That’s two weird coincidences that relate to something that happened to me this morning. That’s more coincidences than what would usually happen. If it wasn’t for everything else, I’d just brush them off as coincidences. But not when I know their way of communication is hidden under what others would brush off as unconnected coincidences.

He’s not himself. Is it even him? Fudging hell, just when I thought they’d told me the extent of where it goes. Is he going to attack me?

He can tell I’m far from being myself. He knows about the break-up and being fired. He looks around the house and sees it’s a building site and that it can’t be relaxing especially considering what I’m going through. Then says, “You can stay in my spare room if you want. You can’t live like this bro; you need somewhere that’s not a tip. You can work on your house and stay at mine as long as you need.”

That is sound as fudge! If it isn’t him, then he’s being controlled by someone good at least. Or it might be him.

He’s right, I can’t continue like this. I can’t even trust anything in the house. It’s not a place where I can unwind. I feel bad for putting the burden on him though especially after what I know.

“You sure? I really don’t want to burden you. It’s mad here but I can do it.”

“Nah, honestly bro, it’s fine. The room’s not being used anyway. Me and my Mrs. have talked about it and its sound.”

I think to myself; it probably is for the best. I might get killed but hopefully they don’t get ben and his girlfriend into the line of fire. To be fair, they’re after me. Ben lives about 5 minutes drive away and if I was going to get got, it might be via a bomb from another country. If that happened, they’re in the line of fire as well anyway. I feel bad for increasing their risk, but I can’t carry on like this, I had a close call too and who knows if I’ll back out next time, they’re pushing me too far.

“Alright safe, you’re a life-saver bro!” I say to him, knowing I mean it in more than just as a figure of speech. I agree to stay at his for a bit, but I’d work on the house hard to get it done, so I’m not there too long and increasing the risk to them. I think-talk to them; ‘Just keep him out of this. He’s got nothing to do with it. If you’re going to kill me, just kill me. Let me die with honor, not taking down people who didn’t have any involvement.’

I wonder how much calmer it will be there? Will I get a bit of a break? I guess I’ll soon find out.

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