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Chapter Seventeen

Chilling in a house that doesn’t have building materials everywhere is a relief. I did need to get out of that house, there’s only so much I could take. Kept getting wound up with nowhere to go, nobody to share what was happening with. I will need to get the house finished, just so that I can get it on the market.

To be honest, I don’t want to buy another one. If I did, and they came and took over my home, it would take months to get away from it. To a ‘normal’ person it is good to own. Not for me though, it’s not good to be tied anywhere.

We are all sat in the living room watching some TV. And there they are again. The way I’m watching the show and still not mastered think-talking on the down-low makes Ben and Helen look at me in an odd way. They’ve yet to notice that the coincidences are more than just coincidences. I laugh to myself, because I know it will be so obvious soon enough that they won’t be able to pass them all off as “coincidences.” As much as I feel tormented by them, I still think it’s amazing what they can do.

Part of me wants to make it obvious, just for my sanity. If they see that it is happening too, they are in the same boat. If it’s all in my head, then they won’t notice. I can pick up on the subtle messages though, they can only get the obvious ones.

Things like; I walk into the room when I’ve been to the bathroom. As I open the door, a door opens on TV with two other people there, turning and looking at my exact location. When the cat comes into the room, a cat comes in on the screen. When someone strokes the cat, so does the character on the TV. It’s like they want them to wake up and realize they are there.

Part of me is happy that they are doing that. They could have just made it way more subtle or not made any changes.

When Helen is in denial that it is happening and gets a bit angry; which is the next phase through the process to acceptance; the woman on screen starts painting a rounded tip white bar in red that is some accessory for a car modification. As she’s painting it and the camera zooms out, it looks like a tampon with blood on it. As the three of us almost simultaneously realize what it looks like, Helen goes bright red when the people on the screen all turn their heads facing her exact direction. She then makes an excuse to leave the room. That’s when the penny dropped.

What a way to wake her up! She must have felt so violated. It implies that they can see her in the bathroom, the most private of places! I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. It’s terrible when it’s me, but I can see why the people on the other side have such fun with this.

I do feel bad though, they followed me here and are now they’re rude to the hosts. They came with me so I feel responsible. I didn’t tell them to, but what can I do? I just have to ride it. That’s not going to be enough to have her completely convinced mind. She’ll probably think that she thought they were there because of the way I was looking and think-talking to the TV with my mouth moving around slightly. Seeing that will make her look at it in a different way and then any actual coincidences would only be noticed because I planted the seed.

Well, soon enough she’ll realize that whatever I did still wouldn’t make that many coincidences be so apparent. There’s an unusually large amount of them, the longer it goes on for, the less you can deny its reality.

Soon after, I go to the spare bedroom to unwind. It’s been a long day. Reflecting on the day and thinking to myself how the fact that Ben turned up at the right time and say things there’s no way he’d know.

“They’re zombies.”

“They’re already dead.”

“There’s only so long their body will last.”

“Everyone in the area has been taken over.”

“They’re pretty much all owned by us.”

Well, that’s sucked whatever slight good mood I was in right out of me. Is that true? They’re doing a good job at making them convincing, they might be walking dead. That’s fudged up. I’m literally questioning everything. The opposite of relaxing.

“They move when we want them to,” followed by some banging in the bedroom.

“They talk when we want them to,” followed by Ben talking to Helen in the room next door.

Are they doing this just to make me freak out? It seems more than that. The zombie thing I just get a feeling that they’re saying things to freak me out. But they clearly have got control over them. Unless they knew they were going to talk and bang and just timing through time travel. But how did he know what to say and when to come over this morning? Absolute head fudge.

I go and wash my face in the bathroom, no wonder they look at me like I’m a nutter. Clearly, I must be insane. I don’t have any eyebrows and have a crazed look in my eyes. It does seem the most likely, logical solution. The truth is far harder to believe and almost impossible. It’s based on so many things that aren’t accepted as actual technology being real. I’m not exactly a minted banker so if they can do all that, what the fudge are they doing communicating with me?

I’ll find out if they’re actual zombies. I mean, they could be for all I know. They’ll surely start to smell of death soon enough and start rotting. In my mind, anything could be possible now. I mean, if I’ve accepted mind reading and time travel, zombies aren’t the most farfetched thing. If I was to choose between the three, I’d say zombies are the most likely to be a real thing, the rest would be fiction.

“We know where you are, you’re not safe there.” Great. Well, I’m not safe anywhere. I think I haven’t got far enough away from my house. If they’ve been closing in, I need to get well away from here. If I leave the UK, that will put me at the mercy of another country. I think the UK is safe, but maybe they are against me but not telling me? Where should I go? I can’t just keep running every time I get messages like that through. That can’t be the answer. Self-preservation yes, but not running when it’s not needed. How am I to know the real threats and the ones that I don’t need to respond to?

“Use your intuition.”

“You’re quite physic, just tap into it and go with it.”

“That’s part of why we chose you.” Well, I’ve been good at reading people and getting into people’s heads but I wouldn’t consider myself physic. Just observant. But I guess it’s the same thing to some degree. I need to get into the enemy’s heads. What would they want to do to me if they can’t get to me?

They’d try to scare me and drive me to suicide or to do something stupid. They’d want me to ruin my reputation. Make me look like a failure, like a mental case. Make me spend all my money, so I had nothing and looked like a nobody. They’d push me away from everyone in my life. Well, they’re doing a good job of it so far. But they haven’t completely fudged me just yet. I need to compose myself and get through this. What I’ll do and where I’ll go, I’m not too sure yet, but whatever it is and wherever it is; I need to keep my cool and not let them get the better of me.

I start to turn my phone off when I go to sleep. Having an 8-core processor running with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and whatever other technology right next to my head didn’t make me feel comfortable while sleeping especially if I know they are in my dreams and potentially manipulating them.

There’s no way to use the thing unless you agree to their terms and conditions. If some technology is deemed ‘classified’ by governments. Then they can’t exactly ask you: “Do you agree to have your mind read and manipulated?” Nobody would accept this, but if they term it as “You agree that we can collect personal data from various sources.” Something along these lines would encapsulate mind reading etc. If you don’t agree, you can’t use your phone, internet provider, computer, graphics card software, applications, electronics, and all sorts. I’m sure that businesses have covered their own backs in their terms and conditions, so they have got consent. It’s not their fault that governments have made that information classified though so it’s their fault it isn’t outlined clearly in the terms and conditions. Loophole and as long as the people don’t find out, ignorance is bliss. What the people don’t know won’t bother them. Well, when you know, you don’t want to agree.

There’s no way around it, unless you stay away from all technology and live primitively. Even then, who knows if they can still reach me? Is living in the woods really the alternative solution? Be cut off from everyone and looked upon as a paranoid nut? I just want to use my phone and electronics for what they are designed for. Not for high-level people to use it to their advantage as well. Where’s that fudging option? Sell out bastards. If I was to make an electronics company, I’d make it clear that none of that is in my products. Then customers would have the choice and it doesn’t take many brain cells to know what they’d choose. We didn’t agree to this even if they’ve covered their ass in their legal jargon. I bet high-level employees don’t even know what the terms fully encapsulate. It’s hidden in cryptic text refereincing websites with other referencing in that. From one link to another but it will cover it. “But mind reading is not a thing yet” some of you might say. Well, if we’ve got Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Data roaming, graphics processing. Is it really that hard to think that our thoughts wouldn’t be broadcasted on some level, microwave, radio-wave, or some other wave? Maybe just taps into the generic brain pattern and learns your unique pattern after time. Phones have a set limit of data you can use, but that isn’t counted against what the phone sends to their headquarters that you haven’t personally sent. When it’s plugged in, it could send a whole lump of daily activity and thoughts for analysis.

It’s not that far out to think that organizations with enough clearance can access your microphone and camera. You didn’t want to agree for them to use them, but you had to in the terms and conditions just to use the thing. You really think we know everything it can do? You really think they would want you to know that your mind is being read? It’s unsettling to be conscious of your inner thoughts. It’s much better when you never really noticed it as an audible voice. Any random thought you’re conscious that it will be interpreted in the wrong way. But you get used to it. As for you; the reader. Don’t worry about it, they know how minds work and random thoughts are just that, random. If they can do it to everyone, they don’t really care that much what you think. No offense. They’ll just listen if you’re a person of interest. Like a terrorist.

Apparently, the number of times I’d think of various phrases that go through my brain regularly such as: “But what if?” “How about?” “Why not do..” “This would work” “And then..” “And then they would..” “Then this should..” has been picked up on their radar. If it’s far higher than the average amount of times heard, a simple counting program could send that information back to whoever is looking. If other parameters are also met to meet the criteria, it could be a very effective way of talent scouting. This is much easier. To learn the inner workings of someone over what their job history says on their CV.

At the end of the day, if it’s not a way of doing things, and they’ve got this technology; then there’s a gap in the market. Oops. I’m sure the higher-ups are doing this, if they’re not, and they’ve read this then they might start to. Well, it’s not the worst thing to happen. It’s annoying that they can read minds, but at least it will be an effective positive outcome of the technology. The technology is bad, not the results. Thinking it through, it’s only ‘bad’ because it’s intrusive and weird. If we all accepted that it was a means of communication, it would just be the norm. If only there was a fudging off switch! Try not to think for a while. It’s almost impossible. If you could choose what to send though, it would be handy to make phone calls without opening your mouth or make notes of what to do later etcetera. ‘Alexa; remind me to shut the fudge up later when I’m talking too much.’ Handy.

As I explain the plausibility of phones being able to do more than what people think they can to Ben, he just looks at me like I’m suffering from paranoid delusions. Well, in what scenario would he believe me? It seems that everyone’s got an almost instinctual reactional response of rejection to most things that don’t meet the accepted narrative.

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