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Chapter Eighteen

The sun wakes me up and it takes me a second to remember where I was. It’s too early to get up, so I put something on my phone. I still want to watch something and I’m not living without access to music and television. I may not like some aspects but I’m not getting defeated by this.

I get a load of messages talking about the fact they’re zombies under their control. Still, with the zombies. I’ve heard it loads of times now. I’m starting to believe it, and it’s creepy.

“You’re not safe there either.”

“They’ve been getting in.” Great. Well, I guess going a few streets down isn’t going to completely lose them. A few leaks from people in the know and then everyone knows. I guess it’s down to my security.

“People are turning on you.”

“They want everything to themselves.” Well, surprise, surprise. It’s nonstop with these mother fudgers.

I think about having a shower. I didn’t bring any of my washing stuff, all in the bin. Not trusting anything I’m eating or putting on me from my house. All my clothes need to be washed, again. They haven’t taken over my skin yet and most of them were bought way before all of this madness, so it’s logical they should be safer than anything new. A hot long shower, Ben won’t mind.

While I think of getting up by visualising where the towels are in my mind, I hear;

“We’re in that shower too.”

“All the water has been contaminated.” For fudge’s sake! I can’t carry on like this. Shook by the thought of having a shower! I’m just going to do it; I need a shower and I’m trying to play down how mental I’m behaving in the presence of others. If I said; “I’m going to a random gym to have a shower,” I’d get some questionable looks. I guess I’m going to have to and hope it’s safe.

A quick wash, deep scrub, through dry. If it was bugged, I’ll make sure as little as possible is on me afterward. I look in the mirror and my hair is growing back on my eyebrows. Hmm. It’s still too soon to let them grow back, I don’t want anywhere on me that the bugs can congregate. They’re coming off.

This morning routine takes way longer this way, but when it’s calmed down a bit I’ll treat myself to some actual eyebrows. Mental stage, mental face. Seems fitting. Once I’m done, I go downstairs and Ben’s chilling on the sofa.

“Have you shaved your eyebrows again O?”

“Yeah,” I say awkwardly and slightly ashamed.

“Fudging hell O, just leave it!”

“It’s a long story bro, I’ve just got to do this for a bit. I feel cleaner.” Seems the best way to encapsulate it without going into too much detail. He looks at me and shakes his head while looking down. I know that look, he thinks I’ve gone nuts. And I even look fudging nuts. Great. Well at least I haven’t got a job at the moment, so I can look as nuts as I want for now. If I do go back to work, I’ll have to get my face back to a sane state. It does actually feel a lot cleaner to be shaved from top to bottom. Shaving my fudging legs in the shower?! Who would have thought? No shorts for me for a while. Nobody should see these, fudging ridiculous.

As I sit down on the sofa, he notices that poking out the end of my trousers is not the bushy legs that are normally showing. Well, that hiding went well.

“Have you shaved your legs as well??”

“Just don’t worry about it. It is what it is, it won’t be for long anyway.” He laughs but isn’t that bothered. I’m still not going to wear shorts. I feel stupid now. Ahh well, at least I’m alive.

I need to go somewhere. I don’t want to overwhelm Ben with too much madness. Less is more. I give Aaron a call, he’s down the boy’s house, and he says come over but might be up for a climbing session, so I pack my climbing stuff and drive down.

I don’t want people to know I’ve got the ring on me, but I have to keep it on me at the moment. They think it’s mad that I’ve even got it and haven’t sold it on yet and I can’t be bothered hearing them trying to convince me to sell it. I’m not going to, there’s something way more important than a few grand to this thing. I’m not completely sure what yet, but whatever it is; the other side talks about it too much so it’s got to be something. I can sell it whenever. I don’t need the money right now so if I am going to sell it, that’s for another day. I know I will probably never sell it, it’s captured me, its aura is something I’ve never experienced before. So sure, it might help in sending me a bit nuts, but everything else has been the main reason. So, I’m keeping it, but have to hide it.

It fits well on my little toe, and if I go climbing, and put it around my neck. It could come off, snap or snag on something, the other side could make it happen just to get their hands on it. Also, it will be obvious if I turn up with a string necklace around my neck. Turning up like a mental Frodo won’t do anything good to the direction of the conversation. So, I put it on my toe, diamond facing down, slightly uncomfortable but wearable. When I get there, I play down what’s going on.

“Why the skin-head, and what happened to your eyebrows?”

“Just fancied a change, a bit of an accident when trimming my eyebrows so just did away with them.” The lads laugh but don’t think too much into it. Phew. My secret mental case state of mind has not been detected.

I enjoy a bit of normality and kick back and let the lads chat. Makes me realize how much different I am already, normally I’d be just like them and having a laugh. I join in a bit but still feel a bit shell-shocked after the recent events.

Zack, a mate that doesn’t come over often pops in for a visit. He starts talking about the events that happened the previous night. Nothing that unusual, just how he was really drunk and all the rest of it. Then Zack said something really weird. He was talking about the fact that his shoes were rubbing during the night and that he developed a sore on his toe.

“It felt like I had a crystal or something jammed between my toes!” As he said that, he looked at me in a very strange way. When I heard that, I was freaked right out. That was really specific. There are messages from the radio and TV but how the fudge is he saying something so relevant. That is too close to be a coincidence. You, the reader might think otherwise, but I was properly freaked out. Is he also a zombie? Or is it him but what he’s saying is being controlled? He doesn’t look like a zombie, just his normal self. Surely that can’t be a coincidence, it was literally this morning that I decided to put this rock on my toe. “Crystal between my toe?” There’s no way.

I ask him like I’m subtly interrogating him. If it’s not him, I’ll know. Sure, they might have made a clone but what are the chances that the clone is also a great actor and doesn’t break character when I question him?

“What do you mean a crystal between your toes?” I ask. He responds normally, he just thought that was what it felt like. How would he know what a crystal between his toes would feel like?

“Are you fudging with me?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” He looks baffled as to why I’d reacted in this way. I was just about to take my shoe and sock off and show him. But I decided against it. It would have been weirder that it was on my toe than the fact that he said ‘crystal between my toes.’ Sure, it would have been a weird coincidence in the boy’s eyes. But that’s all, just a coincidence. Not proof of anything. The only reason it was so weird to me is that these coincidences happen all the time and now they’re happening through people I know!

This is literally making me question everyone as well as everything else. I can’t even talk to people now without wondering if it’s really them or if they are being controlled somehow. But how? Constant head fudge. I need to keep my distance from people. I need to figure it out before I carry on. I need to do this on my own, I get that now. Nobody else is going through it and I’ve never heard of it before.

“Arran, Joseph, we going climbing then?” I ask.

“Yeah two secs.” Time to get out of there, my head is shot. We drive up to the mountains, Arran hasn’t noticed any of the coincidences because he hasn’t been tuning in to them. The radio is on in his mind, that’s all. Too busy chatting. I don’t make it obvious; I just want to get away from it for a bit. Music needs to be playing when driving, standard. Joseph is a bit more in tune but I can see on his face that he’s realizing then quickly brushing the thought off like; Naah, that’s impossible. He’s probably questioning his sanity slightly because he’s picked up on quite a bunch by now, but he doesn’t want to believe, it’s just easier not to.

Anyway. We get to the cliff and set up our gear. Arran wants to play his music. Mine’s not to his exact taste. He gets out an old-school MP3 player with songs downloaded to it. After a few tracks play through I notice that there are some references to what we are up to again. I’m still wondering how? It just seems like such an elaborate way to change things if they did.

The next track is “diamonds on the soles of her shoes.” They do tend to swap the genders for everyone around when sending messages, but the same applies. I think this is just to make it easier to send messages. It would be weirder if the guy was singing about another guy.

“Empty as a pocket with nothing to lose,”

“People say she’s crazy,”

“Got diamonds on the soles of her shoes,”

“Slipped into my pocket with my car keys,” That one is mad because I kept the ring on my car key chain for a while. A thought popped into my head of when Arron woke up to drinking tea with a split teabag. Just a quick image in my mind’s eye, like a standard thought. Then;

“Makes the sign of a teaspoon.” That was a clever one! I’m enjoying this even though it feels quite deep.

“the poor boy changes clothes,” Another one. Head fudge.

This was all on his MP3. I asked Arran when did he update his tracklist. He says “I haven’t done it for ages.” So that song has been on there the whole time, not connected to the internet so no way of somehow altering things that way. It’s been on there waiting and played just as I wear the fudging diamond in my shoe. I kept it on going up the wall as well. I didn’t know where to put it and didn’t want to have it loose in my pocket, so it was there in my shoe all the way up.

I didn’t say anything, just kept it to myself. I was quite moved by the track actually, to have someone sing for you commenting on your life is quite something. However it was done, it felt like it was done for me. Maybe I’m just self-involved and think everything is about me you may think, but there were way too many coincidences back to back on this one. It makes sense to have that view, so I understand, but if you think of the magnitude of making a global country and changing world laws, you can see how powerful people would use their tools to send messages if it were possible.

I come to the realization that I am becoming hard to be around. The longer people are around me, the more people pick up on things. The more they pick up on things, the more they know that they didn’t want to know. It sends them a bit mad just seeing things differently. Then they will probably get envious that it’s not happening to them.

‘Why Oscar? Why not me? I feel like I’ve done well at life as well. Give me a chance. We grew up with him, we’re all on the same playing field. What makes him so special?’ I get it. I didn’t ask for it. But I’m going through it so there’s not that much I can do about it.

I ask the lads what they thought about our population issue and if it should be reduced if there was no other option. They said that it should never be reduced and that yes, it is bad. But didn’t offer any alternative. They’d rather the world continue degrading and filling up than having our population reduced. This is sad that they weren’t on my side on that one, but without an alternative solution if it’s an established problem; then the problem remains.

“Someone will think of something,” Zack responds. Well, it seems all the thinkers in the world have not, so assuming that someone wil,l is just not worrying about it and thinking it’s a problem that someone else can resolve eventually. Well, I think the collective world is smart enough to come up with the solution if they could. But we can’t. At the same time, however, nobody wants to accept that reduction is the answer. Some answers aren’t what you want them to be, but it doesn’t mean it’s not the answer.

I’ve thought of this, and it seems that’s the path I’m on now. If it’s begun, then I’ll just have to continue down this path. If it’s a half-arsed attempt, I’ll probably end up getting prosecuted anyway and no change would happen in the long run. I’ve got mixed views on it, but despite that, we’ve got the votes in and it’s unlikely that we’d get that again any times soon if it doesn’t come to anything.

When we’re done climbing, we walk back to the car. Arran finds a ring on the floor, a silver circular ring, and makes a joke.

“It could be the one ring that rules them all.” Another ring reference, but that theme seems fitting and stays in the back of my mind. Movies, songs, and even conversations can be manipulated to be references to my life.

We drive back and I try not to let my expressions give away how much I’m reading when the radio is on. When I get to the lads’ house, they invite me in. It’s not too late to go home so I accept.

We watched the cartoon show that everyone was enjoying together but this time a new episode. Joseph sat down with a fresh cup of tea and takes a sip happily, he’s sure he won’t see anything out of the ordinary and is confidently ready to prove me wrong.

Mid sip, one of the characters in the show is also drinking a cup of tea, which I thought was also a strange coincidence. My mates will need more convincing.

“Ooh, that looks good, enjoy!” Then the face of the character who is drinking turns, realizing the drink is disgusting, and he spits it out. At the same time, Josephs’s face turns. And he spits out the tea into his cup. The teabag had split and ruined his tea. His face showed that he was taken aback by that synchronicity. He’s beginning to believe.

It’s far more logical to think that it was a mere coincidence. I looked at him like; ‘see.’ He looked at me like... ‘maybe,’ shrugging his shoulders. At the same time, a deep blank stare sunk into his eyes. I know that look, it’s the look of realization that everything is not what it seems.

The radio would do the same. Presenters seem to be commentating on what we are doing around the house. Always in sync. To any other listener, it would go unnoticed. To us, however, it was timed perfectly. “Have we got any eggs?” A mate said. “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” The news presenter then said, seamlessly and still within the flow of their talk show conversation, all relevant yet timed perfectly.

A postman knocks on the door to deliver a package. “We’ve got mail,” the man on the radio says straight after the knock.

“Have you seen my keys?” One of the lads asks. “Have you looked on the sofa?” The radio presenter responds. This is getting very strange. They’re clearly doing it on purpose to wake them up and make them realize. Sure enough; the keys were on the sofa. At this point, the radio gets turned off. Everyone is feeling very uneasy, including me. I make my excuses to leave, I feel like it’s turning into a madhouse here. I have to go through it, but it is clearly not enjoyable for them either.

That was too much for me for one day, so I’m going to go and process things. I don’t want to go back to Ben’s just yet, I need some time to gather my thoughts. I go back to my house. I’ll chip away at doing more work on the house, it needs to be done and I can have time to think and figure things out. I’ll go back to Bens at the end of the night.

The house hasn’t killed me yet and I can’t stay out of it indefinitely. So, I start cleaning up. Close all the windows so that nothing more can get in. Fill all external holes where cables run through so that it’s totally sealed. Hoover everywhere. Wipe down the walls.

I’d been getting messages that the mirror I bought at auction is also a portal to another dimension. I may have heard it but I wasn’t going to get rid of my larger than door size mirror with the detailed bronze frame just because of a few messages. I decide to cover the mirror with a sheet. Just in case.

“We do it to a lot of the mirrors,” they say.

“It’s quite a simple process.”

“We can go anywhere there’s one.” Well, I don’t want to invite them in, and I have to go with some things they say. They’re probably not all true, but they’re probably not all lies either. If they were all lies, why would they go to the expense and effort of changing so many things? That wouldn’t make any sense. Air on the side of caution and it could be the difference of failing and succeeding.

While I’m cleaning everything and chucking out anything that could be hazardous, I think to myself.

‘I haven’t done enough to prove my worth. I’ll be going from quite poor to ridiculously rich and powerful with nothing but my country that got me there. If I get there, wherever there is that is.’

’I may as well think of something, instead of just waiting out the month while people are joining the World Web. May as well take advantage of the situation while I can.

The thought of, “the one ring that rules them all,” is still rattling around in my head. Do something with it I’m thinking. Well, the logical thinking is to make my ring be the “One ring.” Funny how it’s also called the One county and One company. How do I make this ring be the ‘One ring that rules them all?’

It has to have power to do that. It’s cool and all but it doesn’t actually have power. ‘Can I think of a way to make it have power?’ Sounds like a stupid question, but I might be able to do it. Maybe if I whisper to it that it’s powerful every day it will believe it and wake up and start being powerful? Nah, probably not. That’s what a nutter would think, I’m not actually nuts, so I’m not going to think that would work.

I’ve got it. If I make other rings powerful as well, inspired by Lord of the rings, which was the twist I was hoping for. If there are other rings, that are less powerful but nonetheless powerful in their own merit, then this one will be “The one ring that rules them all!”

‘Right. I’ve got a plan. We’re going to make an auction for some rings. I’m going to need some assistance from jewelers on this one. As many clean diamonds with a load of fissures strictly flat tables only. Archive the stones so that duplicates can’t be mistaken. We’re going to have 5 that are equal power, then 10 of lower power below that, then 15 with less power, followed 30, then 40, followed by 100 and a further 100 below that. I played around with the numbers a bit so that there was a round number of 300 below my one. The jump in each level will be suitably substantial to separate their worth. The top 5 will be equal with a lot of power. But not be nearly as powerful as my one.’

’Once purchased, these rings will be powerful. The way these will be ‘powerful’ is; They will have as much protective technology we can fit in them. We won’t put anything in there that is going to be negative to the bearer. They will be trackable and always monitored by a team of people to ensure it is safe. If it ever gets robbed, we will recover it. By wearing it, the protection team is with you. The higher the level, the larger the protective team is. This team is from our One military with the military’s resources available to them. That’s a lot better than a private security team. This is a lifetime subscription and the level compared to the rest always stays the same. It can be gifted to your daughter and the power comes with it. That is why they are going to be expensive, because of how much protection they give. This protection can’t be bought on the open market anywhere else at military level that I’m aware of. The only other way is if you own a country and military and have them protect you. Even if you do, this will still be of interest to you, because it will offer militant protection from One. Not just your own country. ’

‘If you are wealthy enough, it will be worth getting one of these. They will also make for a great gift. If there are a few females of a royal family, then a few of them would probably want one. If it is kept in a safe, then the protection will split, partially protecting the safe and the rest protecting the owner.’

Every stone hasn’t been overturned with this one I thought to myself. It is only for women for starters. We need something for men. And there seems to be a corporate world as well as a private individual world as well, so it would make sense to cater for both.

Men aren’t going to want rings. Not all wear necklaces. A watch is the only logical item. So we’ll make custom watches in the same tiered format. Each higher-level having more precious materials and internal complications. This can be taken care of by the top watch manufacturers who are willing to be involved. Free lifetime maintenance will be with the watch and the same rules of if it’s in the safe, the person is still protected. If it is damaged beyond repair, the power will transfer to a newly made watch. For the watches, the face, bezel, and bracelet will all have areas on there that companies can bid to have their logo on. The better the location, the more it will cost. Bidding for each spot. Our designers will arrange them to make sure it flows well with the design of the watch. They will set the limit, size, and materials used for the logos. Bidding on the spaces will be done at the same time, finishing one week before the end of the item’s auction to ensure the purchasers are happy with them. The purchaser can customize the rings and watches to suit their preferences. The rings will not have any advertising on them because that just wouldn’t work on an elegant ring.

I was going to let the manufacturer of the watch put their logo just under the 12 o’clock marker, but it didn’t quite seem right.

“Noo, that’s where your symbol should be!” They’re right. So be it, my symbol of a circle with a flattened edge to just off-center on the top of the circle is my symbol so there it will be. O for one and a slight ring reference, not too much to take over the look of the O, but it’s kind of started with that fudging thing.

‘For corporations, there will be another set of 300 watches and 300 rings to be purchased. Corporations could own them and pass them to the manager of the month for a reward. For corporations, the military backing will still apply but a top-level watch in the corporation bracket will have less military backing than the lowest level watch in the private bracket. If they also want a private rated one, they can bid for one too. Private individuals cannot bid on corporation items. The corporation items will usually be owned by the company itself. Protection is then given to that company.’

‘So that’s 300 private bespoke rings and 300 watches. 300 bespoke corporation rings and 300 bespoke watches. That’s 1200 items in total. You have 60 days from today to bid. At least then you will know how much the country has grown and it’s rate of growth to warrant the payment. Only people who are bidding will know the other people who they are up against which has to be kept in strict confidence. Only the 5 higher bidders and 5 below will be disclosed. For the top 5 in each category, there is complete anonymity.’

‘Maintenance fees will be calculated by our geniuses so that it is viable in the continuing future. This is logical just because it will be handed down through the generations and will end up costing us way more than the initial payment taken. This will also help solidify the longevity of the country as if it fails, the military and power of the rings and watches will fall with it which can’t happen. Everyone who bought it will push for it to stay strong, and this will give a lot of financial backing if the time comes. Also, if I fail, so do the rings and watches. So it’s in everyone’s interest to get me made.’

“We can’t make them in that short of a timescale.“.

‘Of course, you can,’ I replied. ‘Get a covert team to go back in time and get them made so that they’re ready for now. Just keep them separate from everything so it doesn’t affect any of the events.’

That will do for today. That will keep people busy. We’ll pay the manufacturing and designing fees but the rest will be profit to my bank held for me. If anyone tries to rob it, we will get them. I know, I should maybe wait until I get there before I start making money. But it might be a catch 22. If I don’t do anything to raise my funds on the other side, I might just be looked at as someone who got lucky and doesn’t deserve it. But if I do make more, I’ve got more to lose and to be stolen. But I still think it’s better to do things like this before being freed. I’m more likely to succeed with thoughts like this. It’s also kind of enjoyable, gets my mind off the thoughts of threats and all the rest of it.

I know that the rich like their prestige over other rich people so the high end will generate a lot of competition to get the best ones, it should drive the price up and raise the profit considerably. It might increase my chances of staying alive. 2 months will feel like ages if they carry on how they have. I’m hoping I’ll get to go wherever they are before that point. Surely, I will.

I’m just going to crash at mine now tonight. It’s too late to go back to Ben’s. If something bad was going to happen in the house, there was plenty of opportunities for that to happen so fudge it.

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