Creating The World Web Country

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Chapter Nineteen

I wake up in a pool of what I think is sweat but it might be something else. Great. It’s a new mattress and I’m seriously considering throwing it away. They could have put anything they wanted into it, intercepted the delivery, or however they wanted to do it. But what if the next one is full of whatever is in this one? I’ll just be pissing away money. Part of me would feel like an absolute weirdo driving to the skip with a brand-new mattress on the roof and throwing it. So mainly out of embarrassment of looking like an idiot; I decided to keep the mattress.

I don’t even know how to kill the bugs if they are in there. Whatever I use they can check the future and change the contents of the product or change the anatomy of the bugs to make them resistant. Plus, I’ll have an even wetter mattress while it dries. So, they’ve got me on that one. I’ll just cocoon myself in the blanket, so I’m touching it as little as possible. I don’t even know how dangerous it is so there’s no need to over-react.

I’m starting to feel like they’re making a fool of me and I’m falling for everything. I can’t respond to everything they threaten. They can’t all be true threats. But if I get one wrong, then I’m fudged. So, I’m in a bit of a predicament. I’ll have to just choose which ones don’t affect me too much versus the ones that have too much of an impact to react to.

I think I should stay at Ben’s while I can though, that will minimize risk. I need my phone though, but I’ll turn it off every night. Who knows if it uploads things into my head that affects me in the day. Plus, I don’t want them in my dreams. They might still be able to, but not having basically a computer next to me will help reduce their abilities.

I get more work done on the house; it’s still got a bunch to do but I’m making progress. While I’m working, I start thinking about how safe is my money on the other side.

“It’s safe, don’t worry about it.” Is the response. Well, that’s all well and good, but how am I going to trust that? Question everything. As the bankroll is inevitably racking up, the more money there is, the more there is for the taking. I’ll have to come up with something to make sure it’s safe otherwise all this money-making stuff will be a slap in the face if it’s going into someone else’s pocket. Some may think that’s “greedy,” but I just think it’s sensible.

So which bank am I going to trust? Halifax or Lloyds who I bank with? Well, they’ve been good to me so far. But that’s small change. This is different. I’m running out of ideas on this one. Split it up and spread it across many to minimize the risk? That’s not a bad idea. Anyone who sells out will have the military to answer to.

Why don’t I make my own bank? Of course. A country needs a central bank. Usually, it will have a dedicated currency as well, so either I go with Dollars or Sterling pounds. Neither seems that appealing because they’re linked to the home country’s economy and financial institutes.

I continue with work on the house. I know what the solution is, so I just need the ideas to simmer in the back of my mind while I work. There are a few paths, but it has to be good to work well. Simple and robust. They’ll come to me. I usually don’t even need to think about them too much, just let them come. Got the problem, got the target.

‘That’s it!’ I proclaim loudly in my mind.

‘I’m making my own currency!’ They probably saw that coming. All the currency types available at the moment are all the same though to some degree. They’ve got a whole load of debt linked to them. They all go up and down versus other currencies on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. If loads of people ask to cash in their money for gold, there’s not enough gold in the banks to do that. There used to be many, many years ago. But now it’s all been lent out so it’s debt with no real value. It’s the markets of what everything can be bought with these currencies that make them hold. At times of war or economic collapse, they depreciate rapidly. Many have become completely worthless and ruined economies. I can’t let that happen to mine, but I need something in place.

So, I’m going to have my own angle. I’ll make mine always have enough gold to make the value of the currency redeemable at all times, regardless of what’s going on in the economy. The problem with that is that gold goes up and down in value, so it will fluctuate based on gold. To smooth this out, it will be backed by other physical assets. Assets like; silver, precious and semi-precious stones, corn, rice, wheat, iron, and the rest of them. A good spread. If some are going down in value, others will raise. As they are changing, we will have a team of investors to bounce between them to keep them as level as possible, not lose money and also make some money while they’re trading. Nothing too risky, but keep it going.

The benefit of this is that people will know their money is safe locked into assets. We will also put it in bricks and mortar and land. Our geniuses will have to figure out how to value it and make it work so that the formula of 1=1 of money to assets remains true. This should give it the best chance to succeed.

Not only that, it could completely take over. It could completely squash some countries. Not that I want that to happen, it would be advantageous to be able to do that to a country when we’re negotiating something or if there’s a dispute that needs resolving.

This is because; as more and more people will be joining our country, and we can make it mandatory to exchange their existing assets to be held in our currency instead of the original countries’ currency. As businesses and wealthy individuals with loads of land and buildings will be joining if we continue at the rate we’re going; that’s going to be a lot of money.

With a load of people asking their existing bank to swap their bank balances to the new currency’s bank; our bank will ask the other banks for 100% of the value of money transferred in physical assets, such as gold. Many currencies have very low currency reserves. USD has only around 2%. Usually, it’s around 5% benchmark, some less traded currencies are a bit more but none are anywhere close to being 100%. Sure, this does mean that the countries can take out additional lending to feed the economy, but it does add risk. This risk isn’t really a risk at the moment because there’s no 100% asset-based currency to compete with. If people wanted to put their money somewhere other than a ‘geared’ currency, they could just invest it directly into assets.

This way, however, is going to be within our control of how fast we do the transition and to what areas first. If for example; If the USA has declared 2% of their land to be One World Web, we could change the money from that land and company owners to be on our new currency.

‘The new bank will be called One bank,’ seems fitting. We could at any time request people in our country to use and transfer from their currency to ours. If we did it to the transferred USA members for example, and we had a sizable amount of people, we could potentially use up all the USD reserve during the transfer of assets. Once people realize that there is no reserve in USD, people could panic and move their money from USD to another currency. Which one would be growing the quickest and the safest? Probably our new currency. That would start a big move away from USD making its value plummet creating a snowball effect.

The reserve would need topping up if they are going to keep to their minimum, so they’ll need to buy more gold. Increasing demand for gold and thus pushing the price up. If our currency has a lot of gold to back our currency, that is in effect investing in gold so the gold it has will go up in value, pushing the value of the currency up further.

This example with a few other affecting factors and ratios will be the same for many other currencies and countries. Even if it didn’t collapse the currency and economy, it could greatly damage it. We could help them out and lend them money, which means they’re in debt to us. Putting them even deeper in our pockets.

Countries may not allow the deceleration of change of country to areas within the country. But with the UN backing and our military backing, we will take that as an invasion of our country is resistance against the transfer.

I don’t want to take down economies. If I can, it doesn’t mean I will. The BIS; Bank of International Settlements are one of the biggest groups of banks and very influential. The balance of economies are in their hands and it’s down to them that economies continue as they are instead of getting slaughtered on the forging exchange market.

Just because they can, doesn’t mean they will either. But it’s best to stay in their good books. Why would I want to take down an economy if there is a win-win for us all? I’d much rather a win-win scenario to continue forward. To some degree, it’s even more of a reason to join. It means that you’ll get into our currency which people who can do the calculations will agree that it will be far safer and profitable in the long run.

If we control supply and have a lot of demand for exchanging to our currency, we can control its rate of growth. We don’t want it to go too quickly, or too slowly, just steadily with minimal effect on other countries. We can allow the use of other currencies to start with and slowly transfer them to our currency over a calculated and periodically checked period.

By signing up your house to be in the Web, it will probably instantly increase its value as it will eventually be transferred to our currency. Even more reason to join.

So, I was thinking of either “One bank” or “Keepers” for the bank name. But I think I’ll stick with “One bank.”

As for the currency, it will be called “Good.” So they’ll be trading goods. One pound sterling will be one God. God’s singular, Good’s plural. It might be a bit daft-sounding but it is what it is now. The word “God” is in the name, as well as the word good. So we know what it is for. It’s to do good. To buy good things. If people hear it enough it should put some subliminal message in their mind that it is for good.

I carry on working on the house for a bit for a break. While I’m grafting my mind is ticking away in the background. ‘Banks are not going to look too kindly on this, and I don’t want to piss them off. I need a win, win situation for them as well. If not, they’re one of the very big players that could fudge me over. Got to think of something before they turn on me.’

My plans for the One bank may be ambitious, but with a winning formula, it’s got a far better chance than just doing the same angle as the rest. It seems safer and worst-case scenario if the country is struggling for money, it could dip into lending from the currency, but that would ideally never happen to stick to the unique angle of 100% backed reserves.

Anyway, other banks shouldn’t try to squash a new bank just because it has its own angle. But they might. While I’m planning things, I get messages that they are okay with it. I guess there are not new banks made very often so that may be why they welcome a new one. I’m still a bit cautious. I know more than your average Joe about banking, but not enough to know the ins and outs of the banking industry. It doesn’t mean I can’t have a finger in that pie however. A bank comes with the territory of a new country anyway so it’s kind of a given.

‘We’ll need to start off the currency to get things going. Not too quickly to cause an upset in the market, but enough to get our currency on the exchange market.’ The letters will be GOD as the three letters that each currency needs to have. That will look good and instantly recognizable.

‘While we get things started, people are going to exchange money and have an impact on the banks. While this happens, I propose we do a worldwide loan reward system so that every bank that agrees will have the same policy that will promote debt payback. This will bring the debt down and make the reserve ratios better than it was. If we give people who have lent money the opportunity to make additional payments on their loans to get additional bonuses. If we agree to write off any over-payment charges as well as potentially reducing their remaining interest as well as maybe get vouchers to use at any of our group’s companies. The logistics will need to be calculated by a banking team, but the goals will be to reduce loan sizes, get more payments in and make sure nobody is out-of-pocket so it’s a win,-win formula all around. As a backup, by getting more loans reduced, if there aren’t as many withdrawals than initially expected, then the banks will have a larger reserve to use to back new loans.’

‘Furthermore, I think banks that have an extremely low reserve level should be named and shamed. If they don’t increase their level, and they’re not in our group, then if they don’t have the reserves to back their lending; the country they are in should penalize them through fines. If not, they might be targeted by the banks in our group to take them down. We have too many banks in the world. This could be a method to reduce them and get rid of the ones who are doing bad business. How you do this, I will leave up to you but if you all put your heads together, I’m sure you will come up with plenty of ways. Survival of the strongest and most ethical. I guess with the hosting countries permission, we can use other means including the use of our military if required. If it does come to that, a substantial cut will have to go to my bank for using our resources, the rest will be split with the other participants. If this is done, make sure it is all done on the right side of the law so no repercussions. The solicitor team will need to be on point for this one, if it’s illegal; don’t do it. If it is, then all’s fair in love and war.’

I thought to myself without think-talking, at least it will take the cross-hairs off me and my new bank from the banking industry. It will also promote banks to join our group/country. They are very large players and the more banks the better. Money is a very large factor in making the world go around after all.

Back to chipping away at the house. ‘Not every stone is un-turned on this one though,’ was the nagging thought in the back of my mind. Damn it, what else do I need to do to wrap up this banking angle?

Oh yeah, we need an actual physical currency. Right, I’ll do this, and then I can leave the banking to progress in the background with enough input to make the creation grow with little to no other inputs. They’ll have their targets and outlined objectives so our new banking team can be busy setting up, growing, promoting, and teaming up.

‘Right. Currencies at the smaller scale will be made out of real gold. Gold cubes getting progressively larger. A chip needs to be implanted for authenticity verification. When they are too large to become practical, notes are going to be required.’

‘The coin cubes will have a limited amount and are more representative than anything. As coin collectors are a big thing, these too will be collectibles. They will have serial numbers which will distinguish which ones came onto the market first.’

‘The first 100,000 coins are going to become rare and collectible, so they will stand out more than the rest. The earlier, the better. So make sure they are unique. We will hold an auction to buy these so collectors can put them straight into their collection. Cut out the middle man and also be the middle man by earning a bit more profit for us to get a kick start.’

‘Some larger values can be made into pyramids that is made from gold and diamonds. Only a hand full of these will be made. Their value will be held by the number of materials used as a backup. If everything fails, it will still be the value that they represent. It’s a given if it fails or succeeds, these items will be worth more than what the weight of diamond and gold weighs just because of collect-ability value. People will know this story in years to come and if it goes well, for centuries and maybe thousands of years. Each God and Goods need to have a combination of diamonds and gold as a theme. The combination of values will be what gold and diamond’s value is as of today on this date’s value. Future fluctuations will be irrelevant. Today is the benchmark number.’

’As for the notes; ‘Vanterblack’ the color a company who has created the deepest black known to humans is to go on our notes. We will have them blacked out with some detailing not blacked out. A design team will take care of them. The first 100,000 will be bespoke notes and up for auction, the earlier will be more intricate and worth more so the bidding on them can also start.’

‘People may want to collect a set, so they will need to bid on each one to get them. What serial number they are aiming for is up to them. Bidding on these will be over the next three months so it doesn’t clash with any other auction running at the moment.’

‘I’m struggling to think of what to put on the notes’ I think to myself.

“Your head,” a message comes through. Well, I thought that would be a little arrogant to do that. But to be honest, it does make sense. So why not, a silhouette of my face, maybe a side profile or something. Why not seeing as they think it’s fitting. It’s what people do after all.

Now that definitely is enough. It seems every time I get an idea, I end up setting up an auction. Well if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. It certainly has quite a novel aspect that all of these items that people are bidding on are set up and sold before I even get to the other side.

“All this, and he hasn’t even got off the bench!” Someone says on the radio.

‘Off the bench? Is that what they call it? I guess it’s one way to put it. Picked to play on the field and sat on the bench playing the game before I’m even on the pitch. Good analogy.’

‘All these items have been created while I’m on the bench. So, get them while you can because anything created afterwards will not have the benched value. Remember that!’

Haha. Bench. Bench Life. Might get that tattooed across my stomach. At least it gives me hope that I can get off this bench and eventually it will all be over. I try not to think about when, I’ll just keep doing as much as I can until I have to be taken off for either safety or I’ve done enough. I might even be able to make myself strong enough and get my people to get me off this fudging bench. If I carry on like this, I just might be able to.

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