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Chapter Two

After that intense conversation, the weekend came and I had time to think about everything. Pretty much the whole time was spent at my building site. I needed space. What the fudge was I going to do if I got the world? Or even some of it? Well, I knew deep down already. Try to make it the best place for people to live in. My reasons for making money were not to feel wealthy or to keep up with the Jones’s. It was so I could be established enough to make a difference. Small scale (currently) was to ensure my family would be looked after and get the best chance in life. A larger-scale would be to re-invest in good businesses and processes. If I could reach large enough, I’d change how things work as an economy to ensure everyone lives up to their potential instead of being born into the Rat race of life and being used to some degree as a slave. I need to be as careful as possible with this. If I offend people or do anything wrong, it could have detrimental effects.

I needed to know what tools I had before I could change anything. Be shown how the balls are juggled. Once I know that I can put my spin on it and invent a better method. There’s me planning how I’m going to go about it. But I had no idea that things were already in place for me that I’ll have to go through. I guess at a higher level than the corporate level, things are actually a bit more structured and organized. Surely.

Back to work; office job that is. G’s monotonic voice was a bit weird when she greeted me with good morning and not looking up. Like I was just anybody else. Ah well, we both know what she said so whatever.

I then start hearing people talk about her. Saying that she looks unnatural. “She doesn’t even seem human.” What a strange thing to say about someone! I did think that her dry-skinned hands looked a little unnatural. But I think it’s mainly her way she looks at people and talks. Things are getting a bit weird with her presence here. As I was thinking ‘is she an alien?’ My colleague opposite me stood up and weirdly looked at his desk and said “ET want to go home.” His eyes seemed to change and looked pointy egg-shaped. This was very, very weird. But nothing would surprise me at this point.

To be honest, there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that aliens exist. Far too many reputable high-ranking military and government figures have made detailed lengthy disclosures. These haven’t been for profit, or to ‘join in the conspiracy’. If anything, it’s tarnished their reputation. Alien contact is so strongly associated with the ridicule that anyone who has had contact doesn’t speak about it much. The way the media have portrayed the type of people who ‘believe’ to be inbred imbeciles. No news takes any sightings seriously or newsworthy. Any reports to the police receive are kept completely under the radar. So, unless you’ve had contact, the media’s cover-up is very believable and aliens could very well be, “just a myth.”

Well... I’ve had 2 encounters with unexplained/extraterrestrial sightings before this point. The first one was when I was about 17 with three of my mates. We saw a blue light cover the whole area. All sides of the houses and street. There were no shadows, and it would flash on for about half a second, then a pause of about 5 seconds. Looking up at the clear sky, the stars were visible but no source of light. We walked around the streets and each street was the same... no visible source. How could this be? We agreed that it was very strange, but we couldn’t categorically confirm the presence of extraterrestrials. Nothing in the news the following day. Everything carried on as normal.

The next encounter I had was in 2012. It was in the “end of the world” worries that the Mayan calendar has ended and the end of the world is due. I remember having a very strange thought process the night before. I was in my waterbed in the top floor bedroom, looking up through the skylight above me. I was thinking; if there is anyone out there, why would they let the end of the world happen? Sure, we’re ruining this planet. But it’s not too late to make a drastic change. Shame it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon. Governments and policies all seem to be going in the same general direction. GDP being its most important benchmark. With this system, the more that stuff is produced and sold, the better the country is doing. At the detriment of the planet mind, but they don’t care about that. They’ll try to do things ‘a bit greener’. But their fundamental goals are flawed. Produce as much as they can, sell as much as they can, compete up with other countries. To do this, make people work more, make more, spend more. The more people, the more workers, and consumers. Great! Manipulate the costs of living to ensure everyone feels they have to work to have enough to live. ‘Surely this won’t be the end.’ I thought to myself. ‘If the world needs a savior, I could do it! I just need to know how to get to the application!’

The following morning after thinking and star gazing, I was downstairs in the front room. Through the window, I saw the underside of a very large metal craft. It was flying very low making absolutely no noise, just above the rooftops. I could only see a bit of the underside as it was so large. It had a rounded edge and large bulges that were like balls cut in half stuck on. It looked like a brass metal. Based on how much of it I saw and the size in relation to the houses, its total size would easily be around 15 houses in diameter. There was no way this thing was manmade.

So, I was amazed and called my girlfriend in to come and look out the window. She came over and said, “what is it, a UFO” pulling a stupid face. She wasn’t in time to see it. It moved too quickly. “Yes, it was actually.” “Yeah right,” she responded. That’s the world we live in, if you ever see one, everyone thinks you’re making it up. I’ve met other people who have seen them. There’s no reason for them to lie, I was already friends with them, they had no reason to impress me. I don’t talk about it often, because of the brainwashed reaction of disbelief and amusement, automatically thinking it’s a lie. But I know what I saw. I’ve never seen anything as close to that large, fly that low silently. I was a bit surprised it looked brass, to be honest. Doesn’t seem like a very futuristic material, but that’s what I saw. Did it fly over my house because of what I was thinking about the night before? I didn’t make the connection at the time. But in hindsight, especially with everything else that was to come, it could very well have been.

It seems that a lot of the unrelated and somewhat random things that had happened in the past were all getting pieced together.

I kept getting the feeling that I was being watched. When I’d look at my phone, the adverts were always relevant to what I was going through. The news articles were very relatable, almost every single time. Things like;

“Man finds out he’s been stalked for years.”

“Man raises daughter and finds out she’s not his.”

“Will he be able to handle it? A big and unexpended career change.”

Each one, when looked at as individuals would seem like delusional paranoia was taking over to think they are relating to me. But if what G was saying is true, that we could be ruling over a very large area; it would be a drop in the ocean to manipulate the information coming through to me. The way she was behaving when explaining things to me gave me the clear indication that she was aware of their presence.

I went over to meet a couple of the lads at their house. I asked them to turn their phones off or leave them in another room by writing the instructions on a piece of paper. I thought, it must be connected to our phones, we’re all walking around with mics and cameras. They read it and laughed to themselves, “We don’t need to do that. Nobody’s listening, don’t be so paranoid Oscar!”

I guess it is quite an odd request. But I had to talk to someone about what was discussed in work regardless. So, I proceeded to tell them about my chat with G and they were all in disbelief and shock. They thought I’d lost the plot, and I was just paranoid when I said that someone was listening in to our conversations.

Conscious that G and the people with her were listening, I gave her some praise, telling them that she’s really cute, well-spoken, and intelligent. After that, my mate went to put something on his phone and instead of starting the sports program he had planned, it showed a living room with a heart and two candles on a coffee table in a very grand-looking living room. Filmed on presumably a phone by the slightly shaky picture. As it zoomed in, I got the very creepy feeling that it was G’s living room, and she was streaming this to me as a response. This freaked me right out! They were surprised by my reaction. “It’s probably just the wrong connection to the show, no big deal!” I didn’t see it that way. I had to go, so I went back to my house to calm down. This was already too much and it was only the tip of the iceberg!

I went to a spot in my building site (aka home) where no windows could see in. In the outhouse corridor. I needed to ask someone who wasn’t my friends or my current girlfriend for some advice. It seemed nobody would fully understand or believe me if I told them. Plus, I’m cautious not to talk about it too much. If I start blabber mouthing from the start, I might not be able to be initiated. My parents are not living close by at the moment. So, I decided to do the lean chat that I’d occasionally do when I had to check what to do and to confirm my thoughts.

Lean chat is basically, standing upright; linking fingers together. Closing your eyes, asking a question with a yes or no answer in your mind. My body will then lean forward, back, or side to side as a response. If it’s a yes answer, backward for no and side to side if it’s a maybe.

These are apparently your spiritual guides who assist you in the lean response. Whether it’s them or my subconscious or a combination of both, it’s not a bad thing to do the lean chat. I went through loads of questions to put my mind at ease. I was sure it was real, and I was sure that I could complete the challenges that are to come. I unnervingly got a side-to-side response when I asked if she was human. But I was still going to go for it. But as I’d done for the duration of my relationship with my girlfriend, I was going to stay faithful regardless.

Even when I was doing the lean chat, I still had the feeling that I was being watched. The whole house seemed eerie. There were no curtains up, dust everywhere, and piles of rubble and tools in each room. Nothing was finished, it was going through the stripping down and demolishing stage. As fun as it may be to demolish, it’s the worst place to relax and clear my mind.

Note: If you are going to do the lean test, it can sometimes be opposite directions, depends on the person. The best way is to ask in your mind is to show your respects and say hello. Once the pleasantries are over, tell them with your inner voice; ‘Show me yes,’ Pause and feel what happens to your body. Let it come naturally and don’t force it. If you feel a lean then great. The next request is; ‘show me no,’ then ‘Show me maybe.’ Once you’ve established which direction you lean for what response, you can ask them anything that is a yes or no answer. Just don’t hold it as gospel; it’s a guide and it’s not always right. Sometimes it’s also your reaction to the answer that answers things. If you were to ask; ‘Can I do this’ and got a ‘No’. You might think, ‘yeah I thought that.’ Or think, ‘yes, I bloody can!’ It’s a good way of confirmation. Other people use finger taps, one finger will react to a yes, another will react to a no. A bit more discrete, but same effect. I prefer the lean chat but each to their own.

At that time, there was a load of things on the internet about Niburu coming close to the earth, AKA Planet X. This is an additional planet in our solar system that has an elliptical orbit that comes close to the sun once every 3600 years. There have been many sightings and reports, but nothing in the mainstream media that I was aware of. It was either all kept under wraps or a massive lie from various sources for no good reason. Very doubtful that it was all made up, that would be a huge waste of time and effort.

I was told about a funny show on a streaming app by my mates. While I was watching it to get my mind off things. At first, it was just like any other show but then, weird coincidences kept happening. I was doing my best to ignore them, I mean, surely they can’t communicate through a pre-recorded show?! It was too much to process, so I had to leave to clear my head.

I went to another group of mate’s house. These friends don’t think I’ve lost the plot. Well, yet anyway. I was talking about what happened with the show, and they looked at me in disbelief. I mean, the easiest most logical conclusion is that it is all in my head. If it were true, that would be far harder to believe and raises far more questions. If they were to believe, in the eyes of everyone else; they would also be seen as ‘crazy.’ How could I get them to believe me?

Later that day the TV gets switched on. On the news there was a report about Niburu / Planet X. It was a warning that it may affect us. I said I knew about it but the lads hadn’t heard as they weren’t on the sites I had visited. If it didn’t make mainstream, they didn’t know. I gave them some background on it. They didn’t question its reality because it was on BBC news. Instant fact. If all of these coincidences were happening then, maybe it is also connected to Niburu? I could only speculate, but it was worth making a mental note in case this is all connected to that mysterious planet.

I went home to get some space. I could tell I’d made all the housemates uneasy. I wanted to tell them and I wanted them to believe me, but I hadn’t thought of how strange it would be after they believed it. I just wanted to have an ear to speak to that didn’t question my sanity. This somehow felt worse. Now they are all questioning things but with no answers, it’s a terrible boat to be in!

That evening, I put on a show to fall asleep to. It’s been a long day and that’s how I usually nod off. I started to get frustrated with the constant coincidences. I wanted to fall asleep to a show, not have a direct commentary situation again!

I rolled over to go to sleep. On the show; one of the characters is in a little space trying to sleep and says “everyone needs their own space sometimes!” I think, too obvious, it can’t be my imagination going into overdrive. This is real. It’s going to be hard for people to believe, but as long as it’s as obvious as it was today, they will.

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