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Chapter Six

I get back to the house that will soon be gone. My ex has now gone to her mothers with the kids. It’s been a rough couple of days so it’s good to finally get to stay in a house that’s not way below living standards. I’m feeling exhausted and depleted. I hire a storage container to store furniture while the new house is being renovated. Everything is starting to fill up but I did not know where to store the ring. If my ex saw it, she would be furious and very suspicious. She’d jump to the conclusion that it’s for someone else and that I was having an affair. In hindsight, it would maybe have been better for me to have an affair as other people do. But it’s just not in my nature. It was a big gamble but to be honest, I wasn’t leaving her for G. I was leaving her because things were getting deep and I didn’t want to risk my family when it comes to something as risky as what I’m about to be introduced to.

I look at the stone now and it’s stunning. Usually, a well-cut diamond will refract the light on each facet but this one had so many additional internal edges from the fissures. It sparkled so much more than any other. If looked at it from the side, it seemed cloudy and opaque. From above, it was clear as day. I took it to the window where the sun was shining to check its table. It was flawless! Quite a distance away I see a man looking at me with his jaw wide open. Even from there, he knew I had something very precious. Luckily it fits on my little finger, so that’s where it stayed for a while. If I did see my ex, it would go in my wallet for safekeeping. I was conscious it could work its way out of my pocket, so I keep it on my pinkie pretty much the whole time. At night, there was a small amount of light coming through the gap in the curtains. While catching up with my e-mails on my phone, I catch the light sparkling in the ring from the corner of my eye. Looking at all the little fissures; they all glowed individually like looking at a galaxy of stars held in a tiny capsule. This was something else, it gave a strong feeling of power. Holding it close to my chest made my heart beat rapidly. It’s not because of its value. If that was the case, anything of value that I owned would make you feel the same way. This thing had a strong and almost frightful aura.

If everything is alive, then diamonds must be too? They were formed between 1-4 billion years ago. If it had gone through these many attacks, so many individual fissures, it must be in the four billion bracket. Why are pretty much all other diamonds either dirty or have only a few fissures? The auctioneer said it would be from many meteorites as well as earthquakes. Earth hasn’t had that many meteor hits to cause such an effect. Surely? Maybe it was in a high earthquake area. Whatever it was, there have been many, many incidences for it to bear so many scars.

When I picked up the ring, whatever I had on the TV in the background would say things like “Wow, that’s not even from this planet.” It kept happening, only if at the time I was thinking about it or looking at it. Over and over. It kept saying, “it’s from Mars.” This was not on just the one show. I heard it on the radio too.

“It belonged to someone very powerful.”

“It has crushed many owners, be careful. It really is powerful.”

I felt blessed that they put it there for me to buy. And I was glad that I did. If it does somehow hold power, it’s a good thing I have it. It would make sense that it was from Mars. I’m not going to believe everything I’m told, but it certainly has a place in the back of my mind that it is a possibility.

Mars has had many, many meteorite collisions so it would produce something like this. The only thing is, we haven’t been there yet. Apparently. But I found that hard to believe seeing as there have been so many UFO sightings and many classified personnel have stated, upon retirement, that the government have UFO’s and have backward engineered them as well as getting them to work. If they can come here, there’s no reason that we can’t go there. Or maybe it was transported here? I was getting the eerie suspicion that G and her crew were reptilians from mars taken human form. It sounds farfetched but there’s plenty of documentation about it. It’s interesting to read and to take with a pinch of ‘it could be real but if not, still interesting.’ You have to see it to believe it. I’m still not entirely convinced, but it did seem like that was more likely as time went by. Everything about them seemed strange and unfamiliar.

I do the lean chat again, asking very personal questions. I’m trying to figure out who I’m going to be and what path should I take.

‘What am I capable of? Who and what can I work with? What can I change? I’m not going to become as evil as the look in G’s eyes. I will have power over people, I need to stay grounded. I can’t let it go to my head. It can’t just be given to me, surely? Maybe it can; if it’s hers, and she’s chosen me. I just need to guide her in the right direction to make a positive change. Even in small ways, I can make a massive difference. I can’t cross her. I hope she doesn’t cross me. She might. Uhoh. What if she does? I’ve got nobody to back me. I’m not royal, I’d be royally fudged.’

She’d been hinting at military work in work. She’d be dangerous behind an army. Fudging 24-year-old girl on a power trip. That’s precisely who you don’t want behind a military in my opinion. Would they even let her control an army? Do I even know how it works or am I and everyone is brainwashed on the political system that we just believe it blindly? It might be that the powerful people can do things and aren’t constrained by their government. Is that really that far out to believe?

When people are in charge of their company, they play by the rules but, they do what they want to, to some degree. Why would that be any different to people with a lot of money, land, and power? They wouldn’t want people to know that they’re calling the shots. Otherwise, all they would get is complaints. Let the people think they are in power, and they can only blame themselves. It makes them free, nobody’s calling the shots on them. They are in control of their lives and their choices. And they are in control of their country. They vote, so they have their collective say on who is chosen based on their choice.

Sure. We are in control with a measly vote? They pretty much always run things just as the previous president / prime minister has run things. Wars continue, the economy fluctuates slightly but there are no ‘big changes’ that the candidates were raving about. Sure, some changes have been made, but a minute in the grand scheme of things.

If the voting system were that effective, and we were in charge of decisions, it wouldn’t be narrowed down to a person to represent and do what they want to a degree over their term. We go to the poll and tick one box. That’s it. Power of vote executed for the term of the presidency. Great.

We’re living in the 21st century for fudge’s sake! A lot of us read a lot of news, politics and specialist’s subjects. We are collectively very smart people who can make decisions. Why are we only allowed to tick one fudging box?

If I’m going to go all the way to the polling station and all the effort of counting and tallying up is done, why is it just one box? I’d much rather a questionnaire with at least 100 questions asking what we should do and how strongly I feel about various decisions, scenarios, and agendas. There might be fewer votes, although, I think far more. If there was a link between the vote related to the voter’s profession and academic level, this could weigh more heavily in their field when tallied up. If someone hasn’t got a clue about something versus someone who knows the ins and outs well, the more knowledgeable one should have more of a weighting when casting their view in my opinion. Billions of pounds are spent from the taxpayers’ money for the voting system and what do we get? A one-box vote. It’s bullshiz. The fewer options, fewer complaints, and fewer repercussions.

People feel empowered when they vote. ‘We’re in control.’ They think to themselves! It’s a great way to be able to do anything they like and blame it on the peoples’ vote choice. But it’s not fooling me. This encounter has confirmed my suspicions. Now all I need to do is see how far this rabbit hole goes. Who knows what I’m going to find?

‘Am I going to win whatever this is?’ I stumble forward the lean is so strong. For fudge’s sake. This is going to take a lot of work. But I can’t wait. Glad either my inner self or my spiritual guides have faith in me. This is very motivating. But where do I even start? Got to play it slow, play it at G’s pace. Don’t fudge this up. Don’t fudging fudge this up. Your life almost certainly depends on it. Ah well, I’d much rather try and fail than live devoid of purpose. I’m only just starting to wake up to a whole deeper level of reality. Now that I’m aware of it, I can never forget and go back to normality.

‘Do aliens exist?’ Strong pull forward again. Well, That’s not enough, I need more than a lean.

‘Am I going to fail?’ Strong lean back. Whoever or whatever is controlling this lean, they have faith in me which is reassuring.

‘Are me and G going to last?’ Side to side... Uhoh, that’s not what I wanted to hear. For fudge sake, it’s kind of all riding on this. Or is it? Hmmm... naaaaahh. Just got to last long enough for me to get a name for myself. Once that’s done, however it happens, I’ll have my in. Just don’t piss her off. If we break up, do it amicably and respectfully.

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