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Chapter Seven

I didn’t know what to do with the diamond. Stacey couldn’t see it. If she did, it would look like I bought it to propose to someone I’d been having an affair with. Well, that just wasn’t the case. I decide to show the lads. They think it’s mad I’d buy it on a whim. They like it, but don’t appreciate it the way I do. They question its authenticity and say to get it checked by a jeweler. Good idea. So, I went to a jeweler and sure enough, the jeweler confirmed its real. He gets his loupe out and is first disgusted by the fissures he sees. Then he takes a second look and is amazed at how many he can see, despite the large table being flawless. He doesn’t know what to think. His training has taught him, the clearer the better. Well, that’s not the case when looking at this one, and he’s baffled by how it is even possible, like he’s never seen something like this before.

He says that it would have to be sent off to be valued. But it’s certainly real, and that was good enough for me. It has been valued with a verified certificate by a very reputable valuation body. I could and did research how much it would cost for that size and it all tallied up. Nagging doubt cleared up.

I don’t want to go back to the building site. I need to clear my head by not thinking about things too much, so I go back to the lad’s house. When I get there my head’s all over the place, and they can tell. How do I tell them what’s happening? How can they give me any advice? Nobody I know has been through this, so how can anyone say anything that will help?

I kept getting synchronicities over synchronicities, over and over again. If I got up off the sofa and the TV or the radio would say, ‘and he’s getting up!’ I’d pick up a tool and someone would say ‘time to drill.’ I’d leave the room and someone would say ‘don’t slam the door!’ Lights on “we have power!” I’d change the channel, and it would be the same thing happening. Even on the drive there, I’d indicate left and hear “Turn left!” When I arrived; “we’re here!” Just before turning off the car and radio, I’d hear “Bye for now!”

I didn’t change the channel too much, I kept to what was already confirmed to be a means of communication. I wanted to hear as much as I could, even if it was driving me nuts, I still wanted to hear more. I guess it was to make sure they weren’t all just coincidences. One or two are technically possible now and again. But multiple times, time and time again all day? That is statistically impossible. The only other possible explanation is that it’s all in my head. I’m completely open to that option, but I’m not imagining what I’m hearing and seeing. If others experience them too, then it can’t be just in my head.

The people who were manipulating things were being very obvious and mainly commenting on what I was doing to start with to make me fully aware that they were and I guess to show what they are capable of. I stuck to cartoons initially, it felt more comfortable than real films and TV. I’d hear ‘let us show you what we can do on TV.’ That freaked me right out. I didn’t want to. At least with radio and cartoons, it would be a bit easier to digest messages than sending them through real people that I could see. I wasn’t ready to see people being puppets. I had a feeling it would be like zombies, dead vessels under their full control. Way too weird! Fudge that. I went out of my way to avoid it. I’d inevitably see a TV show or film in passing. I’ll dip my toe when I’m ready.

I told the boys some things. I just wanted to discuss a bit to see what they thought. But every time I did, I was met with doubt and questions to affirm their doubts. So, I didn’t go through it too much. It’s something you have to witness yourself to fully believe. I wasn’t going to be convinced that it wasn’t happening. I know I can trust my own ears and eyes. They’ve never failed me before. For me to all of a sudden start completely imagining things would make me totally nuts. I know myself, and I know what I hear and see. If I didn’t, I’d be turning up at people’s houses thinking we’ve arranged to meet. I’d miss hear them and talk about totally different things. Shows and films would make no sense to me. I’d keep making mistakes and nothing would make sense. It was real. I knew it, it was all confirmation that what G was talking about is real. It’s huge and mind-blowing.

After playing some cards and bowls in the garden, a few commentaries from the radio prick up some of the lads’ ears and they started to feel uncomfortable. They didn’t want to believe. “It’s just coincidences?!” they tell me. Trying to convince themselves that it’s the case as well, becoming more and more doubtful that so many coincidences can happen. It’s just too unlikely in their eyes. If they are questioning my sanity, it would be daft to start believing. If they did, believe me, the insanity could become contagious.

After a few more synchronicities, they switch to listening and reading messages at the same time. It’s very clear when they do, their ears prick up, and they look intently at the show as if to say ‘tell me more, do another one, convince me.’ They’re not listening to the lyrics and DJs as they normally would. This face is recognizable and I’m going to see it a lot moving forward when people start waking up and reading. Really listening. Not just background noise.

Thinking they’re just coincidences is easier to think that and believe it’s anything other than that. No need to go mental and explore how, why, and what the fudge; if you just point-blank refuse to believe there’s any more to it than that. By chance coincidences. Nothing more. Case closed.

We retreat to the living room for a spot of TV binging. Joseph, Aaron, Ant, and I take a seat and watch. I’m reading the messages from the show as well as watching, they’re just watching. They don’t know they’ll be there too. That’s a fair assumption, at least with the DJ, it’s live talking and can be changed on the fly with a script and a bit of creativity. That’s not too far to not believe. Weird but at least physically possible without breaking any of the laws of physics and reality that we are familiar with.

I’m watching, listening, and reading. I’ve yet to master it, just taking it in. This language is far easier to pick up than learning any other new language. Once you know, you know. Then, the next level is getting better at hearing each message. Through words, phrases, words that sound like other words, so they can send messages that aren’t in line with what is going on with the show. Images of love hearts appear when G is depicted in cartoon form as a princess. At this point, I’m thinking she’s behind it all. She must be busy! Sat with a team, telling them what to say and what messages to send. Fudging hell, I didn’t know she likes cartoons this much, but I’ll go with it.

Then it becomes weirder. I’ve just had beans on toast and awkwardly, I need to trump. Nobody will notice, so I let it go. Haha! The perfect crime. At the same time, a cloud appeared in the shape of a fart cloud and it started talking. It was then talking about things I was thinking whilst doing the lean chat. This was all only thought in my mind and not shared with anyone. If these people are aliens, then they may have advanced technology that would make this possible. All I knew was, what was going on with me was the same in their script and when something happens, it happens on the show. Somehow, it’s a real-time stream. My brain couldn’t process how it can be done so quickly, but at that time; I didn’t think about it too much because I had everything else on my mind.

How the fudge did they even know? Okay, I get that they can see us. I don’t quite know how. Through the TV? Through the phones? Mainly hear? Cameras in the house, through the windows? Maybe even with satellites through infrared or X-ray? Somehow, all I know is that they can. Maybe cameras in the lights? Anywhere and everywhere could be. But I know they can see because they comment on what we do.

I go bright red. I’m not sure if they have noticed the connection and I hold back my words of telling them. It would sound nuts; they’d just say it’s a funny coincidence and the Shirley of the bunch would more than likely take offense to my parp.

Anyway, the cloud starts taking the form of a talking creature, talking about the things that I was thinking to myself when doing the lean chat. Very specific and clearly wanting to point out that they were somehow listening!

“We think you can do it!”

“It would be great if you and the princess work out,”

“This is way bigger than you think,”

I then think to myself ‘Can they actually hear my thoughts?’

“Yes, we can hear you loud and clear!”

What the absolute fudge! Once they realize that I’ve realized, the cloud says “I come from a race who communicates through telepathy.” Maybe they can see my brain patterns and could see that I farted? Or was it in infra-red and the heat showed up? However, they saw my fart, it seems far less of a sophisticated technology than being able to read my fudging mind! What the fudge! they can hear my thoughts?! This is too much, surely not. If they can, I’m fudged. I can’t control what I think, I’m going to offend too many people. How can I plan things if they can hear me planning? This is ridiculous! I’ll have to be aware of what I’m thinking and it’s going to be way too much if they’re watching me all the fudging time and reading my thoughts!

Not to worry I thought. I’ve got this. It’s surely going to all be over soon. They’re just showing off what they can do. At least they won’t fudge with me and show off their abilities for too long. Well, hopefully. It will be good when I have access to the technology to see what others are thinking. Yeah, that’s more than likely how it’s going to go down. I’ll just have to endure it for a bit, probably not very long because why would G plan to get with me if she can’t? She won’t want to manipulate everything around me, she’d rather be with me, and we can do it together to someone else or actually do something productive together. So, it is what it is. I didn’t sign up for this, but it’s happening. I feel way too aware of what I’m hearing and now my inner voice. I always heard it in the background before, but now I’m aware because someone else can hear. I’ll just think less? Easier said than done! It’s not long after realizing that my inner voice is broadcasted to everyone on the other side; that my mind hasn’t got an off switch and it can’t stay silent for very long at all.


Note: Apologies to the readers who become conscious of their thoughts. Don’t worry, if you’re not being scouted, even if people can hear them. That doesn’t mean that they’re listening. But you might develop an uncomfortable awareness of its presence. Just try to ignore it as much as you can so it stays as a subconscious voice that nobody else can hear. Even if you think this story is made up (which it’s not) or that I’m the pinnacle of ‘Loony Tunes’ (a fair, but incorrect conclusion). However, you might still be conscious of your own inner voice. For that, I am sorry.


This technology could be handy for stopping terrorists. The ones who plan something and doesn’t tell anybody what he’s planning. Ahahaha! They’d never have thought that we can read minds. No wonder they’re so baffled when they get caught! It does surprise me that some of the most wanted criminals still can’t get caught. How high does this technology go? Way above the top-level federal agents? If they had it, they would use it. Are these elites even playing by the laws of the land? They are intimidatingly powerful; I know that much by now.

This is fudging great if you think about it. Well, the time has come for me to leave and gather my thoughts. Way too much was thrown at me while I ironically wanted to get away from the madness. I’m looking like a deer in the headlights. Don’t know what to say to the boys, I need to process this. “Got to go lads, got work to do.”

Fudge going back to the building site. I need to go somewhere else. I just drive. I drive up to the country. ‘Can they actually hear me?’ I shout with my inner voice.

“Yes, we hear you, no need to shout!”

The presenter on the radio says straight after. I get it, you probably think.. That could just be a load of coincidences. I agree, it could have been a few minutes later and it would mean nothing. However, this was straight after, bloody perfect timing. Again! The odds of that happening are slim to none. But I’ll test those odds. I continue trying to think to myself, and the presenter keeps fudging butting into my train of thought, commentating on what I’m thinking! All relevant, all clear. They can fudging hear. For it not to be real, the odds are about as likely as talking to the TV and the TV happening to respond in their dialogue with perfectly timed, relevant responses. Which isn’t impossible. But to keep happening over and over? The only other explanation is that I’ve lost my mind completely.

I’ll carry on checking, but it’s becoming so blatant that they may as well be sat in the passenger seat. They’re coming along for the ride whether I like it or not.

What the fudge goes down in the BB fudging C? Yeah, they’re government-funded and run. But who would have thought they can go to this extent? I feel quite privileged to be on their prime-time station. Do the presenters know though? Does everyone there know who I am and are keeping it under wraps? How come my social media pages haven’t exploded? Maybe they’re all under strict orders not to add me? Am I going to work with them after this? Potentially. Every time I think it’s as big as I’ve got in my head, it gets fudging bigger! It can’t be bigger than this though, can it? I mean, I’m alright, but I’m not that fudging big. I haven’t done anything that spectacular. Plenty of others are far richer than I am. Surely, they’d scout them out first? Maybe I’m a wild card? Or just someone G fancies.

Well, I’m not going to instantly change just because I’m more aware of their presence. I can’t live under additional rules. Fudge that. That would be worse that way. I still want to live my life relatively freely.

I put my foot down on the accelerator. Where am I going? Don’t know. I keep getting hints that G doesn’t like my car. While watching shows where she is depicted; she kept complaining about the car she’s being picked up in. “It’s too slow,” “It’s a family car.”

When others would talk, they’d say “She doesn’t like your car.”

Well, I thought it is a good one, but I guess it is a bit large and not the quickest. Quite rude but women can be women. I’ve fudged my family up so why am I driving a bloody family car. As I’m thinking this an advertisement comes on the radio for a car shop close by. Go with the flow, I guess? Alright then, to the car lot we go!

Rock up. Mental look on my face, I’m at breaking point but trying to keep it together. Everyone is acting weird. Like they are all in on it.

“Quickly, get them out and our guys in!”

“He’s on his way, that one there. She likes that one, put it in the lot!”

I’ll go with it. They probably put a load of actors there to pose as employees. Or duplicated people? Maybe half human half something else? Absolute head fudge. Too far, it can’t be that mad. Anything is a possibility at this point. ‘I wish they just told me how it works!’

“You’ll figure it out,”

Great. I’m going to have to play the guessing game and go the long way around.

“It’s got everything he needs, it will suit him well,”

“He’s about to pull into the car park, act normal!”

‘When’s Ashton Kutcher going to jump out and say: “You’ve been punked!“’

I’m looking at the people like.... Are you human? This is crazy to even doubt people’s species. “What are you after?” The salesman says, with a weird look in his eyes. “I don’t know, something fast and sporty.” He takes me to a nice C350 Merc. I step in, it’s much fudging nicer than my B-Class. All spec’d up and with power behind the accelerator. Mine’s a bit slow to be fair. The seating position is far lower than I thought it would be. Big wheels with anti-curbing recessed alloys. Nice. “How much?”

It’s in my price range. I’ll get a loan for the rest and if I get accepted, it’s a sign and it’s mine. Three years young, that’s new enough for me. I could go to the effort of privately selling my car and then shopping around but fudge it. I wasn’t even allowed to test drive it but buy it on the spot. Paperwork signing time and I get a paper cut and bleed on the forms. Signed with blood. Everyone in the office is looking at me weirdly. Like they’re possessed. Smiling like they know who I am, but they’re not saying that they do and I have to go along with the charade. It’s weird as fudge and making me uncomfortable. ‘Hurry up and get this fudging show over and done with!’

Roll out of the forecourt and put my foot down on the beast. And boy can she fudging go! Bit of lanes driving, much more responsive. I wasn’t careful at all, I felt instantly comfortable with the speed. This is definitely me. Tinted windows and aggressive styling. Engine gargling deeply, slipping the clutch with instantly controllable wheel spins. One twitch of the foot gives an immense buzz filling my stomach. This is what I needed right now!

On the way back, and the radio’s on.

‘She’s got good taste if she did choose this one’

“I did choose that one for you!”

Time to see what it can do. I’m going to absolutely rag this thing ahahahaha! “Be careful!” I hear. Fudge that, it’s my toy, I’ve got this!

Quick off the mark, loads of torque. Apparently a load of upgrades according to the radio. Probably all sorts of technology that some I don’t even want to know about. I’m sure there will be all sorts of mind-reading and tracking stuff. But ahh well, it’s happening now, just go with it. I’m in their hands. I’m giving them chances to either be on my side or fudge me over. No police, no cameras, all good to kick back and enjoy. When I drive like this; My mind can’t occupy itself with anything else. Just me, the road ahead and adrenaline rushing.

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