all summer in a day

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from the short story, all summer in a day, I present an alternative ending.

saffron shay
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alternative ending

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From the second the children opened the door it didn’t look like she moved, Margot sat alone in the corner grasping her legs, head down so only her hair was visible. After Margot stood up and went to walk out, only to be stopped.

“Margot please, I’d like to say a few things,” Williams stated but Margot stood there in disbelief.

“... Did you see it? Did you see the sun?” Margot asked looking up at him. He slowly nodded his head, then shamefully put it down looking at the floor.

“How was it?” She questioned.

“It was... it was warm like you said and I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you, Margot, we all are,” William stated looking sad.

“Oh... well that’s alright but I can’t say for sure that I’ll forgive you at this moment in time. So now if you’ll excuse me I need some time to think about some things,” Margot said while making her way to the shared rooms.

At the sound of the roar of the new rain that grazed every window, now and then a clap of thunder brought the children back into reality. As the third clap of thunder brought them back, they were surprised no crying was heard. Soon the children got worried because they noticed William was no longer present. At first, they believe he just went to go find the teacher, but once they got to her she said she didn’t know where he was.

As they looked and looked, they didn’t find him. Once they thought they checked everywhere, they heard chatting from a nearby room, Margot’s shared room.

“I told you already! I want to be alone!” Someone shouted.

“Please! I need to apologize for what I did!” Another spoke protesting.

“But I want to be alone, William! Please understand! Please... I just want to be alone,” the first person spoke.

“Okay, okay, fine! But please let me say it when the times right. Bye Margot...” Willaim said sadly.

“Goodbye William...” Margot spoke quietly.

Soon the children began to panic and ran to be unnoticed. As the hours went by the teacher finally got worried. As Margot made her way towards the living room, she found that everyone was all cleaned up and ready to eat.

Soon when everyone was all ready for dinner, they settled in and chatted while taking big chunks of home-cooked food. While the meal went by, the teacher surprised the children with cookies. The warmth from the batch made the kids joyfully skip back to their seats for the yummy goodness. Biting down on the warm, creamy feel of the home-cooked deliciousness, the hot discern slightly burned the children’s tongue leaving them with sour-like faces.

Soon time went by like a rocket, with the next few years going by with Margot and William not having the time to talk or discuss. As four years went by, the teacher and the children had a very large-scale event planned out for Margot’s late birthday gift.

“Okay, class! Can anyone tell me something new about the sun?” The teacher asked sweetly, bringing back some deja vu.

Everyone looked at the teacher except for Margot.

“Margot? Would you like to share a poem or anything with us?” She politely urged.

“Oh um... no thank you miss,” Margot said fiddling with her fingers.

“Are you sure? I’d love to hear one. But you don’t have to and I completely understand,” she finished.

“It’s okay miss, I’d rather not though,” Margot spoke looking up.

As what felt like an eternity to Margot turned out to be only a few minutes, so as of now the teacher wanted to announce to everyone.

“Okay everyone, please settle down! I’d like to make an announcement... thank you, so as many of you know what I’m about to say. So, Margot, we’ve decided for a long and hard time, we’ve conducted a little treat for you as a late birthday gift. We’re going to Earth!” The teacher exclaimed. From the sound of that, Margot’s face popped out with excitement and was very pleased with this news said.

“Wait really? WHo? What? When?” Margot spoke rather quickly. “But who’s idea?”

More than half the hands pointed to William and the rest to the teacher. Margot gave a heartwarming smile to William which he gladly returned.

Soon as the years went by, they took yearly trips to Earth and they all had a marvelous time, running around and enjoying the warm feel of the sun. Margot was the happiest person when they started taking yearly trips on her birthday. When finally Margot was more than satisfied, William got the chance to talk to her and have a conversation without them getting mad at one another.

Once everyone had made up and talked through things, the trips got more fun. Margot then discovered that the best way to have fun is with the people you know and care about, or rather something called friendship. As they were all such a huge family, Margot learned that it’s not the environment that makes you, but the people you surround yourself with.

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