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It has been over 100 years since hunters took control of the earth. Forcing the Lycan kind to move into hiding, only being remembered by the humans of that of myths and Legends. Very few packs remain in the kingdom of Livingstoni, and those that do are struggling to survive. After a disastrous hunting accident, Derek, Alpha of the Edwards pack, Gets a once in a million chance to reclaim the thrown. Bringing back power to not only his family but all of Lycan kind. Disclaimer: This book will offend people, and I apologize for that it is not my intention, my only intent is to create dramatic writing that people will continue to read not even necessarily enjoy. In This book there is Sex, Violence, Alcoholism, Death, and pretty much anything else you can think of. So again I’m sorry if you don’t like it but if that is the case I would like to remind you that YOU DONT HAVE TO READ IT. I’m not forcing anyone to continue on with my book that’s the nice thing about books. So again sorry for offending you I swear I’m not a horrible person. On the same note I would like to remind everyone that different people react to situations differently, this includes all of my characters so if you do not agree with their thought process remember you are not them. They are not real. Just characters in my book. Almost done, I am not a writer, like at all. I am a PE major. So this may be bad.

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Ch 1

(Dereks POV)

Derek come down for breakfast” my mother yelled from the kitchen.

Her deep commanding voice could be heard across the house.

I rolled over in bed taking a moment for my eyes to adjust to the blinding light stationed by my bed side before I realized it was already 7:45.
I had, yet again, slept past my alarm. I jumped out of bed still in my boxers. Clearing my door frame and running down the stairs, well I guess, practically falling down them would be more accurate.

You see, today is Sunday, AKA, market day, the single most important day of the week.

As I rounded the corner to the kitchen I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the sight that was presented in front of me.

Today will be day 6 of eating bread for breakfast.

I took my seat and greeted the rest of my family with a smile and a nod before digging into the loaf that was set in front of me.

I sit on the far side of the table, to the left of my father, with my back to the staircase.

Next to me sits Killian, he is the second oldest. Then there is Sam, who is seated next to Killian and across from his twin brother Alex, with my mom stationed in the middle of them.

I know we are seated according to age and for now, rank but I can’t help but think my parents planned it out to keep those two separated on purpose.

I mean, I love my brothers, but the twins can be a bit much. Especially when seated next to each other.

Next to Alex sits James and then last but not least, across from me is the baby of the family, Caleb.

We ate in silence for what seemed like forever, enjoying the quiet of the morning and the soft squish of breakfast bread as we chewed not so silently.

When everyone was finished with their so called meal my father decided to speak.

Derek did you plan out today’s hit?”

I nodded excitedly, brushing my hands on my lap to free the loose crumbs, before taking a stand and clearing my throat.

I know you all remember what happened last May when we hit up the Millers stand.

I was confident with my words, I practiced all last night in front of the mirror memorizing my speech to a tee, which included facial features, hand gestures and planned pauses.

I was thinking we should try again. If we keep hitting on the east side there going to start to catch on and we will have to pause on the hits for a while.

I locked eyes with my dad, nervously awaiting for his reaction, I could feel my palms start to sweat while he sat there, thinking over my preposition.

My dad is the Alpha of our pack. By pack I mean family.

A long time ago, official packs were forced to divide to families in order to keep the hunters at bay. That was a little over a hundred years Ago.

Since then the hunters have slowly diminished, but the Lycan kind continues to be cautious only ever speaking with other packs about every 10 or so years.

To the humans we don’t exist, except in folk lore and fairy tails.

Snapping out of my thoughts I realize I was in the middle of my market day pitch.

I look around noticing my fathers gesture for me to continue.

In May I had the twins cause the initial distraction. Which was my mistake.

A low Growl ripped through the dining room causing the windows to shake.

Apparently Alex wasn’t too happy I called him out.

My head snapped in His direction locking eyes with him. He stood up, knocking his chair over in the process. starring at me with his teeth bared, ready to snap.

I did a quick room assessment. My mom was leaning forward ready to scold my brother for interrupting the pitch while my father sat back in his chair, arms crossed, awaiting my reaction.

Everyone else sat in their seats, stunned at the quick outburst.

Sit down.

I was only 16, but even at that age a future Alphas direct command must be respected whether Alex wanted too or not.

To my surprise he stayed standing, but I could tell he was fighting the demand tooth and nail as he slowly submitted and fell into the floor where his chair should have been.

I do admit, I felt bad.

I rarely used my dominance to control my siblings like that, but family or not This is technically an official meeting and I need the packs respect for my father to entrust me as Alpha.

As I was saying.

I spoke through gritted teeth and could feel my jaw clench, making my annoyance obvious to the rest of my family.

I turned my attention back to the group.

Today we will try a different approach.

Mom, I want you to take Caleb to the north side of the Millers stand and then let him wander off.

I noticed my mother clench her jaw. clearly unhappy with the thought of Caleb wondering around by himself.

I get it, he’s the baby and only 10, that and the roads can be crowded on market days.

Don’t worry mom, James and Sam will be on the roof of the fabric store keeping a eye on him.

She nodded, obviously still upset with the idea of letting her baby wander off.

After Caleb gets far enough away I want you to start yelling for him.
Mom, you need to be convincing so scream, cry, run around, do what you have to do to get everyone’s attention.

She nodded and I could see a little smirk play on her lips. She loves acting and I must admit she is incredible at it.

She can fake cry, do accents, pass out, the whole shebang. It’s quite a show.

Once everyone is distracted looking for Caleb, Killian and I will run past the south side and take as much as we can. As we’re leaving I need Alex to grab Caleb in the east side and bring him back to mom while Killian and I escape to the west.

I stayed standing. Focusing solely on my father, waiting for him to meet my gaze or give me some sort of reaction.

I have been pitching the market day plan for a few months now and I think I have been doing a pretty good job of it, but as I am not full Alpha I still need his approval for the plan to be carried out.

You could feel the tension thicken in the room as the others also awaited his reaction. All eyes were on the alpha.

You understand what happens if you get caught correct?

He growled, locking his eyes with mine.

I do.

I held his gaze with the same intensity that his held.

Holding the gaze of a alpha is a direct challenge to his rank. If I wasn’t the first born and alpha in training I would be dead, instead it is my job to challenge him. Show him my worth, my strength, my fire.

Though my dad is around the age of 50, he looks to be in his late 30s.

he towers over me. He is 7’ 1”, and to be frank, completely shredded.

One of the perks of being a Lycan I guess, that is, along with the shifting.

Finally. My dad gives his nod of approval and we all run out of the kitchen and up to our bedrooms, eager to get dressed and begin the hit.
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