Dear Luke

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Chapter 9

September 26, 2013

My brother has been a pain at school so far. He steals candy and eats it. Then, he accused me of lying about whether or not I have a boyfriend. He thinks you are my boyfriend. You wore a maroon and black striped polo shirt today, and jeans. This marked the first time I have seen you wear something other than soccer clothes. For some reason you seem to think moonwalking is walking backwards on your tip-toes. And your “ninja moves” they really suck, but they are hilarious. You are my best friend, and you make me laugh constantly. I really appreciate that, even if I never told you to your face.

Your friend,


October 4, 2013

Dear Luke,

I am off the tennis team, and they have been on a losing streak ever since.We just came back from Florida.We sttayed on the same floor as the Griffin’s. That means that I got to see Jax everyday. Funny thing is, the more I saw, the less I liked him. I can’t even find three reasons to like him..other than the fact that he is totally hot of course. I can find many reasons to hate him though. He talks back to his parents, he is rude, and worst, he takes one bite out of something, and then dumps it.

Your friend,


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