Dear Luke

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Chapter 19

June 24, 2015

Dear Raine,

I stayed up all night reading your letters. Then I read them again. And another time after that. At some points I laughed, and at some points I cried. It was beautiful and brave that you were able to harbor all of this in a series of letters to me. I’m glad that you feel you can trust me so completely. This year is your last year, and then you will join me here. Don’t even try to make that face. You will make it. And when you do, I will be here waiting for you just like always. Another thing. I love you too. I didn’t tell you cause I could’ve sworn you only liked me as a friend. I tried flirting and asking about your weekend and stuff. I guess we are both just really different than those people who create personality quizzes, am I right? Lol. I really think you should try and patch things up with your parents. If the last thing you say to them is something mean...well you’d never have the chance to tell them how much they have impacted you. No matter what they do they love you, and they will help guide you. I know that sounds cliche and all, but it is true.

Look Raine, I’ll always be here for you. We will always be together, even if we are at opposite ends of the country. Love is stronger than any distance.

Your friend,


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