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My eyes danced & surely they sparkled as my soul did Cartwheels walking up to this wonder of a place!

Amber Williams
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It’s got that Razzle Dazzle!!!

This place is pure fascination!!!

Followed by “snaps” you feel me!

Real Magic 🪄!

I’m talking about when you close your eyes because what you are seeing doesn’t seem real, followed by wide eyes realizing that the dream is very much alive & your standing in it!!

My eyes danced & surely they sparkled as my soul did Cartwheels walking up to this wonder of a place!

Endless rows of 🐎 fences lead me abruptly to the entrance of this place. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.
Like it was plucked from the pages of imagination and dropped in the midst of the country side.

The giant 🐊 that is the door handle surprises my hand with its smooth underbelly. It opens the way to stepping into creation at its finest!

Let’s go in shall we!

Natural Light streams in from all the windows lining the top of the interior. It has a beauty of its own causing little twinkles & sparkles as it shines down for us.

There is so much to soak up & take in!

My eyes searching like butterfly wings landing on so many unique pieces!

Captivated by eclectic tables and chairs!!

The various chess sets of all kinds begging to be played!!

(Note to self: Learn chess already!!!!)

The piano bar! (Not the other kind that you and I love) it’s a piano that’s transformed into a actual bar!!

The list of refurbished treasures goes on as far as ingenuity wants it to go!!

‘We always finish one project before another and we never feel like an idea is too big.’ Elizabeth tells me.

They let their unorthodoxed artistry run wild and my heart is so big with love for them doing that!!!

Different is so rare and special and needed.

We need places that causes a ‘wow’ escape our lips in whispers, places that let you know ‘it’s ok to try, to create, to be.’
Places where each item had a story & a past before it was transformed to be enjoyed & create more stories for more people.

The Little Chapel is like something you would only see in the movies! And it’s right here in Pilot Point, Tx y’all!!!

You can really feel that these two have put their everything into each part of this place!!

From the charming Bed N Breakfast that over looks The Little Chapel, to the giant butterfly who can actually flap its mechanical wings!!

If you are looking for that rare find that will set your special day or event apart- you gotta add this place to your bucket list!

Sitting with Elizabeth is like sitting with a long time friend! She is both beautiful & kind, & a wonderful host! The whole esthetic of the environment they created is both electric & calm at the same time!

This whimsical venue is guaranteed to be in the memories of your guests long after the event takes place!
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