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A LOT OF TRIGGER WARNINGS [ read in dark mode for better experience ]

Other / Drama
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Monique goes by she/her pronouns and she’s dark-skinned. She’s a big hypocrite and she has a lot of pet peeves. She’s definitely the crackhead of the group. She usually dresses based on her mood and whatever is in her closet. She’s also a loud, inquisitive person. She is super bold and will stick up for her friends if anyone crosses them. She will never hesitate to put someone in their place. She’s also super flirty and bold.


Ash goes by they/them pronouns and they are light-skinned. They’re a super nice person and they’re always on the lookout for their friends. They’re the mom of their friend group. They’re not a very outgoing person but deep down they would do anything for anyone they care about. But we’ll get into that later. They’re normally a shy person but whenever they are around Monique, they loosen up.


Indigo goes by they/them pronouns and they are Asian. They’re super independent and observant meaning they notice small details about people. They are sensitive and have a lot of relations with Monique. They’ve known each other since they were in pre-k. They weren’t always super close but they grew a lot closer as they grew up. Indigo also has anxiety. They’re the creative one of the group and they’re very sarcastic.


Aran goes by he/him pronouns and he’s also Asian. He’s super blunt and straightforward. He’s not scared to say the truth. Aran and Monique don’t have a deep relationship like Monique does with Ash and Indigo. But Monique trusts him more than people she’s known for her whole life. He’s one of those good-looking guys that a lot of girls always drool over. But he has his heart set on someone already.


Okay basically, they’re a small friend group. There used to be 3 other people but we’ll get into that. They’re all 16 and semi-close. They all have different personalities but still manage to relate. P.S: In this story, Covid-19 isn’t a thing because I need a world without it. They are gonna attack racism issues, homophobia, islamophobia, drama with friends, deaths, and a lot more. There will be angst, fluff, and smut.

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