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𝗌𝖺𝗆𝖾 𝖽𝖺𝗒 𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗀𝗈𝗎𝗍 | 𝗆𝗈𝗇𝗂𝗊𝗎𝖾 𝗉𝗈𝗏

We finally made it to the mall and I felt relieved to feel the warmth on my skin. “This is the mall. You can basically find or do anything here,” I said. “There’s a movie theater all the way on the other side but they’re so expensive for no reason,” Ash said. “There’s a diverse variety of food you can eat depending on what you like I guess,” Indigo added. “So do you guys wanna split up or something?” I asked.

“Hmm sure,” Indigo said. “Okay I’ll go with Ash and Denzel,” I said. “Okay,” they both said. “We’ll meet back here in half an hour?,” I said. “Yeah cool”. “See y’all later” Indigo waved. We continued walking around the mall, just showing Denzel around. I was just looking inside a small shop when I feel eyes on me. I look over my shoulder to see Denzel just staring at me. “What the...,” I said. “Giving very much Ted Bundy,” I said.

“Why are you staring at her?,” Ash asked, raising an eyebrow. “Uh- I... I don’t know-,” he stuttered. “Bruh you’re creepy,” I stated. “Agreed...,” Ash said. “Man whatever,” he said. “Okay-“. We just shrugged the problem off and moved on. “Ash you okay?” I asked them. “Huh? Yea I’m fine. I just don’t trust him,” they whispered. “I get that. He’s kinda off-” I said.

“But it’s okay. I’m not going anywhere,” I smiled. “Good,” they said. I shivered again. What is up with me today... “What are y’all talking about?” Denzel asked, butting in our conversation. “Oh my... mind your business,” I glared at him again. “So rude,” he pouted. “Tough,” I said.

Ash just started wheezing and then I joined them. “You guys wanna go get food?,” I asked. “Sure,” they both said. We walked back down to the food court. We all went to different restaurants. I ordered a milkshake and a large fry and walked to where Ash was while I waited for my food. “What did you get?,” I asked. “A frappé and a croissant,” they smirked. I just giggled and leaned on the counter. “Where’s Denzel?,” I asked Ash. “Uhhh I don’t know where he went,” they said. “Oh never mind I see him,” I said. I pointed to the other side of the food court where Denzel was talking to a cashier. “ORDER #24" someone yelled. I cocked my head to my left and realized it was my order.

“Thank you,” I said as they gently handed me my food. I sipped the milkshake and my eyes rolled to the back of my head from the taste. “Damn is it good?” Ash asked me. “Yes. It very much is,” I smiled. “Oh my...,” Ash rolled their eyes. “Want some?,” I held the drink out in front of me. Ash leaned forward and took a long sip. ( SLUUUUUURPS )

A thought came to my head and I smirked. “We basically just had an indirect kiss,” I said. “Wait what... OHHH” Ash said. Then we both started laughing. “Wanna have a real one?” Ash asked me, smirking. It caught me super off guard which made my eyes widen. “Chileee you’re down bad,” I said laughing. “I was serious but ok,” Ash said laughing with a hint of disappointment.

“Oh okay”. I leaned forward and gave Ash a kiss on the lips. “I-,” they became flustered. “What? You said you were serious,” I smirked. “I didn’t think you would actually do it...” they rubbed the back of their neck. “Well I did,” I smiled. “DID Y’ALL JUST KISS?!,” Indigo asked, coming out of nowhere. “Uhhh yes?,” I said.

“That’s crazy,” Ashanti said, feeling a bit jealous. ( BUT WE WILL GET INTO THAT). “You in my business? Yea don’t do that,” I said. “Sus,” Aran said. “Eh? How?,” I said, raising my eyebrow. “Sus,” he said. “Oh, my-,” Ash said. “Well now that we’re all here, I guess we can all sit at one table,” Indigo said.“Well, you guys can go and order your food, me and Ash will find a table,” I said. “Okay,” everyone said. Ash and I found a table with about 8 seats which were more than we needed, but all the other tables didn’t have enough.

We placed our food down and sat down. We just talked while we waited for everyone to come back. The first one to come back was Ashanti. “So what was that about?,” she asked. “What was what about?” we both said. “The kiss,” she said. “Are you still on that?,” I said. “I mean yea,” she said, looking down.

I wasn’t very good at reading people, but anyone could see that she was jealous. But why?

“Ashanti just mind your fucking business,” Ash stated. “Why’re you getting so defensive it’s not like you guys are together... right?” Ashanti questioned. “No of course not just stop,” I replied. Ash looked a bit hurt but then the other started making their way over and they put on a smile. But Monique noticed. I’ll call them later. “I’m sensing bad energy,” Aran said. “Same,” Indigo and Denzel said.

“Could we just drop it?” I said. “Yea,” Ash added. “No,” Ashanti said. “Excuse me?,” I raised an eyebrow. “It’s not for you to decide,” Ash said. “Whatever,” Ashanti said, sitting down. Everyone sat down then my worst fear, things became awkward. Not between anyone but the tension at the table was uncomfortable. And that bothers me more than anything.

“Okay I don’t like this energy,” I blurted out. “Same here,” Ash said, taking one of my fries. “You did not just-,” I said with my mouth open. “It’s okay because you love me,” Ash smiled. “Manipulation,” I smiled. I peeked at Ashanti rolling her eyes but I really didn’t wanna deal with her right now so I brushed it off. “How long have all of you guys been friends?,” Denzel asked.

“I met Aran and Ashanti in middle school, but I’ve known Ash and Indigo since elementary school,” I stated. “Damn,” he said. “What?” Ash asked. “Nothing,” he said, looking down. “Bruh you’re so weird,” Ash said. “Shut up,” he said. “You might have had the right day, but you got the WRONG bitch. Tell them to shut up again, and I will rock your jaw,” I glared. “Woah calm down Jamal. Don’t pull out the 9" he said. “You’re not funny,” I said.

Great. He just ruined my mood. “I don’t feel good. I’m gonna head home,” I said. “I’ll go with you,” Ash said. “Okay,” I said, getting up. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” I waved at everyone. “Bye,” everyone said. “Monique, wait up,” Denzel said. “What?” I said in a harsh tone. “Could I talk to you?” he said. “About?” I said, raising an eyebrow. “Something”.

“Whatever you tell me, I’m gonna tell Ash later anyways so you might as well just say it here,” I said. “Okay. I just wanted to apologize,” he said. “EH? You should be apologizing to Ash, not me,” I said. “Okay. I’m sorry for being rude,” he said to Ash. “It’s okay”. “Okay is that it because I’m ready to leave,” I said, being fed up with him.

“Yea I guess...“. “See you tomorrow. Let’s go, Ash,” I said, grabbing Ash’s hand and walking out of the mall. “You okay, Ash?,” I asked, rubbing their back. “Yea...,” they said. “No you’re not, call me when you get home,” I said. “Okay”. We walked in comfortable silence with the cold wind blowing in the air.

word count: 1305

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