Forgotten by the Sun

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Nothing is as it seems. The stories we were told growing up as myths and legends were everything but that. Amika Fernandez couldn't seem to stay away. Everything about Rhayne and his family captivated her. Will she be able to handle the truth?... The secrets of this world?

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On the Run

Amika threw her hair up into a bun, grabbed her coat, and ran downstairs as quickly as she could. School and late went hand and hand like peanut butter and jelly the past couple of weeks for her. Speaking of which – she grabbed her lunch from the refrigerator.

“Good morning sweetheart, I made breakfast,” her mom said in her usual calming voice.

“Mom looks great. Gotta go though!” Amika yelled over her shoulder as she rushed past her screaming baby sister.

“But sweetheart,” she caught her arm and whirled her around, “you have to eat something.”

Amika glanced over to her mother as she reluctantly grabbed a breakfast bar off the counter. “Kay, love you, bye!” she called over her shoulder as she burst through the front door, taking two porch steps down at a time.

Of course, standing there in the driveway was one of her best friends, Andrew.

“Morning.” She smiled as she ran to him.

“It’s about time,” he curtly replied. “Dreaming about me again are we?” She playfully punched him in the arm. Andrew grinned as they began to walk.

Amika just seventeen and loving every moment of it. Not too old yet to be expected to take on the pressures of being a contributing functional productive member of society, which to her just meant she was still young enough to have fun.

Her lightly tanned skin complimented the bright sunlit morning as she helped her golden-brown hair out of its prison of a bun to fall well past her shoulders.

A playful intelligent glint danced like fire in her quite large brown eyes; which were only complimented by a slim curvaceous figure. No more than 5”3 in height, which Andrew used for his never-ending personal amusement.

Andrew on the other was a different story entirely. Sporting way too dark brown hair, pale ghostly white skin, and matching ocean blue eyes. At 5”11 – swearing 6’0 – and considering himself “the sense of humor” of the group. He was a sight to see, and be around… and unfortunately have to listen to.

“What time is it Andrew?” Amika asked.

Andrew looked at his watch and answered dryly, “Ten till eight.”

“Are you serious! Oh my gosh, we’re going to be late, Andrew!” Amika shouted. Andrew just laughed in response, rolling his eyes. It wouldn’t be the first time. Or the second time. Or the third time for that matter. In fact, this little trend would become quite the routine over the next several weeks. They bolted down the street in a useless attempt to make it on time.

Nikki was ready as usual as they ghosted past her neighbor’s house. The last of their little ragtag team to tag along as she stood waiting on the sidewalk in front of her house all ready to join them in their desperate dash.

Waiting until they were about a good twenty yards away, she bolted in the same direction.

“How much time do we have left?” she yelled over her shoulder to them.

“Ten minutes!” both Amika and Andrew yelled back in response.

Andrew laughed. “Hey!”

“What?” the girls asked in unison.

“I hope you guys have a good time in detention!” he called out as he swooped past them on his skateboard.

“That’s not fair!” Amika cried.

Nikki paused for her other friend to catch up.

By the time they got to the school, they had but a minute to spare. Amika and her friends were currently attending Lakeview High school in Oakford.

“Okay,” Amika said panting, “guess I’ll see you guys at the second hour,” she said, as she parted through them and walked to her first-period class - Physics.

“So,” Nikki started as Andrew and her walked towards English, “how’s your concussion healing?”

“What concussi-” he started, but had trouble finishing as she smacked him upside the head.

“That one,” she replied.

“You’re just mad that I was leading the way for us on my skateboard.”

“Oh, was that what you were doing? How gentlemanly of you. My hero.”

“Well someone has to be.” He smiled proudly.

Nikki rolled her eyes. “How have you made it this far?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know, dumb luck? Devilishly good looks? How does anyone get by these days?”

“Andrew…’’ she started.

“Oh, and it was very pleasant actually,” he answered, laughing.

“What was?” she asked, as they arrived at the door of their English class.

“The breeze as I rode past by you.”


Amika and her friends walked home from school that following Friday afternoon discussing their plans for the coming weekend. Something they did every Friday.

“I say we should do our nails,” Nikki started.

“I think we should do our toenails,” Andrew said with loads of sarcasm. “And then we can watch the movie Breakfast Club.”

Amika chuckled. “I know what we can do, something we will all want to do – like, go out for pizza and a movie?”

“As long as it isn’t a girlie one,” Andrew mumbled under his breath. “We know how that went down last time.”

“Okay, it’s a deal then.” Amika smiled wickedly. “We’ll all watch Mean Girls.”

“You mean the movie I’ve been watching my entire life?” he replied. Nikki punched him in the arm before he could dodge it.

The next two days flew by fast, and a fresh new school week was about to begin.

“So, what did you guys think about the movie?” Amika asked, while they walked in the brisk morning air towards Lakeview High. A slight mist covered the ground as they walked across the damp-covered pavement. The first rain of the new season made everything smell crisp and new. The scent of pine mixed with fresh morning air was a refreshing break from all the heat and sunshine.

“I thought it was scary,” Nikki answered.

Andrew snickered. “It was hella ridiculous,” he said.

“What? That movie was scary as heck, how was it ‘ridiculous’ Andrew?” Nikki asked eyebrows raised.

“How? Ha, what do you mean how?” He laughed. “Did you see the way the blood squirted like, oh I don’t know - fifty feet away from the body!?”

“No. I didn’t. I was kind of distracted by the little girl’s sobs throughout the background of the entire film, or oh I don’t know, how random main characters just kept disappearing, and then suddenly jump out scaring you out of your seat. Plus,” she said indignantly. “I guess I just don’t pay attention to those kinds of things.”

“And,” he continued, ghosting right past her arguments. “the people are dumb . . . in every single scary movie I swear the smartest guy or girl of the group are always doing the most intelligent things. Like checking the knocked-on door in literally the middle of nowhere by opening it and then just waltzing around outside like ‘Hello there! I couldn’t seem to find my paint, so just imagine the target that’s on my back is red!’” Nikki tried to object but Andrew waited until she opened her mouth to continue. “Cause it will be in about thirteen seconds!” He started counting to thirteen stopping at three – only to jump out at Nikki, shouting, “DID I SAY THIRTEEN?!” She screamed and went to hide behind Amika.

Amika tried to defend her friend. “Andrew . . .” she started, but she was secretly still recovering herself from his rendition of the films iconic jump scares. “It’s just a movie, no one in real life would actually-”.

“Or where the guy who has his shirt off the entire movie because for some reason mosquitoes obviously don’t exist in movie marshlands of the south – says, ‘hey, I have an idea. Let’s all split up so he can slowly pick us off to accelerate the plotline.’”

“Andrew-” Amika said with a smile, but it was too late, he had become Rantdrew once again.

“And what gets me the most! Is when the killer is chasing them and they just decide that stopping off at Starbucks and then hiding in a shed is a good idea. The hell with that! If that were me getting chased, I would keep running until he got tired. Shoot, I would run to the next city if I had to. But nooooo, they stop, and then you wait, and then they’re like ‘hey I think the coast is clea-’ CKkkkk dead. And not just like, ‘oh hey there’s a knife in my back’ – ahh! No, of course, it’s always in a way that’s physically impossible in real life. They have to literally bend the laws of reality.

They stared at him for a few seconds, Amika with a half expectant smile on her face, Nikki a sour look on her face.

“But what if the killer or killers never get tired, then would you hide?” Amika asked.

“Oh, wait like infected people who can run after you?” he asked. “Well, then they’re all dead. I’d just pray I was immune or something.”

“So, you wouldn’t hide?” Amika asked slyly.

“Well…I mean in a situation like that,” they were interrupted by Nikki.

“You would hide like the coward you are,” she pointed out.

Andrew threw her the middle finger.

Several minutes passed of the three walking in silence, lost in their thoughts.

“Finally!” Andrew groaned. “We’re here.”

Amika was pulled out of the depths of her thoughts as they arrived at the front gates of Lakewood High.

“Why is it always so cold?” Nikki asked out of nowhere.

“Cause it’s winter, Nikki.” Andrew rolled his eyes as if he’d gone through this a million times with her before.

Nikki glared at him.

Andrew closed his eyes and sighed. “I swear Nikki, you have something going on and I’m not quite sure what it is. Nobody but you has it.”

Nikki clenched her fist, pulling her arm back, going in for another punch. “You really know how to piss me off Andrew.”

Andrew snickered as he dodged the blow. “Glad I’m doing a good job at it.”

“Yeah seems to be the only good thing your good at” she growled.

“I’ll see you guys in the second hour,” Amika interrupted, taking a few steps away from them. She smiled as she faintly heard Andrew and Nikki going at it.

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