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Trust the magic of new beginnings.

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Life is about meetings and endings and every book has a begin and end just like every life. So come and see mine and see how the magic unravels within. 1 way of living ? 2 ways of thinking? 3 people in your life? 4 reasons to leave ? 5 times you got told ? 6 emotions? 7 angels 8 ways of manipulating 9 affirmation and 10 a new beginning?

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Note to self (intro)

Day 1: Note of a lost soul

Dear Self,

It’s been a long time since we done this I don’t really know what’s changed to be honest not much lol apart from I’m still fucked in the head but that’s not why I’m writing. It’s the “End” now (long pause) and I don’t mean the end like that if you know what I mean, I mean the end of that era and time for a new one. It’s time to see the magic of new beginnings and I can just feel it’s here.

So let me show what I mean In 3,2,1

I am here, I am present, I am alert
My hearts weights heavy but still hurts
It’s hard not to feel hopeless but it’s mind over… focus!
Everyday my pain feeds away at the empty bottom human they call me the one with greed and straight up animosity but hey what can I say just a London girl tryna find her way big city, big light, big car, big dreams but no one to confind in hopeless is what I call it. So share with me your little thoughts and even the ones you may have thought was silly but really was your cry for help let me help please.

Sincerely yourself
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