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Chapter 14

After the session had finished Jared and Max left with the promise they’d be back the same time next week. Jared had left me a lot of homework to do; keeping up the recall training, making sure to use the command ‘heel’, he said that consistency is the key, every time I make the command it needs to be the same, so Luci learns it and is never unsure of what I want, he also reminded me of the visual commands and their importance before he left.

I thought getting Luci to keep his attention on me would be difficult for some reason, but he’d made it look so easy, once I’d used the command ‘watch’ whilst tapping by my eye and a demonstration from Jared and Max he’d done it perfectly. During play he always had an eye on me, even when Jared stood there with another bag of fish cubes, calling his name a few times. The first time his head had started to turn but he’d corrected it, eyes going straight back to my face keeping track of my hands, he understood what I wanted from him; total focus on me, no one else.

I was incredibly proud of him, he’d done so well.

He’d tired himself out playing with Max and I’m sure his mind wanted a break from all that concentration, so after we’d said our goodbye’s to Jared and Max I headed towards the sitting room and Luci dutifully followed. “Shift for me please Luci, and pull on some clothes.” I told him. In one of the cabinets in the sitting room I’d left a few sets of clothes for him, they were loose and comfortable clothes, ones for wearing around the house.

I headed into the kitchen whilst he dressed and made myself another coffee, by the time I’d gone back to the sitting room Luci had changed and was waiting patiently. He’d gotten so much better at putting on clothes, he still struggled a little with buttons and poppers but he had almost mastered the zip, as long as the catch wasn’t difficult he could pull them up without any problems.

I set my coffee down on the table next to the arm of the sofa, there was a coaster there of course, I might have the money to replace the table many times over but that was just wasteful, looking after my things well gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I sat down and turned on the tv, flicking through the channels for a moment to find something to watch, once I’d settled on a programme my eyes left the screen and I looked up at Luci. “Sit down.” I patted the space beside me and he certainly didn’t need to be told twice.

I leaned forward, a smile quirking my lips as Luci wrapped his arm around me, deep purrs rumbling in his chest. I let him pull me against him and relaxed with a sigh, tilting my head to let him lick my neck a few times. At first I’d found it quite strange, but I soon became comfortable with it, it was an affectionate gesture and Luci’s tongue was rough, the feel of it running over my skin was actually quite pleasant.

He nosed the damp skin and dipped his head to rest his chin on my shoulder, currently more focused on me than what was on the tv.

I gently raked my fingers through his hair, feeling him shiver and lean in for more when I scraped my nails over his scalp, slowly rubbing behind his ears with some pressure, something I found he really liked. He sagged against me, sounding like a motor with how much he was purring. My other hand rubbed circles on his back and his purrs turned a little vocal when I slipped my hand under his shirt and glided my hands over his incredibly warm back, the skin there soft and smooth. “You did so well today Luci, I’m extremely proud of you.” I praised him.

He squeezed me tighter and seemed to almost tremble with happiness. “Luci did good master?” he asked me in a breathy voice brimming with elation.

“Yes Luci, very good.” I assured, almost a trilling purr coming from him when I pressed my lips to his cheek, the tip of my tongue brushing his skin on purpose before I pulled away. “Such a good boy.” I murmured in his ear.

He let out a few panted breaths, whining softly. “Master called me a good boy.” he whispered to himself in awe.

I smiled at his adorableness, letting my cheek rest against his, my arms wrapping around him as I settled to watch tv.

He fell asleep after about ten minutes, still purring but softer now in his slumber, his body a warm weight against me and I cooed wordlessly, running my fingers through his silky black hair, his head having fallen on my shoulder and settled in the crook of my neck.

I pulled out my phone, scrolling through my contacts. What friend should I call first? Probably Victor, he was the one who usually hosted our get-togethers and made it his business to know our other friends schedules. I dialled his number and held the phone to my ear, my fingers absentmindedly playing with a lock of Luci’s hair. His scent had become so familiar to me, that sage and rich musky smell was comforting and since Luci loved bodily contact I often smelt it on me, I didn’t mind, scenting me made him very happy.

After a few rings I heard the click as he picked up. “Quill?” he sound both confused and surprised, I was embarrassed to admit that I was never the one calling, I never made the first move in organising our catch-ups, or just talking in general with them, I knew it was bad but they put up with it, so they obviously didn’t take it to heart, probably understanding my dislike for casual phone calls.

“Don’t sound so shocked Victor.” I rolled my eyes.

“Why? I’m just surprised you know how to make a phone call, I don’t think you’ve called me before, like ever.” he remarked and I puffed out a breath, had I really never called him before?

“Yeah whatever, I was just wondering when we’ll all be meeting up next?”

“You want to meet up? Quill wants to voluntarily socialise?” I heard rustling then the sound of a door sliding open.

“What are you doing Victor?” I questioned.

“Looking outside to see if there are any flying pigs.”

“Oh fuck you asshole.” I laughed. “Am I not allowed to want to catch up? I have something to tell you guys.”

“Quill, something has actually happened in your boring life other than Parker being a dick?” he sounded sceptical, very much so.

“Hey, my life is not boring.” I grumbled.

“Keep telling yourself that, maybe you’ll start believing it.” he snorted. “And I haven’t set up the next meet yet, Darwin’s been so fucking busy for some reason but I’ll give everyone a call and see when they’re free, I’ll get back to you.”

“Alright, no problem, for some incentive I got a pet and I plan on bringing him to the next meet, I’m sure Darwin’s schedule will open right up when you tell him.” I mused with a grin.

“No bloody way?! Fucking finally!” Victor yelled down the phone and I winced at the level.

Luci stirred and I hushed him softly, my fingers carding through his hair once more. He snuggled closer with a sleepy snuff, whining when I pressed a kiss to his forehead but drifting back off, his body going lax once again.

“I gotta go, they’re not going to fucking believe this!” he ended the call and my phone beeped in my ear. I locked it and dropped it onto the coffee table with a sigh, remembering my coffee I picked it up and took a few hearty sips, so thankful I’ve got a mug that keeps the coffee hot, it wasn’t cheap but I had a habit of forgetting my coffee, so it was well worth it.

I leaned back in the corner of the sofa, toeing off my shoes and twisting around to put my feet up, my legs laying over Luci’s lap, gently guiding Luci’s head to rest on my chest and I saw a flutter of blue eyes as he shifted. I put one leg behind him and he sat between them, his upper body resting against mine with a quiet purr. He wiggled up until his nose pressed to my throat once again, curling up on his side and settling. I pulled the blanket off the back of the sofa and covered him with it, my arms going around him once again, my hands resting on his hip under the covers.

I watched the tv, letting my head rest on his so I didn’t strain my neck, content to just sit here for a while with him sleeping in my arms.

An hour or so must of passed when I heard knocking at the door. I frowned, not expecting anyone else today.

Luci stirred at the sound, yawning and stretching for a few seconds before lifting his head and looking in the direction of the front door with sleep dazed blue eyes. “Who come now master?” he murmured, purring when I brushed out his mused hair with my fingers.

“I don’t know Luci, come on, let’s go and find out.” he made a small groan of complaint but got off of me and off the sofa. I stood, my body feeling heavy and lethargic from sitting still for so long and being under some of Luci’s weight.

I padded towards the door and Luci followed closely behind. I muffled a yawn with the back of my hand, pulling the door open and lifting a brow at the grinning face of Victor, our friends behind him with similar expressions, their pets in tow. “I don’t recall inviting you lot over.” I remarked.

“No times better than the present right? And you didn’t honestly expect us to wait after telling us such news?”

“Touché.” I mumbled. “Well I guess you better come inside then.” I opened the door wider and stepped aside, squeezing Luci’s hand when he slipped it into mine.

My four friends and their pets stepped inside and I closed the door behind them, following them to the sitting room.

Victor was a serious looking man but he was anything but, his family came from Russia and they supplied munitions for the army. He was born here but went to Russia to visit family or for business trips, he had a slight accent, growing stronger if he’d been in Russia recently. His families from the Udmurt Republic specifically and he has their typical flaming red hair kept shorn close to his head, heavily freckled skin and broad shoulders. He’s bear-like in appearance, above six feet tall with beefy limbs and large hands and feet. He has a strong brow, a slightly large forehead (don’t tell him I said that),an oval face, and narrow green eyes, they made him look so stern and serious, his accent makes him seem even more unapproachable but those who know him know he’s an incredibly friendly teddy bear without a serious bone in his body.

His pet was a chicken.

Yes you heard me right.

She was a lovely lady and Victor absolutely adored her, offend her and then you had a reason to fear him.

Her name was Mauri, and she was specifically a Marans chicken, when shifted she was almost all black with a copper neck and a blue tail. In human form, which she was in now she had long black hair, sleek and straight down to her waist. She was just over five feet and slim with small facial features and a copper feathers covering her neck, her collar was black silk weighed down by a bronze teardrop necklace that sat at her throat, her name engraved on the back.

My next friend was Darwin, he was the smallest out of all of us, not much taller than Mauri and even slimmer, his golden hair framed his face in corkscrews and he wore large wireframed glasses on his button nose. He was pale with large doe brown eyes, he dressed like a forty something professor and was about as smart as one. His family owned a computer and software company, their products the most advanced and top of the market.

His pet was a cute West highland Terrier called Charlie, he was all white when shifted and incredibly fluffy. In human form he was actually a little taller and more filled out than Darwin, he had white blonde hair and dark soulful eyes, his adorable little ears atop his head and little tail almost always wagging. He was a little excitable at times and could be very chatty if he was comfortable with you, his collar was blue and made of fabric, and engraved dog-tag handing down from it and clinking quietly.

Third was Evangeline, who we usually called Eva unless she wanted to or was doing something stupid. She was the airhead of the group, free spirited and sometimes a dunce. She laughed loud and often, her dimpled cheeks stretched wide and her eyes closed, she was lucky she had a nice laugh. She’d sing often as well, if not she’d be humming, dancing to a tune only she could hear. She was curvy and tall, her dark brown hair in a long pixie cut that framed her face, her eyes a bright hazel. She was tanned from being outside a lot of the time, she owned a stables, a prestigious one that often housed competition horses.

Unsurprisingly her pet was a horse, Snowball was an Appaloosa, when shifted her legs were all a mid-brown, her tail and mane brown with a dark brown muzzle. She was spotted with a few brown spots and had brown ears. In human form she was a shy women with a thin frame and long legs, her dark brown hair was often platted, her ears very expressive. Although shy and reserved she became a little more confident with those she was comfortable with and was actual quite playful and cheeky if you took the time to get to know her. Her collar was soft leather, loose around her neck, more like a braided necklace with a silver pendant at the end, engraved with her name.

Last but not least was Jacob, he was about as tall as Victor but not as built with narrower shoulders. He had boyish looks and although tall he looked approachable, the thing is he acted how people expected Victor to. He was quite a serious and stoic person. He was a Criminal Defence Lawyer, so I guess he needed his somewhat cold personality as he wasn’t exactly thought highly of because of his job, he needed the thick skin he had and his resting bitch face, which is what Victor calls it, although the others call it his lawyer face. He’s inscrutable, you never know what he’s thinking unless he lets you, Victor hates it and Eva’s made it her goal to crack his hard exterior, without success so far. He keeps his wavy brown hair short and is usually slicked back if he’s been at work, I’d only seen it without product a handful of times. His eyes are a soft dark grey, arched brows above and he’s always clean shaven, always very well put together, he is a lawyer after all.

His pet was a Scottish Fold, a grey cat with large orange eyes and a short but fuzzy coat. Her name was Bell and in human form she was about average height and lithe, her grey hair cut in a smart bob. She was a cat by nature, reserved and liked her space, she was happy to watch and listen. She preferred to stay close to Jacob and wasn’t much of a social person, she liked affection and would rather sit at his side than interact with other shifters. She matched Jacob’s serious air, she was well suited to him, and was fine with his sometimes busy life, comfortable to be left alone and independent but there when Jacob had time, she understood he couldn’t pet her all the time and her cat nature was fine with that.

“Drinks?” I asked, already heading through to the kitchen as they settled on the sofa’s, taking turns stating the drink they wanted.

Luci was following right behind me, our fingers still interlocked, I could tell he was a little nervous meeting so many people suddenly. I was planning on talking about it with him first, but I guess that’s out the window, curtesy of Victor.

Once we were in the kitchen I pulled Luci to me and wrapped my arms around him. “It’s alright, they’re my friends, they’re nice Luci, I promise.”

“Master safe.” he mumbled against my hair, nuzzling my head.

“Yes Luci, you’re safe with me.” I assured.

After a few moments I pulled away and got to making everyone’s drinks, setting them on a little drinks trolley I keep tucked in a small space for such times, there was now ten of us, and although Luci had gotten a lot better with his hands I wouldn’t want to put that on him and I was worried about broken glass injuring him. So instead of me making a lot of trips I just put them all on the trolley and wheeled it into the sitting room.

Everyone took their drinks and I sat down in my previous spot, laying the blanket over the arm of the chair and gently tugging Luci down at my side. I handed him a plastic cup of water, it was clear and looked almost like a glass but wouldn’t shatter when dropped. I watched as he sipped the water, taking it from him and setting it on the coffee table when he was done.

“So… this is him?” Victor mused as he looked Luci over, an arm thrown over Mauri’s small shoulders, with an ankle propped on a knee, looking right at home on the sofa opposite me.

“Yes, this is Luci.” I turned to Luci again and slowly introduced everyone, seeing his eyes find each one, a slight nod coming from him each time.

“Luci?” Eva echoed.

“Oh you can’t talk, you named your pet Snowball.” Victor scoffed, earning a half-hearted glare from her.

“Their my favourite!” she huffed defensively, making her pet blush.

“What’s his shift? He looks almost as big as Jacob.” Darwin inquired, pushing up his glasses and studying Luci. His ears were pulled back a little from nerves and were mostly hidden in his sleep mused hair, his tail out of view behind him.

Jacob just grunted and sipped his scotch.

I gently rubbed Luci’s back to ease his nervousness, and I could feel his eyes on me so glanced over, seeing his pleading gaze. I felt bad for dumping all of them on him at once, he’d just woken up as well, I was expecting a lot of him being around so many people all of a sudden. “Come on then.” I murmured and he shuffled closer, pressing against my side and hiding his face in my neck. “You’re alright.” I soothed, continuing to rub his back and I pressed a kiss into his hair, hearing a soft whine in response, his arms squeezing tightly around my middle.

“He’s a jaguar.” I answered Darwin’s question, noting his surprise.

“He doesn’t a-” Eva started but shut up when I sent a warning look her way.

“He’s from an auction right? Have you had him long?” Darwin continued with the questions.

“He is yes, and I’ve had him for a few weeks, he wasn’t socialised there so I’m trying to slowly get him used to people.” I the last bit whilst looking at Victor with a raised brow and he sent me a sheepish smile in response.

“You should of told me.”

“I didn’t expect you to just show up.” I argued.

Luci still hadn’t calmed, it would be detrimental to make him say in human form any longer, I don’t want him to stop shifting again. I pulled him up with me and led him out of the sitting room and down the hall to his room. I could visibly see him relax and when I lifted his shirt off to pull it up he lifted his arms up quickly. “Shift master?” he looked relieved at the thought.

“Yes Luci, you did so well, I’m incredibly proud of you.” I cupped his cheeks and he nuzzled against them with a purr. “Such a good boy.” I cooed and he froze when I gently licked his cheek.

“Master!” he gasped.

I continued to give tentative licks and gentle pecks to his face, wanting him to know how proud of him I was, he really liked both of them, it was the best way I could think of to get my feelings across.

He seemed so shocked he just stood there for a few moments, then a loud growl came from him and I was attacked with licks and what I think was his attempt of a kiss, his mouth pressing against my skin. His arms wrapped around my waist, keeping me close but I just laughed and allowed him to lick me all over, his rough tongue licking my face, my neck, one was even to my nose. He purred deeply all the while, the occasional trill being added.

We came nose to nose, his blue eyes filled with such happiness looking down at me, his full lips stretched incredibly wide. I was smiling too and I gazed into those eyes, letting them fall closed and brushing our noses.

“Master.” he sighed and moved his head in the same way, making our noses rub some more. I froze when it caused our lips to touch, unsure whether to let the moment pass or to peck his lips. I didn’t want to sexualise Luci, it’s not why I bought him, but I did want to kiss him, to see what is was like, and it was only a peck anyway, right?

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