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Chapter 15

I’d had a really good day so far, but master’s friends showing up so suddenly made me nervous. I’d never met so many people at once and I’d already met some people today, I was also sleepy and tired.

He’d called me a good boy, it felt amazing, my whole body had warmed and so much happiness had filled me I thought I would burst. I wanted him to call me that again, so badly I tried to be comfortable with his friends, I tried really hard, so hard, I knew with master I was safe, and I did, but all those eyes on me made me want to hide, especially since I was in my human form. I still felt weak in it and vulnerable but that was ok with master, with all these people it made me feel a little sick.

Master was the best though, he took me back to my room, knowing how I was feeling, knowing he cared was one of the best feelings, second after being called a good boy, I heard that it was the highest praise for a pet, and it felt like it.

I felt so much relief knowing I could be in my animal form, it gave me confidence and people stared at me differently then, I didn’t like the fear but caution kept them away, stopped them from looking too much in case it angered me, that’s what they believed anyway.

When he called me a good boy again I felt like I could fly, like those little birds I saw out of the window and the butterflies I chased in the garden, and that annoying bee that had landed on my nose.

Then he began to lick me and I was soaring, he also did that think where his mouth pressed to my skin, I didn’t know what it was but I liked it, his lips were soft and they were his. I was so happy I didn’t know how to handle it, my heart felt like it would explode, all this energy filled me, I didn’t know how to let it out but I had to.

So I returned the favour, pulling him too me, loving the closeness and grooming him like he was me, trying to copy that thing with his lips but I don’t think I was doing it right. I wanted to show him how much he meant to me, and this was the only way I knew how. My purrs vibrated my chest, they were so loud and even turned vocal, trills left my throat, a sign of an extremely happy cat.

I groomed him wherever I could reach, I liked everything about him, so I would show all of him the same affection.

My cheeks ached with how much I was smiling, it hurt in the best way and I never wanted to stop.

His vibrant green eyes looked up at me, a smile stretching his own lips and he’d been laughing in a happy way when I’d groomed him. Seeing him happy felt so good, a pet’s job wasn’t just to listen to their master but also to make them happy. A great sense of fulfilment bubbled in my chest, overflowing when he closed his eyes and made our noses touch.

For a cat it was a sign of trust, it said I accept you, that you’re part of my family. I reciprocated, feeling such completeness and acceptance, I felt I belonged with master, even more so now.

He became still when our lips touched, he seemed a little tense, which confused me, a mouth was for grooming, eating, drinking and communicating, none of those would make him tense. So maybe it was a human thing? He did do that thing with his mouth I liked, I saw it as scent marking, a little like grooming I guess, I take it was also affectionate due to the times he did it, normally when praising me or during our special time on the sofa.

After a few moments his lips moved like they normally did, but against my mouth this time, it was quick, like always. Was he marking his territory or something? Was that what he was doing? Saying I was his?

Trills and purrs left my throat, if he was I was more than ok with it, extremely ok with it, I wanted to be his, I was his pet yes, so I was already his property legally, but saying it with body language was very different, it meant he wanted me to be his, like I’m his and nobody else’s, it hit differently.

Master pulled away and helped me with my clothes, I shifted eagerly and bounded around him, now able to get out all that excited and happy energy. I shifted on my paws in front of him, so wanting to jump up and lick him all over but knowing I wasn’t supposed to, I was heavy and I could knock master over, which was dangerous.

He smiled down at me and scratched my head, kicking up my purrs again and I buttled his leg a few times, showing how much I liked my master, it was a cat’s way of expressing their love, a buttle was simply a headbutt.

It got a laugh out of master, a happy and carefree laugh, and he leaned down to pet me and I licked his fingers and rubbed against them, scenting him where ever I could reach.

“Now that’s one happy cat.” One of master’s friends commented from the doorway, I think his name was Victor? He looked big and strong, like Jared did, but he had red hair and his voice sounded a little strange. “And one happy master.” Victor winked at master, making him roll his eyes. I didn’t really get the gesture but I’m sure I’ll learn what it meant soon.

Victor took another few steps into the room and looked around, noting my cage and humming, looking around some more. I didn’t smell any fear from him, I liked that.

I padded over to him and sniffed his hand, smelling his pet on him and some faint oily, greasy smell, he smelled a bit like metal with an cologne covering it almost up, it was interesting.

“So how has socialising him been going?” he asked master, keeping still but he was relaxed, allowing me to sniff him.

Master nodded. “Almost all good, Parker was mean, so I kicked him out and Christopher was so scared I’m surprised he didn’t piss himself, I got him to leave to.

Luci’s friendly and curious, he wants to get to know people but not all at once.” Master started petting me again and I purred and leaned against his leg, looking up at Victor and gently nosing his hand, wanting pets from him too, his hands were big, bigger than my human ones, I wanted to see if it made him good at petting. “He’s incredibly well-mannered, not at all like most people believe jaguars act, he just wants affection and acceptance, he doesn’t like people being fearful of him, I think sometimes he forgets he’s 120kg of predator.” master mused with a slight chuckle.

I snuffed at Victor when he gently scratched my chin, leaning into his touch and getting a smile and more confident scratches. “He’s not what I expected for you Quill, but I can see you’re well suited to each other. You make each other happy and I hope he’ll get you out the house more.” Victor grinned and master rolled his eyes again.

“Yeah yeah, his trainer gave me homework to get him out of the house, so you’re getting your wish.”

“Trainer?” Victor echoed.

“Yes, he’s a pet trainer, an amazing one at that, he’s still a jaguar Victor, he needs to be trained, and he’s protective of me.” master explained. I mean of course I was, he was my master. I wanted him to be safe, I didn’t want him hurt, I’d do anything to keep him from feeling pain emotional or physical.

“Protective how?” Victor scrunched his eyebrows.

“Parker and I got in a verbal argument, Luci stood in front of me and growled, I hired the trainer so I could control Luci in a hostile situation if necessary, not just basic commands. My dad said something that made me understand what buying Luci meant, he said I have a loaded gun in a collar. Luci might be even-tempered and friendly but like everyone he has his limits and it’s my responsibility as his owner to have control of him no matter what.”

Victor nodded in understanding and I looked back at master, I mostly understood what he’d said, I knew Jared came to train me, and I knew the rules of pets, I knew I obeyed my master no matter what, I knew that if I hurt a pet or a human master would be in a lot of trouble and I’d be taken away from him. I didn’t want that, anything but that.

I knew trained protection pets were a certain exception, they guarded places, or people, maybe sometimes both, they defend what their told to and are allowed to attack if someone comes onto territory the pet protects when they’re not allowed or tries to hurt the person their protecting. They have a special licence to allow them to do that, I heard master talking about it to Jared, once I was trained I’d have that licence and I could protect master, I would be allowed to.

“Well I don’t think anyone would mess with you, not with Luci by your side eh?” he grinned down at me and I snuffed in agreement, I hoped I discouraged people from trying to hurt master, but I didn’t want them to fear me, it made me a bit confused, I just wanted to deter people is all.

We went back into the sitting room and I heard some gasps from masters friends and his pets. They were all in human form at the moment but their collars set them apart and the way they sat beside their master. Victors pet Mauri smelt of fear, that upset me a little, and Eva’s pet Snowball, although not as much.

I kept close to master and when he sat down on the sofa in his normal place I sat by his feet. I sought comfort by resting my chin on his thighs and he scratched and petted my head, rubbing behind my ears in just the way I liked, earning some purring from me.

“Are you planning on using Luci for any advertising?” Jacob I think his name was, he looked so serious, his pet leaning against his side with much quieter purrs than mine, her orange eyes startling. Jacob’s fingers were gently carding through his pets short grey hair.

Advertising? What was that?

“No, it’s not why I bought him and I wouldn’t want to stress him out, I know what it’s like to make poses in front of camera’s, it’s not something I’d wish on anyone.” master answered without pause, meaning he didn’t need to think about his answer. I was relieved even though I didn’t know what advertising was, if master didn’t like it, it mustn’t be good.

“It’s a wasted opportunity Quill, and at least it’s not paparazzi, he’s going to get some attention being you’re bet, it’s best to get him used to cameras.” Jacob replied and I huffed quietly.

I still didn’t know what they were talking about but I saw master frown at his friends words.

“Think about it Quill! I can practically imagine you two on the front of Autocar magazine, you know, with you leaning on the bonnet of a sleek Jaguar in some in-fashion clothes, your hands in your pockets and Luci stalking towards the camera.” Eva stated enthusiastically and clapped her hands a few times.

Master sighed deeply, looking down at me with his kind green eyes, my relaxed ears flicked up at his attention and he smiled softly, his thumb gently brushing under my eye."Alright, I'll think about it."

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