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Chapter 19

I would have time to think about the information Luci had just divulged to me but right now there was a meeting I needed to attend. I phoned the prep room and told them I was ready for them to come in and about a minute later a knock sounded on the door before it promptly opened, revealing my small team, all of them accompanied by their pets.

This was going to be interesting.

Luci perked his head up as the door opened but settled back down moments after, resting his large head on his paws and keeping an eye on me as I hadn’t told him he could stop watching me.

“Mr Clermont! It’s so good you see yo- ahh!” I barely held in a chuckle at Daveed’s reaction, it was almost comical, his highly enthusiastic greeting interrupted but his startled shout. Daveed was the type of person who was usually quite calm and collected, very polite and well put together. He did like the colour purple though, hence the purple suit.

“You too Daveed.” I nodded. “As you’ve noticed I’ve brought my pet with me, this is Luci.” I indicated to Luci who let out a low purr from my attention.

“He’s… he’s a jaguar!” Daveed exclaimed.

“Yes.” I mused with a slight chuckle. “How very observant of you.”

Daveed frowned at my light teasing but nodded, going at sitting at the table, his pet chinchilla Grey snuggled into the crook of his arm, seeming unbothered about the whole situation, I don’t think he’d even woken up.

Felicity greeted me next, she could be a little hard to deal with at times, her ideas were always so flamboyant… and expensive. Her meticulously cut white poodle Silk (yeah, I know), strutting in by her side. She squealed at the sight of Luci like a startled pig and I snorted like one too.

“Calm down Felicity and take a seat,” I told her and she scampered over to the table and I was impressed how fast she moved in those heeled pumps of hers.

I noticed how Luci had flinched at the high pitch sound, shaking his head a few times to dispel the no doubt ringing in his ears.

I tapped my thigh that was closest to him and he was at my side in an instant. “Good boy,” I murmured softly and stroked his head, gently rubbing his ears and he leaned into the touch with loud, rumbling purrs.

I lifted my head when the third and final team member greeted me, a snobbish man called Alan (he claimed it was pronounced A-laaan, not A-lan, I’d wanted to ask him where the other a’s were but I wasn’t a confrontational person, I was no pushover but I wouldn’t start an argument.). His pet was a Doberman Pinscher called George and about as stuck up as Alan. I guess you can see now why I don’t meet in person with my team often, my agoraphobia aside.

George barked loudly at the sight of Luci, making the latter startle. I hushed him, giving slow yet firm pets to soothe him, telling him how well he was doing and what a good boy he was.

Alan tried to shut George up but that only made him bark more.

“If you can’t keep your pet quiet take him out!” I snapped over the barking.

“It’s your pet's fault, I can’t believe you brought that dangerous animal in here.” Alan spat and tried in vain to soothe the scared dog who was trembling and still barking, despite his obvious fear he was pulling on his lead towards Luci.

“My pet’s not the one acting aggressively.” I countered. “Remove him from my office before I call security to do it for you.”

Luci whimpered and buried his face in my stomach, I moved my leg and he shuffled between them, slipping under the desk and pressing his front against my inner thighs. I kept speaking to him softly, praising him and reminding him he was safe with me, petting the silky fur on his head and rubbing the tense muscles behind his ears that he’d pulled flush to his skull.

Alan glared at me but dragged George out of the office, the dog fighting the lead and letting out growling barks.

I sighed when the door closed and felt my body relax, only just now noticing my staccato heartbeats. I leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of Luci’s head, he looked up and I smiled sadly down at him, cupping his heavy head and smoothing my thumbs over his cheekbones. “You’re okay Luci, your safe, you were such a good boy, I’m so proud of you,” I whispered to him.

A purr rumbled in his chest and I let him nuzzle against my face, his wet nose cold against my skin. I tilted my neck a little and he purred louder, his coarse tongue licking under my jaw once. I straightened and sat back in my chair, my thighs squeezing Luci’s shoulders, an invitation to stay, I continued to pet him and got on with this bloody meeting.

It was annoying and took a lot longer than I’d wanted, when Luci was mentioned I barely refrained myself from telling them to fuck off. It was finally over though and I couldn’t leave fast enough, I felt like shit for bringing Luci, he’d been making so much progress, finally coming out of his shell and I was afraid this had scared him back into it for good.

Whilst on the drive back I made a call, I know it wouldn’t in any way make up for today but it was something.

We got home and the box was on my doorstep, I picked it up and walked inside, Luci on my heels.

I didn’t care, I shed, my coat, shoes, stupid briefcase, tie, jacket, hell, even my trousers, my socked feet making little noise on the wooden floor as I basically stomped towards the kitchen.

I made myself a boozy coffee, grabbed a bar of expensive dark chocolate from my stash and took those and the box with me to the sitting room.

I put all three items on the coffee table and flopped onto the sofa, almost ripping my shirt undoing the first few buttons until I was comfortable and turning on the tv to find something decent to watch.

From my peripheral, I saw Luci pad closer and I smiled a little. “Come on then,” I called him.

He seemed to hesitate, then he shifted into his human form, a confused look on his face. “No clothes master?”

“Nope.” I chuckled at the excited look on his face and he was on the sofa in moments, laying over me and burrowing his face in my neck with a trilling purr. His nose trailed over my neck, and he brushed my open collar aside, nuzzling along my collarbone until the shirt stopped him. His purr turned a little annoyed and I ran my fingers through his hair, making him glance up at me. “If you can undo the buttons I’ll take it off.” I bargained and he gave me a pleading and already frustrated look.

“But master, buttons are so difficult.” he pouted.

“I believe you can undo them, Luci, just take one button at a time and don’t rush,” I told him.

“But I want to rush, I want to feel Master’s skin against mine.”

“Oh? I thought you’d lick me.” I voiced my thoughts aloud with a grin and his blue eyes widened.

“I can?!” he exclaimed and I smiled up at him.

“Yes Luci, you’ve been so good today, such a good boy, you can groom me to your heart's content.” I don’t think I’d ever heard him purr so loud or at such a high pitch. I watched as he fumbled with the first small button, a look of such determination and concentration on his face. After a few moments he whined in frustration and I gently stilled his hands with my own. “Let me show you the first one hmm?” I pulled the fabric taut and lifted the button with the tip of my finger, angling it and then pushing it through the buttonhole, doing it slowly so Luci could watch.

He tried again, copying my movements, a sound of joy and relief coming from him when the button popped open. The rest soon followed, getting quicker each time and my shirt lay open.

As I promised I sat up and pulled the shirt down my arms and let it drop to the floor, laying back against the cushions in only my boxers and socks, reaching back to sip my boozy coffee and sighing in satisfaction.

Luci laid over me almost tentatively, like he wasn’t sure if he could, I just slipped my free arm over him and ran my hand up and down his back. That seemed to give him the reassurance it was okay and he took my words literally, he licked me all over my neck, shoulders, upper arms, chest, in long, languid licks, his rough tongue ran over every inch of my upper body, I only think he stopped because his tongue was probably tired. I chuckled and guided him to lay against me again, our fronts pushed together, my slightly damp skin sticking to his.

His forehead pressed against my neck and his cheek rested on my breastplate, a content sigh brushing over my skin.

“I have something for you Luci.” his ears perked up at my words and I chuckled once again, reaching back and putting my empty mug on the coffee table, picking up the box. He watched with avid attention as I opened the box, his nose twitching and he hummed in the back of his throat, his tongue flicking out to lick his lips.

I pinched a cube between my fingers and put it to his lips, his tongue caught it and brought it into his mouth. He briefly chewed it and I smiled widely seeing his eyes close in pleasure at the taste.

“Never had red snapper before?” I asked him and he shook his head.

I offered him another cube, this time salmon, and I watched as he realised how buttery and soft it was. He groaned and nuzzled against my chest but opened his mouth eagerly when I offered him more.

After he’d finished all the fish he looked completely satisfied, like the cat that had got the cream, or fish should I say. Sleepy, content purrs came from him and I held him gently, pressing soft kisses to his face and murmuring how he was such a good boy and how proud of him I was.

“Master,” he whined, almost trembling when I licked his temple, I dipped my head and he tensed with a strangled sound when I nipped his shoulder with my teeth. “Master!” he called again, sounding breathless and when I bit harder he shuddered against me with a sharp gasp. I felt something wet and warm against the side of my thigh and Luci panted against my neck with a whimper.

“What…?” I whispered to myself.

“I’m sorry master, your bites felt so good, I couldn’t stop it, I think I went toilet on you.” Luci sniffed apologetically.

I frowned, it didn’t feel like…

“Let me look, Luci,” I asked him, gently pushing at his shoulders and he sat back on his heels, oh… he definitely hadn’t peed on me. “You really enjoyed my bites huh,” I mumbled in shock.

He looked down at himself, looking really confused. “Master, what is that, it’s not toilet.”

I groaned internally, I didn’t think he’d know being untrained and left in a cage for years, but because of that, I’d have to explain what had just happened, and what was dripping down my leg. “It’s ejaculate, Luci.” I sighed.

He tilted his head. “What’s that master?”

“You… uh…” I groaned and rubbed my face. “You produce it when you feel good.”

“Oh? I feel good with you before but I never ejaculate.”

“It’s… ugh… do you know what sex is Luci?”

He tilted his head the other way. “Sex? No master.”

I scratched my head and thought for a moment. “Umm… breeding? Do you know what breeding is?”

He nodded his head enthusiastically. “Yes, master.” of course he’d know what that meant.

“Well… ejaculate is what a male produces during breeding, it’s what gets their partner pregnant.”

“Master’s pregnant!?” he exclaimed and I almost laughed.

“No Luci… I can’t get pregnant, I’m a human male, and you have to ejaculate inside someone to get them pregnant.”

“Oh…” he almost looked disappointed. “What’s a cross then?”

“It’s a pet shifter who can make someone pregnant but can also get pregnant themselves,” I explained.

“I’m a cross aren’t I master?” he asked me.

“Yes, Luci.”

“Why would you want to breed someone if they can’t get pregnant?”

Where was he getting all these questions from? “Humans call it sex, and sex doesn’t have to lead to pregnancy, you have sex with those you like and feel attracted to, it feels good and lets you get close to that person.” I tried to say it in a way he’d understand.

“So I ejaculate because I want to have sex with master?” if I was drinking something I would have choked on it big time. Jesus, he just went out and said it, I mean I had an inkling, but I thought maybe it had just been a bodily reaction to me biting him, but there was no doubt why it had happened now.

“Is this the first time you’ve thought about it?” I almost squeaked out.

He frowned and shook his head. “No master, I think of breeding you before. I know I shouldn’t since I’m not breeding age yet but I can’t help it.” he looked down guiltily and I sighed, remembering our conversation this morning, I should have taken his complement seriously rather than getting flustered and brushing it off.

“You know I didn’t buy you for sex Luci, you’ve no doubt noticed that I rarely leave the house, I wanted a pet so I’d have a companion.”

“People buy pets for sex?” he looked both surprised and confused and I sighed.

“Yes Luci, some people do, most of the other people who bet for you wanted you for sex, women mostly,” I muttered. They would have eaten Luci up and told him anything so they’d get what they wanted.

“But you didn’t? So does master not want to have sex with Luci?” he looked upset and hurt.

I sighed deeply. “You didn’t even know what sex was until moments ago Luci, I wouldn’t do that to you, I’m not capable of forcing someone to have sex when they don’t even know what it means, I never want to hurt you or betray your trust. I didn’t buy you for sex because I don’t see you as an object Luci, I didn’t buy you to use you, I bought you so I wouldn’t be so lonely.” I hated how my voice cracked and tears blurred my vision, it hurt to admit it, even to Luci.

I felt his arms wrap around me and I sniffed and hugged him back, squeezing my stinging eyes shut and pressing my face into his shoulder. “I’m not saying I won’t have sex with you Luci because I don’t want to, I’m saying that it’s something we both need to agree on if we want to have that sort of relationship. I’d never make that decision for you Luci because what you want matters too, I wouldn’t put you in that position if you weren’t comfortable being that way with me.”

“So master only have sex with Luci if both master and Luci want sex?” he gathered and I pulled back so our eyes met.

“Yes, It’s called consent, it’s very important to ask someone if they want sex before having sex with them, if they so no then you mustn’t have sex with them, it’s bad, it can get you in a lot of trouble and you can get sent away,” I told him firmly.

“Yes master.” he nodded.

“Good boy.” A trilled purr rumbled in his chest and I smiled fondly at him, god I loved that sound, it expressed his happiness and knowing I could make someone happy meant so much to me, even more so that it was Luci.

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