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Chapter 5

Master left my cage a while later after using that strange blue thing with numbers on it and putting it around different parts of my body and writing them down on a piece of paper with a pencil. He told me he was measuring me, whatever that meant so he would know what size clothes to get, I didn’t know clothes came in different sizes.

The clothes came a few days later and master had to help me put them on. It felt strange wearing clothes, they covered my fur less skin and were slightly constricting but master said I would get used to them.


The clothes came and I must say Luci filled them out well, he looked smart and more decent in them, he might still get looks but at least he was covered. I had been going in his cage a bit more over the last couple of days and he didn’t seemed to mind it, it actually seemed like he enjoyed the company. I still hadn’t taken him out of his cage though but I was planning to, my parents would be here any day now.

His walking had improved so I didn’t have to help him anymore. When I suggested showing him around the house he seemed quite eager, so I unlocked the cage and took his hand.


I was excited to see where master lived and what was outside the room I was in. He took my hand and slowly led me around the house. He had a kitchen which was very big and bright inside, a comfy looking sofa and a tv, I’d heard the workers at the auction talk about them but I’ve never seen one before. He had something called a conservatory and it was all glass and I stared out past the glass to the outside, it was so beautiful.

Master caught me looking and squeezed my hand to get my attention. “I’ll take you outside later.” He promised and I nodded with a wide smile, I couldn’t wait.

He showed me around the rest of the bottom floor before coming to the stairs and I looked at them with trepidation. “You can do it Luci, just do one step at a time.” He encouraged me and placed one of his hands on my back and we began to slowly make our way up the stairs, I swayed a few times but master steadied me. How had I been so lucky to get a master like this?

He showed me upstairs, all the bedrooms and bathrooms. The beds looked very comfy and the bathrooms were very bright but I didn’t really understand what they were for.

After that we came to the stairs again and they looked even more daunting from the second floor. Master wrapped an arm around my side though and I felt his warm and nice smelling body press against mine and I purred at the feeling. Nosing his jaw and breathing his fruity and sweet scent. He cleared his throat and slowly helped me down the stairs and I let out a relieved breath when we reached the bottom.

He led me through the bottom floor again and we ended up in the conservatory. I felt my tail swish with excitement at the prospect of going outside and master chuckled as he opened the glass door and I breathed in the smell of the outdoors, feeling the breeze on my face and stirring my hair and ears, making them flick and twitch.

He gently pulled me forward and I stepped outside for the first time in a very long while, it had been so long I could barely remember it.

I felt the cool grass tickle my bare feet and see the tree’s and the sky. Hear the birds tweeting and the wind blowing through the trees. It was truly amazing. “It’s beautiful master.” I whispered in awe.

“Haven’t you been outside before?” He wondered with a concerned look that pinched his brows and scrunched up his lips.

“I was a cub last time.” I informed and he sighed sadly. “Can I shift master?” I requested.


I nodded my head and he almost ripped his clothes off in haste and I chuckled as he shifted and immediately started rolling around in the grass, purring very loudly and rubbing his body all over the ground. His eyes shined with joy and glee and I smiled at seeing him so happy.

A few minutes later he got up and looked at me, shifting from paw to paw and then looking around at the few acres of land I owned. I could guess what he was asking.

“You can go as long as you stay in my line of sight, ok Luci?” I bargained and he nodded eagerly. Rubbing against my legs and licking my hand before bouncing around and I laughed. He looked like such a big kitten. He leaped around on the grass for a while, chasing the occasional butterfly and flopping onto his side to roll around some more. It certainly was a sight to behold.

My phone rang in my pocket and I pulled it out, it was my mother. I quickly answered it and went back to watching Luci play.

“Hi mum, enjoy your trip?” I greeted her and almost laughed when Luci rolled over forward and flopped onto his back.

“We enjoyed it immensely but what’s got you in such a chipper mood?” She questioned.

“I got a pet.” I answered and she gasped.

“Really? Oh we must come round I’m sure Mary would be glad to have a friend.” She gushed and I frowned a little.

“I don’t think they’d get on all that well.” I informed and she huffed through the receiver.

“Why not?” I could hear the pout in her voice. “Is it a canine like your friend Artie’s?” She grumbled. Yeah, Peter didn’t get along with my parents silver marten rabbit called Mary, for obvious reasons.

“No, he’s a feline.” I corrected.

“What breed?” She nosed and I sighed.

“He’s not a domestic cat mum.” I divulged.

“What then?” She pushed and I watched Luci for a moment as he elegantly ran around on the grass, his tail high in the air from happiness.

“He’s a jaguar mum.” I dropped the bomb and I heard the startled gasp and she started to cough.

“Of all the things!” She wheezed and coughed once more before clearing her throat. “Why did they have one on sale at a pet auction anyway?” She retorted.

“I don’t know mum but he’s a cross, so that might be that.” I revealed, she drew in a sharp breath again.

“A cross?” She repeated in disbelief. “How much?” She squeaked and I chuckled.

“He wasn’t cheap but to me he was worth it mum. I’ll tell you what, after you’ve seen him you can guess how much.” I suggested and she sighed loudly.

“Is he trained?” She asked.

“Not for anything in particular but his temperaments quite docile for a big cat.” I assured.

“But he’s in a cage?” She pushed.

“He has one but he’s not in it at the moment, he’s exercising in the garden.” I informed.

“Oh ok.” She seemed surprised at that. “Have you gotten him a collar yet?” She wondered.

“Not yet but I’ve booked a fitter for a home appointment, I wanted him to get settled in first.” I explained.

“Well have fun with that dear, we’ll see you this evening.”

“Goodbye mum, love you.”

“Love you too dear, bye!” And with that I sighed in relief, that went better than I’d thought. I checked the time on my phone, the fitter would be here soon.

“Come on Luci!” I called and he stopped running around and looked over at me. He stood still for a moment and I was worried that he wouldn’t come back, but I let out a bated breath when he started to loap over. The only thing was he didn’t seem to be slowing down as he got closer. Uh-oh.

I let out an ‘oof’ as he knocked me off my feet, he put his heavy paw on my shoulder and attacked my face with his tongue making me groaned. “Luci.” I complained as he covered my face in saliva and pretty much crushed me with his over 200 pounds body. He was purring and grunting loudly and I scrunched up my face. “Luci off.” I told him and pushed at his strong and muscled shoulders and he got off of me after one more large lick with his rough tone.

I groaned as I sat up and pulled off my shirt that now had grass stains and used it to wipe my face. He sat there innocently in front of me, his tail swishing through the air gently and his ears were forward, blue eyes watching me closely.

“You could of hurt me Luci.” I scolded him and he lowered his head in shame, letting out a quiet meow and his ears pulled back, tail going still. “I know didn’t mean it but you have to be careful.” I felt bad looking at him, he had been so happy but now he looked so down. I slowly reached out and stroked his head and he lifted his head a little, blue eyes full of apology.

“I’m not mad Luci, I know you were just happy to be outside. Just don’t knock me over again, ok?” I asked and he nodded a bit and pushed his head against my hand and I smiled gently and scratched behind an ear.


I felt bad that I could of hurt master, he’d been so nice to me and I did something I shouldn’t, I didn’t feel like a good pet. After that he took me back to my cage and left my room and I sulked on the carpet, I didn’t think I deserved to sleep in the comfy bed master gave me. I yowled sadly and sniffed to myself.


I was changing my clothes in my bedroom when I heard the mournful sound. He seemed really sorry for what he’d done and had hung his head and tail as he walked back to his cage, walking behind me like a kicked puppy.

I didn’t want him to be so down, sure he could of hurt me but he didn’t and his intentions were good. But how to cheer him up?

I looked at the online pet shifter store to see if I could find anything and low and behold as I was scrolling down on my computer in my office I came across a giant cat scratcher. In the basket, click, express delivery click. I sat back in my office chair and looked at the confirmation page, it would be here in an hour.

A knock at the front door sounded so I went to go and open it, finding a petite female collar fitter. I told them Luci was a Jaguar and they send this fitter?

“Hello Mr Clermont, my names Abi and I’m here to fit your pet with a collar.” She greeted me with a friendly smile.

“Of course, do come in.” I stepped to the side for her and she walked in. “Were you told what shifter I have by any chance?” I wondered as I closed the front door and began to led her to Luci’s room.

“No sir.” She replied and I frowned.

“Have you worked as a fitter long?” I carried on.

“Actually I just passed training, this is my fifth fitting sir.” She divulged and I stopped outside of Luci’s door.

“Well either your boss doesn’t like you or they wanted to put you in the deep end.” I stated and her smile fell. I pushed open the door and went in, her following behind me and I heard a startled gasp.

Luci lifted his large head as he had been dosing on the carpet and looked over at us sleepily. “Hello Luci, I have someone for you to meet.” I explained and went over to open his cage, pulling the door to the side and he padded out slowly after a good stretch. Rubbing against my legs and purring.

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