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Chapter 6

I was surprised master had come back so soon but I was determined to make it up to him for what I’ve done so I decided to be as well behaved as I could be, that would make him happy right?

As I greeted him with a snuff and some purring I rubbed against his legs and took in the small human woman trembling in the room, her eyes latched onto me. I sat down at masters feet and looked up at him expectantly.

He started to pet my head and my eyes lidded at the nice feeling and I purred louder, leaning some of my body weight on his legs. “He’s no trouble Abi, I assure you that.” Master said to the lady but she seemed sceptical.

“I... umm... what kind of fabric would you want for your collar?” She asked in a nervous tone and shakily set her briefcase down on the table that was pushed to the wall and opened it.

“Come on Luci.” Master instructed and I kept by his side as he walked over to the lady and her eyes focused on me again and she gulped. Master looked in the briefcase to study its contents and I tried to look not intimidating.

I was wondering when master would get me a collar, it showed that I was his to all others and that I had an owner. It was something important for a pet to have, if master was getting me a collar it meant he wanted to keep me. I felt joy in my heart at that, master wanted me to be his pet. Maybe he wasn’t mad like he said when I knocked him over and licked all over him. I knew I shouldn’t of done it but I was just so happy.

“I think I’ll take the leather one.” Master informed the trembling lady and she got out some blue tape thing master had used to measure me for my clothes and she looked at me fearfully. It kind of hurt a bit that she was so scared, I hadn’t done anything to provoke it but with one look and I could smell the fear rolling off them in waves.

Master got on one knee beside me and held my chin up and scratched my head in a good spot and I rumbled out some more purring and snuffing. “I’ve got him miss, I promise he won’t do anything.” Master assured the scared lady.

She nodded weakly and slowly knelt down in front of me and I closed my eyes so I didn’t make her feel worse by me watching her. “Somethings going to touch your neck Luci, nothing to be worried about, I’m right here ok.” Master spoke in a calm and soothing voice and continued to pet me.

And a few seconds later I felt something swish past my ears and something cold and plastic smelling gently settled around my neck and I fought back the urge to growl. Master said it was fine, master said I would always be safe around him, he promised. So I took in a breath and just focused on masters scent and him close to me, petting my head and hand underneath it.

I heard the lady mutter something and the plastic slipped away, thank god for that. “Well done Luci.” Master praised me and I opened my eyes to look over at him and he was smiling, master looked happy. I snuffed loudly and turned my head to rub our cheeks together and he scratched behind my ears.

“Ok. I have the measurements. I’ll go back to my van and make the collar sir.” The lady spoke up and I looked back up at her as she closed her briefcase. She didn’t look as scared but I could still smell her fear.

I stood up and took the few steps between us and she went stiff and squeaked. I just rubbed my head on her leg in a friendly manor, purring gently. I heard master chuckled a little. “See, no trouble, you can pet him if you like.” Master offered and a few seconds later a tentative hand rested on my head and I pushed against it and she gasped. Her hand started to move in small petting motions and I looked up at her.

She was smiling softly, her eyes filled with awe. “He’s so beautiful and well behaved sir.” She told master and my tail swished at the complement.

“He sure is.” Master agreed and joined in petting me and I squirmed at all the attention and praise I was getting.

The lady left to make my collar and master went to get my lunch ready. I followed him into the kitchen this time and did some more exploring in the room, trying to find out what all the strange things did. I was looking at my reflection in something with glass, it was a metal box thing when master came over and chuckled.

“Come on, there’s a much better mirror over here.” He told me and I followed him down a hallway and into the bathroom. He clicked on the lights and closed the door behind us and I saw a full length reflective panel and blinked slowly at what I saw. I tilted my head and flicked my tail. I’d only seen a dull reflection in metal bowls before but this was crystal clear. I could see my blue eyes looking back at me and the parts of my body I’d never been able to see before.

Looking at myself I could understand why the lady got scared and why others did. I looked big and strong. I looked down at my large paws and lifted one up, drawing out my sharp claws. I looked back up and opened my mouth, seeing my long and thick canine teeth. I guess I was scary.

I looked up at master and he was smiling down at me. Why wasn’t he scared of me? I mean I’d smelt a little bit of it when he first got me but it disappeared quickly and now I don’t smell it coming from him at all. I might look scary on the outside but maybe he realised that I didn’t want to hurt others. To be honest I just wanted to belong, to feel loved. Master was kind and took care of me, I wanted love but I’d never had it, what was love?

Master took me back to my cage and set down my food but left the cage door open. I looked at it for a moment and shrugged, my food was waiting.


There was a knock at the front door again and I opened it to find a delivery man, the giant cat scratcher sitting on a hand truck beside him. “Good afternoon sir, you cat scratchers arrived.” He said with a bit of a chuckle, handing over a clipboard and I signed it before handing the clipboard back. “To be honest I never thought we’d sell the thing.” He admitted and I looked at the 6ft tall and one and a half foot wide cat scratcher, I could see why.

“Yeah, but I guess large cats are rare as pets.” I agreed and stepped aside to allow him in and he began to wheel in the cat scratcher. But he slowed and looked at me at my words.

“But you do?” He surmised and I nodded, a worried look coming onto his face.

“But from my experience all the stories about them aren’t true.” I stated as we made it to Luci’s room, I opened the door and he cautiously followed me in.

“Holy shit!” He whispered under his breath when he saw Luci munching on his lunch. Luci’s eyes flickered up to glance at the man but he went back to his food. “Ah well... here all right?” He asked, looking eager to vacate the premises and I nodded. He set the cat scratcher on the ground and hurried out with his hand truck and I shook my head.

I followed him out and he seemed to relax once he’d gotten out of the house. He loaded his hand truck back into his van and quickly left. I just sighed and shut the door, heading back to Luci’s room and I chuckled as I saw him inspecting the cat scratcher. He was sniffing and pawing at it with interest but backed off when I entered, looking a bit guilty.

“What do you think?” I questioned and he flicked an ear and looked it over. “It’s for you.” I divulged and his eyes shot to mine. He bounced over and rubbed against my legs, licking my hands and purring very loudly. I laughed at his joyous reaction and went over to start securing it in his cage.

Once I was done I looked back and admired my work. I’d secured it in the middle, but to the left so he could walk around it. “Why don’t you try it out Luci?” I suggested and he rubbed against me as he walked past, tail high and brushing against my stomach. He padded over to the cat scratcher and sniffed it again before beginning to rub himself all over it. Jumping up on his hind legs and pushing against it as he came back to four. Rumbling purrs were emanating from his chest and I smiled widely at seeing him enjoying himself.

Unfortunately I had some work to do in the office so I left him too it, leaving the cage door open. He’d earnt my trust enough to leave it open and I didn’t like leaving him locked up all the time. I left the door to his room open as well and did the same when I walked into my office, sat down at my desk and got to work.


Master got me something! And I loved it! It was rough, scratchy and wonderful to rub against. How did I get so lucky to get such a nice master?

A while later master came back with the lady, I was still rubbing against my present and master chuckled. “Luci, your collars ready.” He informed and I stilled my scent marking and padded over to them and the lady seemed a lot less scared, only smelling a little bit of fear but it was so much less than before.

The lady secured my collar and checked to see how it fit and seemed satisfied at the fit. It felt strange around my neck but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I tilted my head and meowed excitedly at master, showing him my collar, my tail swishing and smacking the floor. He smiled brightly at me and scratched the top of my head.

“You like your collar Luci?” He wondered and I nodded, licking his hand afterwards, I liked it very much. “Good.” He stated and played with my ears. I nudged his leg and he chuckled. “I like it too.” He assured and I purred happily and pranced around the room and they both laughed.

“Can you ask him to shift, I want to check the fit in his human form sir?” The lady requested of master and I stopped and waited for his answer. He nodded in agreement and turned to look at me.

“Go into your cage and get dressed for me Luci, we’ll be in the sitting room.” He told me so I padded over into my cage and they left the room.

I shifted and opened the small set of draws master had put in the one empty corner of my cage. I pulled on my clothes and I only struggled a little bit which I was grateful for. I was beginning to be able to use my human fingers better but I still had some difficulty some times.

I left my cage and my room and walked into the sitting room and master turned to smile at me. “How does it feel Luci?” He asked and my fingers came up to brush against the collar and I purred at being able to feel it. The smooth and soft leather, the bumps of the stitching and the metal plate on the front, feeling the engravings on the metal that I knew spelt my name. It was still strange wearing the collar but it didn’t hurt.

“Good master.” I answered and looked over at the wide eyed lady. She cleared her throat and came over to me to feel the fit of the collar and she was quite a bit shorter than me now I was in human form. She slipped her fingers under the collar and frowned a little. She adjusted the fit and checked with her fingers again, looking happier with the slightly looser fit.

“Ok. All done.” She declared and stepped away.

“Well thank you very much Abi, you did admirably.” Master told her and her cheeks reddened and she fidgeted.

“Thank you sir.” She replied and smiled, looking down at the floor.

“I mean if you can fit a collar on Luci you can do anything.” He mused with a chuckle and she nodded, her smile widening.

Master showed her out and I stood beside him as we watched her walk back to her van. “That lady was nice master.” I voiced and he wrapped an arm around my waist and squeezed.

“That she was.” He agreed.

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