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Chapter 9

Being able to sleep in masters room was a unexpected and new experience for me. His scent was all around me, sure his house smelt like him but nothing like his room, his office did smell stronger than all of the rooms downstairs but this was by far the most concentrated. I loved being surrounded by master scent as I slept, hearing his steady breaths, knowing he was only a few feet away. I knew the change was probably due to what Parker had said, yes I was happy sleeping in masters room but I wasn’t unhappy in my cage. Masters happiness concerned me more than my own, it was a pets job after all, to make their masters happy, if it made him happy me sleeping in his room then that’s where I’d be.

Morning came faster than I would of liked, the light of the sun started to fill the room and I heard the muffled tweeting of the birds greeting the sun as it rose in the sky. I yawned and looked over at master, he was still asleep on his bed. I had no idea of the time so I didn’t know what time it could be, or when master usually woke up. I was still getting used to being greeted by the sun every morning, the window in the room where my cage was something I hadn’t had the luxury of before, back at the auction house I never saw the sun.

I groomed myself quietly, doing my morning routine as I waited for master to wake up. Master looked happy as he slept, I could see his face from where my bed was. He looked like he was at peace, his features relaxed and untroubled. I finished grooming myself, my ears shooting up as I heard a quiet beeping coming from his bedside table, his phone flashing and buzzing. Master groaned sleepily and reached over to his phone, the beeping going quiet. He rubbed his eyes and let out a yawn, stretching on the bed.

I got up from my own bed and sauntered over, nosing and licking his hand that was hanging off the bed. He made a sound before talking. “Morning Luci.” he mumbled and I snuffed back, licking up his hand and over his wrist with my rough tongue, my head working up and down as I groomed him. He rolled more towards me, his sleep dazed eyes watching me as I worked my way up his bare arm, licking the saltiness from his skin. I stepped closer as I got to his shoulder, purring loudly and headbutting it before giving it a long lick. Our noses almost brushed as I looked over at him, I gently rubbed my nose against his, I knew he didn’t like it when I licked his face, although I liked doing it, it was an affectionate gesture. He smiled warmly at me, his other hand came and scratched my head, his fingers softly playing with my ears, it tickled but I fought pulling my ears away. I snuffed at him again and he laughed as my breath puffed over his face, stirring his ruffled hair.

“Do you think you’d like to go out today?” he wondered. I tilted my head at his question, ‘out’? Out of the house? Did he mean the garden or somewhere else? “Out in the car.” he clarified. The car? I didn’t enjoy the last time I was in a vehicle but I was with master this time, it wouldn’t be so bad with him would it? I made an unsure sound and rested my head on his upper arm. “You’ll need to go out sooner or later.” he told me, I knew he was right and I did as I was told, he was my master, I’m sure it would be fine.

I meowed an ok and licked his bare shoulder again, purring as he stroked down my head to my neck, his fingers brushing over my collar. To my dismay he sat up and I stepped back as he got out of bed, padding over to the bathroom. “Go downstairs Luci, I’ll bring your breakfast to you soon.” he told me in a yawn. I did as he requested and left his room, walking slowly down the hallway and climbing down the stairs. I was on my way to my cage when I heard the front door open, I froze and cautiously sniffed the air. It closed and I heard quiet footsteps and jaunty whistling as whomever it was came closer.

They came around the corner and shrieked in surprise when the saw me. It was a human male, how did he get in master’s house? I watched him curiously as he hurriedly back peddled, pressing his back to the wall. He fumbled as he tried to find his phone, pulling it out and hastily putting it to his ear, almost dropping it in the process. I sat in the hallway, facing him, who was he?

I heard masters phone ring upstairs and after a few rings it went quiet. “Why is there a jaguar in your house.” the man whispered in a terrified squeak in to his phone.

‘You should of told me you were coming over.’ master’s voice sounded from inside the phone, so the scared man had called master? They must know each other then.

“Just get down here before he eats me.” the man pleaded and master chuckled through the phone.

He won’t eat you, his names Luci, he’s my pet.′ master informed the man.

“So that’s where the 150 thousand went?” the man asked, calming down a little bit, but his eyes still looked at me wearily.

‘Yes.’ master confirmed. ’I’ll be down in a minute.′ he told the man before hanging up. I snorted and padded closer to the man, he shook fearfully, his eyes wide, I just headed into the room where my cage was for a drink. I heard masters voice as I lapped at the water, getting louder as the got closer.

“Christopher, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” master chuckled as he walked into my room. The man I know knew to be called Christopher timidly and cautiously followed after him. I stopped drinking and looked over at the both of them with a swish of my tail. “Luci, come here.” he requested, so I left my cage and padded over, Christopher taking a few small steps back as I neared. Master petted my head and I pushed against the hand, starting to purr.

“Why did you get a jaguar as a pet?” Christopher mumbled quietly.

“He was unusual and special, I’ve been looking for years for a pet, so I thought what the hell. It was a good choice, Luci is a great pet.” he told the man after a few seconds of thinking.

“What do you parents think of him?” the man prodded.

“I don’t really know, they met him last night. Parker came along obviously, he and Luci don’t get along but that’s Parkers fault.” he informed Christopher.

“Is Parker alright?” he worried and master snorted.

“He’s fine, Luci’s very well-behaved, he just pissed both of us off.” master eased his concerns. “You can pet him if you want, he doesn’t bite.” master promised. Christopher didn’t seem so sure though. I took a step closer to him and he tensed up, I ever so gently nosed his hand by his side, he made a scared sound and clutched it to his chest. I huffed to myself, why was he to terrified? I gave him no reason to be. I rubbed myself against his legs and meowed up at him. He was still trembling, I’ve never had a reaction so bad. Maybe me forcing contact wasn’t the best thing? I stepped back and laid down on my side, showing my belly and keeping still.

I knew Christopher was a bit of a scaredy-cat but I didn’t think he was this bad, he was quivering, his knees knocking together, he looked scared frit. Luci tried to ease his worries but it didn’t seem to work at first. I watched as Luci slowly and gently initiated contact, but it only seemed to make Christopher seem even more fearful. Luci picked up on that as well, stepping away and laying down, exposing his vulnerable belly and keeping very still. He wanted Christopher to be ok with him, he didn’t enjoy people being scared of him, Luci could be so sweet and endearing sometimes.

Christopher looked at me with wide eyes, still shaking a little in Luci’s presence but it had lessened. “He won’t do anything Christopher, I promise. He just wants to gain another friend.” I told him, disbelief flickered in his eyes and he turned to look back at Luci. He studied him for a few moments but didn’t get any closer. I sighed, he wasn’t going to do anything, his fear was preventing him. Luci seemed to of gathered that and shifted into his human form, sitting up and to my shock, bursting into tears.

“Hey… shh.” I cooed and knelt down. He held onto me as I ran my fingers through his hair and rubbed his bare back. “It’s not your fault Luci.” I spoke in a soft and tender voice. His body shook with quiet sobs and my heart squeezed, he was so sweet and had such a gentle soul. He didn’t deserve the fear he got, but people treated him based on his appearance only, a book by its cover. I felt his tears soak into my shirt as he pressed his face to my chest. I looked up at Christopher, feeling the embers of anger, I know he didn’t mean it but he’d upset Luci. He looked like he felt bad but was still too scared to come any closer.

“What did you come for Christopher?” I asked a little coldly.

“I needed you too look over some papers.” he explained.

“Just put them on my desk and leave.” I told him before looking away and holding Luci tighter, pecking the crown of his head before settling my chin on it.

“I’m sorry Quill I-”

“-Just go.” I cut him off. He lowered his head and quietly left, the front door closing a few minutes later after he put the papers on my desk. “Shh Luci… it’s ok.” I tried to soothe him but he shook his head.

“Why do people hate me master?” he sobbed out.

“I don’t hate you Luci.” I told him. “People judge others by how they look and what they are. Jaguars usually fight in the colosseum, so they’ve only seen them fight. They don’t hate you Luci, they don’t know how sweet and loving you can be, they are scared of how strong jaguars are. They have no right to judge you or compare you to others, no one is like you Luci. You may be a jaguar but it’s not who you are, it’s just a part of you. I’m human just like Rico was, but I’m not like him am I? I’m sorry Christopher upset you Luci, people can be blinded by fear, we just need to help him see again hmm?” I continued to talk to him, assure that there was nothing wrong with him, that it was others who were at fault. His sobs quietened down, turning into sniffs, I would continue to hold him for as long as I needed to, I hated to see him sad, to hear him cry.

I got an idea holding whilst holding him. I could ask Abi to come around, the collar fitter. They took to each other well, I think it would help cheer him up. I didn’t know if she would come though. “You hungry bud?” I wondered and he nosed my shoulder, sniffing loudly.

“Not really master.” he mumbled and I sighed sadly and gently scraped my nails across his scalp as I played with his silky black hair. A slight purr started up but it stayed quiet, he definitely wasn’t happy right now. I lowered my head and my nose grazed the column of his neck, giving me another idea. I felt a little strange about doing it, but I’m almost sure he’d like it. I nervously licked his neck and he shivered. “Master.” he purred and squeezed me tighter. I licked a little more confidently, tasting the saltiness on his skin and smelling his heady pine and sage scent.

Christopher’s unwillingness to even try and get to know me really stung. Master had been very comforting, telling me soothing and calming things, and then he licked me! I didn’t know if it was a human thing or not but I certainly was a cat thing, I couldn’t believe he was licking me! It showed affection and care to groom another, you were looking after them. Master didn’t have a rough tongue like mine but it was still nice, for him to groom me like this he must really like me. That improved my mood almost instantly. I purred incredibly loudly as his hot and wet tongue lapped at my neck, the last person to groom me was my mother when I was a cub, it was a long time ago. I think I would be ok if only master loved me, he was so kind and caring to me, he didn’t hate me.

Unfortunately he pulled away but I was in a much better mood now. He smiled at me softly and I felt my lips return the gesture. I rubbed by cheek against his. “Thank you master.” I rumbled out, licking his cheek back.

“Hungry now Luci?” he offered and I nodded.

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